Monday, November 21, 2011

A perfect dawn...

"Sunshine through my window makes me happy..."
I was singing that old John Denver song this morning as the sun's perfect rays shone through the eastern side of my home and danced inside...
Outside, the sun made long peek-a-boo stretches through the front palms...
...whilst in the backyard it dappled down from above the treetops.
A perfect morning for a farm breakfast, I thought.
The perfect day to finish a new shabby rose design...
Perfect flowers to rest my eyes upon. A gift from Mr E...
A perfect day because it was made by, and gifted from, my Father above. 


  1. Oh yes Miss very perfect indeed,cheers Vickie

  2. Thanks for sharing your perfect day with me, while I am sitting indoors, the mist is covering the fields outdoors and there are many people sitting in their cars waiting for the rush hour to end finally. It is wet, cold an gloomy!
    But I have my stitches and a warm house! Enjoy the spring and your lovely day! Greetings

  3. Lovely photos and thoughts Jenny.
    That breakfast looks delicious.

  4. How beautiful! You bring a sense of calmness and joy on your blog. Enjoy the rest of your day Jenny!

    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  5. A lovely happy post Jenny,how sweet of Mr E to give you those pretty flowers.

  6. What a perfectly beautiful and uplifting blog post, Jenny! Thank you.

  7. God is so good.
    Love your new shabby roses design. Breakfast looks yummy.

  8. Jenny, Thank you for sharing you life with us. You always remind me how wonderful and gracious our Heavenly Father is I admire you so much for living out your faith! Blessing to you my friend!

  9. How beautiful to share with us your lovely day! What a great reminder that it how we look at the day that will determine our attitude for the day. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate the gifts rather than focus on the negative. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for sharingyour perfect day.

  11. Great day! Don't our furbabies have a built in sunshine radar. Just follow them to find the best spot. Love your new design & pretty flowers from sweet Mr E. Tracee xx

  12. What a beautiful post, sweet Jenny-girl!! Love your new design. Did you get your screens put on? I was horrified when I read that you had wasps.

  13. Thankyou for the encouragement to see everything as a gift from our Father. The day has new meaning and purpose in Him. Mave

  14. Beautiful photos Jenny, a truly glorious morning, including that delicious breakfast...yum! Your new Roses stitchery is delightful. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your morning with us. Hugs...

  15. A beautiful day gifted to a beautiful lady both inside and out.

  16. Thank you for sharing your lovely day. Today it was about 42F and raining all day - plus it gets dark about 4:30pm! So I definitely enjoyed your sunshine.

  17. What an uplifting post.
    Thank you, Father for Jenny and her gifts.


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