Friday, February 24, 2012

Sniffles in my birthday week...

The only think I dislike more than a head cold is a summer head cold.
Hot, humid, stifling weather + a sore throat and running nose.
These do not compliment each other. Not in my world, anyhow.
The last few days I have been writing the patterns for Issue 9 of Elefantz HOME magazine, and today I am attempting to finish all the articles...not easy when your nose insists on dripping like a leaking tap. However, I am living on freshly juiced vegetables and plenty of fresh fruit salad, plus organic apple cider vinegar in water three times a day, so I am hopeful of a swift recovery.
The culprit who passed this head cold on to me is my own beloved son, Sam, who was the recipient of many fierce mother-hugs last Friday when I was visiting Kezzie, so I will not complain any longer. Hugging my lad is far more important than the prospect of catching his head cold. ;-)
All three of my kitchen themed designs for Issue 9 are now complete...
I've shown you the first two designs over the last week or so, but today I can show you the third one.
This is my Kitchen Prayer hanging. I have loved this prayer for many years, and finally decided to stitch it!
I thought the wooden spoon as the hanger was rather cute, too!
(Perhaps I should have called this the 'wooden spoon issue' as all designs now sport one!)
You can find more kitchen prayers HERE.
**Blossom will finish her gorgeous design over the weekend and we can share a photo with you on Monday. It's really cute!
The other day I promised I'd show you how the birthday lampshade Kezzie made for me looks on my vintage lamp base. This base was purchased on an op-shopping trip with my friend Janelle earlier last year...
It was perfect to show off Kezzie's gift!
I also wanted to show you the gifts I received from my two grandsons. 11yo Cal gave me a beautiful double display of lavender, and 4yo Dee gave me the sweetest little notebook...
Blossom had been waiting for a week for me to tell her what I'd like for my birthday, and I had no answer. Last night, after I picked her up from work, we went window shopping to see if something caught my eye, and something certainly did!
You all know by now that I LOVE English tea parties. You should also know that I have quite a thing for birds in many of my designs. When I saw this tea cup and saucer set in a gift shop Blossom knew it was the perfect gift for her mum...
(*and it's pink! My favourite colour!*)
Let me also show you how I've been spoiled by friends.
Angela is a blog follower and Elefantz HOME subscriber. When we moved here to Townsville in January, she emailed to let me know she lives not too far from me, so I assured her we would catch up in March for a cuppa. (February was one very full month in the Elefantz household so I made no plans!)
Bless her heart, she sent me a surprise birthday gift in the mail this week!
I had only just mentioned that I needed to make myself a loyalty wallet (there is a wonderful tutorial HERE on Joy's blog!), and then Angela's gift arrived and my prayer was answered! Thank you so much, Angela.
Today another parcel arrived, and this time is was from my sweet friend, Peg!
Peg and I have never met in person, but we've been online buddies since 2009 when we did a paper-bag swap with each other. The design I made for Peg in that swap ended up published in "Creating Country Threads" magazine Vol 10.4
I called it "Hearts for Peg".
This is the original I made Peg...
 ...and the one I made for the magazine.
If you are a free newsletter subscriber, start smiling, because I am going to share this design with you in my next free newsletter, sometime over the weekend!!! 
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Now to that birthday parcel from Peg!
She knows me well. Wrapped in shabby rose fabric and a lace bow...
A beautiful journal, and more shabby fabrics. I am in love.
Thank you dear Peg! You made me forget all about my cold. xxx
In case you are wondering what Peg made for me in the 2009 Paper-Bag Swap, it was this gorgeous needle-book!
Well, I'd best brew a nice cup of lemon and honey tea, and get back to writing the magazine. 
The pets are keeping me company, though offering no help whatsoever. They live a cushy life, don't they?


