Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We have a giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Cyn from Cyn's Quilted Travels, in the USA, who has won the giveaway prize!

Mr Random Generator shows no partiality, so I am thankful for his help in choosing a winner. Cyn tells me she never wins anything, so maybe this is the start of some good luck for Cyn. Let's hope so! :-)

Thank you to everyone who entered - you're such a wonderful bunch of girls for spreading the word about my new "Promises and Borders" BOM! 
I think after we've finished moving house, and have settled in,  I will just have to give you all something special as a thank you. you interested, have I?

The packing is coming along well, but still getting rid of lots of things. I spent 6 hours today going through all my issues of Homespun, tearing out the *many* patterns I hope to make one day, and tossing the rest of the magazine in the bin. I now have 3 less boxes to pack, and 3 more shelves where I can store my fabric - remember, I told you this is a tiny house? It really is. I have to do all I can to minimise what we take with us, and giving myself three extra shelves is wonderful! I will no longer have a sewing room and an office, but one small bedroom to function as both. 
Fortunately I *love* a challenge! :-)


Annie said...

Congrat's Cyn - its wonderful to win a giveaway....happy packing Jen - I'm sure you'll find plenty of room for lots of new fabric :)

Lida said...

You will make it a wonderful home for your family, large or small!
Wish the happy winner good luck and lots of joy with creating with this lovely price!
Goodluck with the move and the packing!

Nancy Page said...

Congratulations to the winner! Well done! Happy Moving, hope all goes well for you.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

liloca, liloquinha said...

Mudando de casa novamente?, creio que vais ganhar de mim que já mudei 10 vezes....
Que seja abençoada esta sua nova casa.

Sue from Cyprus said...

Congrats Cyn! And good luck Jenny with the move. Can't wait to have a look at your new place. Take loads of photos pls.
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like you are making headway with the packing and minimising!!

Marsha B said...

Congratulations to Cyn on the win! I hope everything goes well with your move, everything gets unpacked easily and you find the space for all your treasures.

Sandy said...

Congratulations to Cyn. Have fun packing and sorting....we all need that downsizing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, moving to the city compared to the country--reminds me of growing up in Alaska (in a "suburb" of Anchorage that was more like the country). Your comment about not having a sewing room made me a bit envious. I have a craft room ("crap" room as my hubby calls it--he isn't being mean). He doens't mind at all that I stitch, sew, etc. It IS a bit of a mess--too much fabric, etc. in there. I should pretend I'm moving! You are such a delight and always look for the positive--that is a true gift from our Lord and Savior. Happiness with contentment is great gain. You delight and inspire everyone. Love to you and yours!

Joy said...

Congrats to Cyn on her win!!! :o)
Jen you'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a small space - my cave is a mere 3m x 3m and it's also my office and library too!! I'm sure you'll make your little house a home in no time :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Cyn said...

Thank you again, Jenny! I am so excited. I need to pinch myself to make sure it's real. lol
cyn; -)

Sandra Croche said...

What beautiful work, I'm not very good at sewing but I'll try and fazer.Beijos Feiz New year
Sandra Coatti / Brazil

Allie said...

Congratulations to Cyn!! Jenny, that's what I do with my magazines when they get overwhelming, it really frees up space. Hope your packing goes well, sweetie!