Friday, October 14, 2011

I love surprises!

It was decided that Mr E should not begin his mining career doing back-to-back shifts, so instead of being away for 9 days, he is coming home in the early hours of Saturday morning - just 3 hours from now!! \o/ 
He has finished his 4 day induction and now has 4 days off. On Wednesday he begins permanent 4 day shifts, but for now I get to have him home earlier than expected so I want to say a heartfelt *thank you* for all your prayers and warm thoughts! Bless you, bless you!
I am one very happy Jenny tonight, waiting patiently (ok, not so patiently) for my man's return. My fingers have been busy stitching away the evening hours, the ironing is done, kitchen is spotless, and all that is left is to open the door when I hear his bike come up the road. Home sweet home once more. 
In the mail this week I received two beautifully recycled diaries for 2012. I purchased them from Rebound Books, a clever company who recycle vintage 'Little Golden Books' into a second existence as diaries. 
I also loved the packaging - the tape used to secure the brown paper had vintage stamps on it!
I bought the 'Prayers for Children' diary for Kezzie (a Christmas gift) to use next year as her homeschooling diary, and the 'Book of God's Gifts' for my Elefantz diary. 
There is something so beautifully innocent and pure in a child's prayer, don't you think?
Another book I purchased this week, whilst pining for Mr E, is Helen Dickson's wonderful "Stitchers Companion"!
Helen has poured out all her years of stitching experience into this excellent resource, and if you've visited her blog, "Bustle & Sew", you'll know that she is a dab hand with many crafty skills! Helen learned her skills as a child from her mother and grandmother, so there is a generational love of all things handmade expressed in her book. I encourage you to visit Helen HERE on her blog, or read about the book HERE in her shop. 
(NOTE: At the moment Helen has a 50% off offer on the book purchase, but it's only for a little while longer! Look HERE on her blog for the discount code)
It's only available as a PDF download, which is perfect for people like me on the other side of the world.
By the way, Helen is my guest contributor in the next issue of Elefantz HOME magazine and you are going to love the project she has designed for you!
I have been busy this week with new redwork Christmas designs for Elefantz HOME, but we had a thunderstorm this afternoon and into the evening so I couldn't take good photos of my progress. Never mind, I'll be sure to snap them when the sun returns and show you some peeks in my next post.
Now, back to stitching while I wait for my beloved. 
Have a wonderfully joy-filled weekend!


Carrie P. said...

I can just picture you smiling from ear to ear as you wrote this post knowing that your hubby is coming home soon.
I am happy for you.

Abby and Stephanie said...

My mom still has ALL of our little golden books from childhood. :o) They are in mint condition. I know you'll be enjoying a lovely weekend.

Allie said...

This is wonderful news, dear girl! I'm so glad for you two!
Your diaries are just lovely hon, I've seen those before and they're great. I think you picked the perfect books, too. I used to have one of meal-time prayers, thought we'd use a different one each week, but the boys liked the one so much that we still use it, lol.
Helen is a wonderful designer - can't wait to see her project in your magazine!!
Just a little longer now and Mr. E will be home....

Graciela said...

Hi Jenny have a nice wekeend!!!
kisses for you ♥♥♥

Synnove said...

Lucky you to get your dear mr E home for the weekend, what a great surprise!
I'm very happy for you:-)

Susan said...

I'm so happy for you! Enjoy a wonderful weekend with your hubby!

Jodi said...

Yay for having Mr E home early. Enjoy your time together.

vernagrace said...

What a great surprise! Enjoy your days together, I'm sure Mr E's grin was from ear to ear all the way home, too.
I'm going to check out the recycled golden books. Looking forward to seeing Helen's project.
Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

You discovered such a neat find in Rebound Books. What a cool idea. Your picks are so dear. I'll have to pop over there and check out her site. Been away for awhile, and just now catching up on my favorite blogs. Didn't know about Mr. E being gone, but so glad to read he is getting to come home early. Have a great weekend...