Friday, March 23, 2012

Three for March, and Christmas patterns...

The rain is passed, the sun shines through, and I *think* the temperature here in the tropics may be starting to lower as autumn progresses.
During my week inside, hiding from the rain, I finished writing the patterns for all three designs featured in Issue 10 of Elefantz HOME magazine, due out on March 29th!

"Churn-in-a-Dash" mini quilt...
My favourite quilting block with four different daisy stitcheries - completed to make a 12" mini quilt.
"An Empty Heart Soon Overflows with Love" mini pillow...
Just 8" x 13", a perfect weekend stitchery project!
"HOME Holds my Heart" mini hanging...
Perfect for a quick gift, it can made up in a day!
If you haven't subscribed to Elefantz HOME yet, but would like to, please visit the magazine webpage HERE.
Are you thinking of getting an early start on Christmas sewing?
I've had a few requests this month to stock my online shop with Christmas patterns, and because I like to make you guys happy, I said yes!
To make you even happier, I have a 25% off sale on all my Christmas patterns for the next few days!
Just add the code CHRISTMAS before you pay at checkout, and 25% will come off the total cost of all Christmas patterns in your order.
You can see all the Christmas patterns HERE in my shop.
The weekend is just hours away, and here in Queensland we are off to vote for our next State Government. Hard decision to make when you're not really impressed with either of the two main parties. 
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!


Abby and Stephanie said...

The little churn dash quilt is so sweet. I love the big stitch quilting. Have a wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

Glad to hear the rain is gone. According to the polls it probably wont make much difference on what you vote.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Jenny! Beautiful designs!

We are just coming off some very unseasonable weather here in our part of the country. It has been in the 70's. This time of the year it hits maybe 50. Rain is expected this weekend and cooler temps. I have been out in the yard a lot this week, so maybe the cooler temps will keep me inside and I can do some stitching!

We will be voting in Nov. for President. Have a good weekend!

Allie said...

Ah Jenny-girl they're gorgeous - I too love the churn dash, but have never made one, I think you'll change that! Love the home design, you clever girl, and the beautiful heart.

Ugh voting - I don't think we have two parties anymore, they're all the same - sigh. Glad your weather has gotten cooler and drier - we're five weeks too early for the hot weather we've been getting, I hope it doesn't ruin crops!

Stitched With Prayer said...

OH Jenny, these are wonderful!!! Churn Dash is I think just about my favorite is so versatile! Your empty heart stitchery is amazingly beautiful, both in design and the message it sends. Hoping all is well with you and yours. Big Hugs...

Dolores said...

I do hope it stays dry for a while. We've had summer weather - too hot for March.
Those projects are very pretty.

Maria Rosalia said...

Good evening...
Your "Home holds my heart" is fantastic. I love it.
Maria Rosalia

Anonymous said...

I love every one of them. All gorgeous. :o)

Anonymous said...

The little churn dash quilt is the nicest small quilt I've seen lately. Love the little yo-yo in the center.

Good luck with your election, I'm feeling the same way about our upcoming Presidential election in the U.S.

Maria McCabe said...

Hello Jenny,

I just read your issue and as always, I am so amazed at the gorgeous patterns. What truly touched me was your writing. I am sitting here crying tears of understanding, joy and prayer for your beautiful words. We have never met, but through your words over the past year or so, I feel I know you and I really am so thankful I found your blog when I did. Thank you so much for your words the encourage and inspire.
Maria McCabe

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I looooooooove that churn dash quilt Jenny!
It's been one amazing Spring here. Came a month early! Lots of pollen everywhere.