Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Farewells....and changes.

The last few days with Mr E home have been wonderful, and now I watch him pack to leave once more. 
"I'll take the sunscreen, ok??"
He lathers himself with it at work - he has to. This fierce northern Australia sun leaves our region with the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Scary thought, so sunscreen is a must.
Five sleeps away, and he'll return to me, riding through our front gate once more. However, there will be something very different about our home when Mr E returns next week.
In Blossom's room are piles of new homewares....
...and this is because on Thursday (tomorrow!) she will be moving out of home to set up house with two of her girlfriends. 
Blossom is a pharmacy assistant now and loving her job. She does her online training certificates at night, and works all day behind the pharmacy counter. But the time has come when her wings are ready to spread and the open door of independent life beckons...
Before you panic, I must tell you that the house she is moving into with her friends is just one street away from mine, and just two streets away from her workplace. Bob-the-dog belongs to Blossom but he's staying here for the next month while she settles into independent life and all that will entail.
Also leaving is ds Sam. He is moving into a house with two mates on Saturday, just a 15 minute walk from us, and 5 minutes to his workplace.
We knew this was coming about a year ago, but he's slow to move once a big plan looms and has spent the last year making sure he had a grasp on what life as a single independent man entailed.
So you know what this means?
Most of the time I'll be home alone, with Sophie. 
They call Mr E and I "empty nesters"...and yet it wasn't that long ago we were packed into the family stationwagon and criss-crossing the vast expanses of Australia, homeschooling as we went, and seeing so much of what our beautiful country had to share.
Life is a series of growths and changes, farewells and welcome homes, challenges and triumphs. I see all of those things in this one week, and my prayer is that we all remember our roots, the relationships forged through good times and bad, and the value of HOME. 
HOME is not a house, it is a place in your heart where warmth spreads and welcomes you with unconditional love. May my children never forget HOME.
In between rides with Mr E during his few days home, I finished up the last of my Shabby Roses blocks re-make. Well, almost! Only a few letters of Shabby and all twelve are done. 
Tomorrow I might just do all the piecing for the remade quilt top, but first I have to finish piecing my second lot of "Give Thanks" blocks into a quilt...
I'm using Rosalie Quinlan's fabric range, "Sweet Broderie" and it's truly lovely. Can't wait to show you this all done! Looks like I'll have two finished quilts over the weekend - better keep the air conditioner on at all times with temps up around 36C again!
Of course, once both the kids move out, there will be two extra rooms in the house. As my sewing room and office are located at the front of the house in the enclosed verandah, I'll be moving them into Blossom's old room. You see, I do not have any air conditioning in my office/sewing area and living up here in the tropics makes it incredibly difficult for me to do much sewing during our very hot Sept-May days. Moving into her old room gives me an air-conditioner! I can sew in comfort, and that is so important.
Outside the day lilies are blooming fleetingly...
...the mangoes are heavy on the trees...
...and inside my Sophie takes shelter from the heat.
All is right in my world. Different, but still right.
God bless and big hugs,


  1. I enjoyed reading about your family and all of the changes. We are "empty nesters" too but see our family that lives close by often. I am looking forward to your next magazine issue. I just competed two more of the give thnks verses to give to my friend. I love your designs.

  2. Jenny, If I might ask! How do you get your stitches so small. This is something I think I need to work, work, and work some more on! Do you have a tip or trick that might help me? Thanks I love your Blog!!
    Hugs and best stitches to you,

  3. You are being so sensible about this new chapter in all your lives. I fear that I am going to be a complete mess when my boys move out of home! Thankfully that is a fair while away as my eldest is only 5 haha!
    Your stitching is beautiful! I love your work :)

  4. Loving your post today. (I guess I'm finding comfort in the thought that we are all in this together.) My husband travels a bit for work and my babies are out of the nest (well, the youngest has 1 1/2 years of college so he's away now and we get him one more time next summer, but after that we're on our own). God bless this new chapter in your life. Enjoy the air conditioning!

  5. Wow! Changes in your life! We have been empty nesters for awhile now. One is 30 and the other is 27 and both live out of state. So we don't see them often at all. But both along with daughter-in-law and granddaughters are coming for Thanksgiving. So looking forward to that. Less than a month until they are here.


  6. Gosh Jenny, things are changing for sure in your household. All new experiences for the children and for you and Mark although he will only experience them at weekends for awhile. It will take a wee while for you all to adjust to the changes but it gives you a whole new list of things to appreciate and be grateful for. You will be able to have "dates" with the kids to have your special one on one time. Also I know how much You will love having your second marriage start with Mark. A whole new lifestyle to embrace. Smile, embrace and be happy.
    big loves xx

  7. I wish you all the best for the children and for yourself and your husband, you all have to adapt to the new situation, but they will be around a lot, you sse, they never forget their "home"! Greetings

  8. I enjoyed reading your post of the changs happening in your life Jenny. It is bittersweet when our kids move on. At least both my did not go together and my DH was home. Sew good you have your craft to kep you busy. Oh! and Sophie.

