Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ooops! It's been a while hasn't it....

Ooops! Days pass so quickly when Mr E is home that I think I just did a blog post and discover, no, it's been almost a week. I know you'll forgive me. Time with him at home is most precious to me. 
Yesterday he took the mine bus from Townsville for the first time. He was beginning his first rotation of four, 12 hour night shifts, and riding 500 klms home on a motor bike after coming off four days of night shifts just doesn't seem the smart thing to do.
We drove in at 5am, and after the bus left I had a coffee by the beach, then turned round and drove the 132 klms home....
Back home with the animals, I settled in for some sewing time. 
The final few of my remade "A Christmas Story" blocks are finished now. I am loving them made up from my Aviary scraps; so different to the original.
Also completed are the remade "Shabby Roses" blocks, and I've now begun piecing them with my Tilda stash....
I'm tweaking the quilt design as I go; it will be mostly the same layout as my original, just a wee bit different.
Also come to life from my sketch book is a new design for the next issue of Elefantz HOME
I'm doing this in two styles - one redwork, and one applique - but I'm still undecided on how I'll finish them. 
Slowly I'm working through this new stage of adult life; the part where your children have grown up and left home, and you find yourself with more time on your hands than ever before, especially when your husband works away 60% of the time. Fortunately, they call me on the phone (a lot) and even bring me gifts.
Blossom gave me a little stitchery to finish as a leaving home gift. She started it a few nights before she moved into her new house and there's not much more to do, but I kinda like it the way it is...unfinished. It reminds me of her life, still more to be lived and enjoyed...
(the Christmas baubles design was a free one shared a Christmas or two ago, but I can't remember where from, so can't give you a link)
Kezzie dropped by this morning just to say "I love you, Mum", and gave me these pretty flowers. I put them in the vase she gave me for my birthday ~ perfect.
Another gift arrived in the mail yesterday, but this was from the very sweet Mary who found something at the op-shop where she volunteers, and immediately thought it would be perfect for me! I think you'll agree....
I really do have a soft spot for anything with elephants. Thank you so much, Mary! :-)
Before I go and cook some dinner for myself, and feed Sophie and Bob-the-dog, (both are at my feet right now looking up at me with love-lorn and hungry eyes) I have a favour to ask of you.
A magazine I faithfully read was cancelled last year. It had wonderful homely, crafty, money-saving, healthy living ideas and articles, and the day it simply vanished from the newsagents display without any forewarning was the day I realised how much I truly enjoyed it. 
Since then I have scoured op-shops and garage sales to purchase all the copies I missed. There are always a few stacked by my sewing chair to flick through during a coffee break....
...and every time I am left feeling nourished as a woman, mother, wife, and homemaker. Can you see why I am missing it?
Well, it seems I am not the only one who is longing for it's return!
Fellow designer Amanda has started up a Facebook page to see if she can drum up enough of a following that the publishers take note and bring back our beloved Notebook: magazine!
You can read about Amanda's campaign HERE on her blog, or go straight to the Bring Back Notebook Magazine FB page and 'like' it.
Thank you. :-)
I will return tomorrow with a show and tell of project photos sent in by lovely bloggers, but right now I'd best go and feed the little ones so I can have my feet back. 


Susan said...

Such lovely children you have - especailly love your little bird. The bus does sound like a much better idea - pity you cant find somewhere for Mr E to put the bike while he is away to save you the 132 knm drive by yourself. (though I know you dont mind)

Anonymous said...

beautiful stitcheries Jenny and the love what you said about the stitchery that Blossum gave you,so precious

Lida said...

All looks great! Greetings

Abby and Stephanie said...

Many magazines are folding and I think the cost of production is part of the reason but also readership is down due to the internet. Looks like you're making good use of your time. Lots of pretties in the works.

Wendyb said...

Notebook was my fave too!!!! Cheez, we seriously need to have a talk girl!!!! LOL I'm definitely liking that FB page!
XXX love n sugary hugs and blessings gorgeous
Wendy :O)

Chartreuse Moose said...

Your work is beautiful and so inspiring! Happy stitching and blessings!

amanda brooke said...

Thanks so much for your support on the Bring Back Notebook Magazine, Facebook page Jenny. I think you have summed up your feelings for this magazine beautifully here. I would definitely subscribe if they bought it back! Enough of have been soooo busy and I felt sad reading your posts about the kids moving out! Your picture of the dusty floor really moved me. I am pleased that Blossom isn't far away though!

Maria said...

Working away can be hard on both parties. But ridning the bike is not a good option after nights.
Blossoms stitchery is lovely.
Nice gift from your bloggy friend.
Had brekky at our favorite cafe today. Always think of you while there. LOL

Heleen Groot said...

The quilt is coming along great! It looks so beautiful! Good luck on your days on your own.

Victoria said...

Blossom's work is so much like yours...she has had a good teacher! I am still striving to make lovely stitches like you have. Sigh.

Scottish Nanna said...

MY stitches never look as good as yours they are beautifull I am glad you liked your gift.
. Hugs Mary.xx

Vickie said...

very smart to take the bus...your re design is looking awesome-lovely flowers that Kezzie bought, hmm I never heard of that magazine,cheers Vickie

Monique said...

Your applique is absolutely gorgeous!