  1. hope you get better soon Jenny,lovely post and boy doenst Kezzie's lampshade look awesome on that stand and love your hearts for Peg.xx

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling bad, Jenny. I had something similar a couple weeks ago. Lasted ten days, no fun. My cat loved it, though, as I always had a lap for her. Now that time seems almost special to me, as we had to have her euthanized last week. So sad. At least we had lots of good cuddle time at the end. Feel better soon.

  3. Hi Jenny, I love the kitchen prayer. Thank you. Vicki

  4. So sorry to read you are not the best Jen...My hearts sit on the wall right near my sewing machine...they are just so very special...and to have the original design what can I pleased you liked my goodies Jen, the lamp shade is gorgeous...your gift from your baby girl is perfect... and what you little men gave to precious are they...take care Jen..xx

  5. Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla (from Finland)

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon, here also a winter cold, but I am sneezing, no fun if you want to make a applique quilt! Hugs

  7. Oh Jenny (((Hugs))) I hope you are feeling better soon. Can hardly wait til the next issue! Your Birthday gifts are lovely!

  8. Sweet new designs. LOVE your new teacup and saucer. :o) Feel better.

  9. Jenny, Feel Better Please. Prayer is Sweet, love it. Everything Beautiful. Thanks From Venezuela

  10. Oh poor Jenny - I hate a summer cold too! In winter, you can snuggle into your quitls with a flannel pillowcase and it makes you feel a bit better - but you can't do that in summer. Get out in the sunshine if you can stand it, it will help you get over it faster!

    I LOVE your kitchen designs, the wooden spoon hanger is brilliant! How perfect is that. Your lampshade is so lovely on that lamp, Kezzie has a lot of talent, just like her mum! Your gifts are so lovely and perfect for you - will you be planting that lavender? So so pretty! Love the tea cup too!

  11. Hope you feel better soon! While there is so much to comment on in this post (love your tea cup and hearts for Peg), let me tell you just how small a world this is. When I was in high school, living in a small country parsonage, I had the same kitchen prayer right by the sink - in Harlem, Ohio, USA! I've even started to graph it for cross stitch a couple times, though never completed. Guess the next issue is a must for me.

  12. Hope you feel better soon, Jenny. I am still blowing my nose from a 2 week cold that is really getting on my nerves! Love the lamp....looks wonderful.

  13. Hope your cold goes soon Jen. The shade looks wonderful on the base. Certainly made for each other. Lovely gifts you have been given. Hugs,

  14. Try some Manuka honey. Apparently it has antibodies that help fight these bugs.
    Just to cheer in southern Ontario, Canada, we are getting dumped on by, what we hope, is the last storm of winter...wet, heavy snow that has gone on all day.
    I love the way your birthday just goes on & on!

  15. so sorry you're under the weather on your birthday! feel better soon....

  16. What a gorgeous post Jenny. First, hope you are feeling better now. It's horrid feeling miserable in the summer! Secondly, just love the pink cup and saucer.... right up my street! Thirdly, just love the lampshade and also the kitchen verse. This has been an action-packed post Jenny. Thank you (:>).
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x
    PS I know I'm not a robot but sometimes I find it really difficult typing the two-words when commenting on blogger.

  17. Hi Jenny! I do hope your feeling better very soon. Boy, this little flu bug seems to be everywhere, I'm still fighting it after more than 2 weeks. I love all of the projects you have shown us. I can't wait to see the next magazine, but you make sure you take care of yourself first. The magazine is worth waiting for my friend. Send gentle hugs and lifting you up in prayer, of course, you and yours are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs...

  18. Lots of gorgeous pressies, you are one very lucky lady Jenny. I really love the lamp shade Kezzie made for you, very talented. Best wishes for a swift recovery. Hugs Kaylee

  19. Loved the wooden spoon hanger idea and what you had on it.
    Hope you're feeling better. Summer colds do suck.

  20. Oh and Happy Birthday. You celebrate all week too. I'm starting to celebrate mine on Thursday to Thursday. LOL