  9. Hi Jenny, Big changes for you! When my two left home to go to uni. I hated it, I cried a lot, cooked too much food and generally felt very sorry for myself, then I realized I had more time for the things I wanted to do, I loved the lovely quiet times with Tony and gradually I got used to the quiet without the kids. I still love it when they come home for dinner or a birthday or christmas but they have grown into independent successful people who we are very proud of, you will begin to enjoy the time alone and just with your man it's precious.
    Love Jillxx

  10. All happening at once, but Jenny your second last line says it all..."All is right in my world. Different, but still right."And we will all stilol be on the other end of the computer,cheers Vickie

  11. Oh Jenny, there are lots of changes happening in your life! I'm glad your children is still close to you, I'm sure they'll be visiting you all the time!

  12. Oh Jenny - both at once - that will be such a change for you - but I see you are putting on a good fce about it all. Have you told Blossom that if she changes her mind and wants to come back she will have to have your old space?? Good Luck to them both - I winder if they really realise what is ahead of them??

  13. Wow, what big changes all in the one week for you. My eldest son has three years before he moves out to go interstate to university (his plan, not mine!!) and i feel like crying already!! I love your outlook on life and wish you all well for this next phase.

  14. This next phase of life is a blast!! Adult children are wonderful beings. You'll love spreading your wings along with them!

  15. Gosh! Lots of changes all at once. You will notice it being quiet for a while, but I'm sure there will be lots of visits back and forth between you and the three other households. I can't believe how mature Blossom is looking. She is growing into a lovely young lady. Your new version of your shabby roses quilt is looking fabulous. One little bonus for you is having an airconditioned area for stitching, which will be so much easier in the months ahead. We had a few warm days, now it is back to the cold and having the fire alight again.

  16. Congratulations Jenny, setting your children free .
    May all be well in your world

  17. Perhaps the nest will be empty but your chicks will be close. I'm sure they'll need home cooked meals. :o) I do love having adult children.

  18. Hi Yenny!!! i send a kiss ♥♥♥

  19. What a week you've had. All the best to Blossom and Sam. It will be different, but a good different. Especially since they're still close enough to visit.
    You and Sophie take good care of each other in the meantime.
    PS - Your quilts are looking beautiful, can hardly wait to see what you will get up to with more time on your hands. :)

  20. Oh my goodness, you're going to make me cry! When did all of these children grow up?

    Best of luck to your dear Blossom and Sam as they start living their independent lives. And may the days speed past until your husband returns to you!

    Peace and Laughter!

  21. Please tell Blossom I send my prayers with her. She is a beautiful young lady. I had two children move out within 6 months of each other, 4 years ago, and it was very hard for me. I love having my kids around. I bet your kiddos will be around looking for a good meal and some company!

  22. Hi Jenny,

    I wish your daughter a wonderfull time in her first house with her girlfriends. My son is since last saturday 15 years old and I know he will like it to go in his first own apartement ... but we are an we will be everyday in there life the mom, isnt it?

    Greets from Germany

  23. Having your kids not too far away eases the pain of watching them go but it is a great time in their lives for spreading their wings. Enjoy your new space!

  24. Wow, you really have big changes going on at your house. I hope you can learn to enjoy your 'alone' time. It's pretty difficult at first, but it gets better. My hubby worked out of town each week for the last three and a half years.
    As of this month, he is now home again, and we are having to 'learn' to live together again. ha ha It's good to have him back home. I hope this will happen for you and your hubby soon!

  25. Can your kids be old enough to move out already? Wow! I remember when I first discovered your blog and they were little so young but they are still young. lol
    At least they are close by and you can see them easily.

  26. Big changes Jenny....I know it is hard in some ways - I've done it but it is also just the greatest thing to know that you have been successful in the most important job of all... raising responsible independant children... well done you.... and knowing they can come home anytime for a visit... or a stay... or back to live ...

  27. Life is constantly changing. It's all about how we handle it! And congratulations on getting an air conditioned sewing room now! I keep telling my kids that I'm taking over one of their rooms for my sewing when they move out! LOL That's still a few years off though.

  28. Oh Jenny, I've been busy and so I am catching up with all that's in your world. I know what you are going through since 3 of mine left all at once and it was so very hard. At least your children are close. Several years ago my two girls moved out of town - one just an hour and a half away (to attend university) but my eldest left to go to a job 3 days driving away and in a different province. My son stayed in the city so that was OK. Then the other two left but one came home again so the dishwasher is going. I'm happy when there are dishes in there to do once a day since it tells me that my children are here. And on the 11th, my little grandson will be here for a week's visit with his mom. Life is OK.


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