Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday once again...

It's been wonderful having Mr E home, but this morning it was time for him to head back to the mine again, so my single girl routine began...
I spent most of the day writing patterns for the next issue of Elefantz HOME, but also writing the pattern for this new cushion design, "Garden Gate Farm", which will feature in Creating Country Threads next autumn...
Most of the the threads I used were a gift from Carrie last year. 
Carrie had used them to stitch my "Shabby Roses" quilt blocks and thought I'd like to try them. They are made from bamboo and *beautiful* to stitch with! No tangles or knots - a stitcher's dream. Thank you, Carrie! If you'd like to see photos of Carrie's completed version of the "Shabby Roses quilt" you can visit HERE.
Both Blossom and Kezzie love the new cushion design so now I am not sure whose home it will be going to once it returns from the editor. Maybe they can draw straws??
Blossom came over for dinner with me tonight. A simple lemon and vegetable cous cous salad...
...and I grilled some herb and garlic chicken that I had marinated all afternoon. 
 I forgot to take a photo after the chicken was cooked, but the herbs were fresh from my garden and the finished dish was yummo!
I also baked a batch of banana muffins for her to take home and freeze. She microwaves them for quick breakfasts before she goes to work...
Tonight I am playing with a new design - more shabby roses of course!
 What are you stitching at the moment? 


  1. I love the Country Threads pillow, very pretty!

  2. i love's a beautiful work.. marvellous

  3. Stitching letters for my letter drawer(sorry do not know the correct Enlish word!) and also a bag for a Xmas swap, but I love the roses that you are making! I still have the patterns but not the time! Enjoy your beautiful creayions, greetings

  4. It's nice to see what you're doing, and the new stitchery you're working on. You seem to be bearing up well when Mr. E is away from home. An Aus friend sent me some Cottage Garden thread, in the variegated red, and I'm stitching a secret gift - a "Night Before Christmas" pillow case - for our granddaughter. Actually, I'll give it to her before Christmas, so she can sleep on it on the night before Christmas.

  5. *squeal* Oh Jenny Garden Gate Farm is gorgeous!! Oh you clever talented girl! That food looks so yummy, makes me wish I liked to cook. *G* Love the little peek at your new design too....sweet!

  6. Jenny, the new pillow is so beautiful...if a fight ensues over ownership, I'd be happy to settle it by giving the lovely thing a home here, *wink*. It really is a must do project. The Mandarin Floss looks absolutely beautiful. I love trying new threads. I have been using Cottage Garden Threads and adore those as the variegated colors show up so beautifully. Gail Pan got me hooked on them when she was here in Utah for Spring Market with her friend Sandra. We spent the day shop hopping then when I took them back to their hotel they gave me some lovely gifts including some of the CG threads. I have your Shabby Roses Quilt blocks all prepped with the applique's fused and ready for stitching (fortunately before I started having problems with my hands) but haven't been able to work on it for over a year. I pulled it out just yesterday to keep it in plain sight. Three blocks were completed when 'life' happened and all my sewing came to an abrupt halt. I got back to some stitching a few months ago and have worked a bit on some quilts that are almost finished, but it is very slow going. Ah well, it will come in God's perfect timing. I laughed when I saw you were baking for Blossom because I came home from church today and just finished making a batch of homemade oatmeal raisin cookies for my grandson. He is way back in Maryland in the Air Force and I'm thinking he would enjoy a little taste of home. Speaking of which, I had better finish getting them packed up. Big Hugs...

  7. Siempre es gratificante visitar tu blog lleno de maravillosos trabajos, mil felicidades y bueno creo que se me abriĆ³ el apetito provechito, saludos.

  8. Lots of things I found in your blog, which is gorgeous and too yummy food that is. You have a great pillow with many more threads. Enjoyed your beautiful creations.

  9. Hey Jenny,
    I forgot I had sent those threads to you. Glad you could find a project to try them out on. Which I must say the pillow is simply beautiful.


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