Monday, March 19, 2012

Water, water, everywhere!

It's been a fairly dry wet season.
Until now.
My backyard is a swamp...and the worst of the rain is yet to come.
I take comfort in stitching...there's not much else to do!
The second of my three designs for the March 29th issue of Elefantz HOME is all finished. As I shared before, this will be the 'Little Things' Issue - all three designs are smaller than average.
The first design is the 12" square Mini Quilt I showed you last week...
The second design is a Mini Pillow, straight from the heart, and scented with dried lavender. It's just 8" x 13"!
Tomorrow I'll finish the third design - "HOME" says it all. I won't give you any more hints because I want you to see it as a surprise.
It's been a while since I've done a Show & Tell, so let me wow you with some of my designs that you clever ladies have made!
"Promises & Borders" is so popular, and I am incredibly humbled by the many, many emails of thanks and encouragement I receive each week. It blesses me to be able to bless you with these blocks.
From LISA MORTELL...(love these colours and the way the hearts 'pop!)
From LINDA COX...(love that she colours in with pencils!)
From TERESA RALEIGH...( gorgeous background fabric and colours!)
One of my favourite 2010 quilt designs has to be 'Miss Molly Moo' (see my blog post HERE)!
Look how Margaret Strickland made her own version of Miss Molly Moo, using just the blocks and her own quilt design! 
And finally, Denise has stitched my Shabby Roses quilt!
Ladies, I am SO blessed to have you stitching my designs - that is such a compliment to a designer, and a real boost of encouragement. Thank you! Your work is gorgeous! 
Before I go I wanted to show you this....
At our local supermarket this is what greets the mums and kids when they push their empty trolleys through the turnstile. In a world where kids are usually heading for the lolly (candy) aisle, our supermarket has a pink pig to entice them to choose a healthier treat.
The little ones get to put 50c in the Pink Piggy Bank and in return they choose any piece of fruit they like to eat while mum continues with the grocery shopping. 
All the money raised goes to the Children's Hospital. 
I may not be a child, but I enjoy popping my 50c in and grabbing an apple or a nectarine while I shop!
We should have this sort of thing in all supermarkets, don't you think?
Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

lovely post Jenny,i am stitching your Bluebirds of Friendship at the moment and i am thoroughly enjoying it.xx

Dolores said...

Gorgeous work being done. I love the piggy bank and yes, I think every supermarket should have this. It encourages healthy eating while keeping the young ones (and the older ones) occupied.

Fischtown Lady said...

A great idea to entice the children to fruit. I also think this should all be like that.
The water looks a lot already from evil. I hope this is not for them it is worse. The mini pillow, I love it!

In this way I would like to say thank you for the beautiful patterns and embroideries which they share with us.
Best regards, Marita

petra said...

Wow, the pink piggy bank is great! I agree with you - every supermarket should have one (ore two) of this.

Wilma said...

***Jenny ¡¡Happy Artisans Day¡¡¡
Thanks for Wonderful Post***

Allie said...

Yikes, that's a lot of water! Your new designs look so wonderful, how you keep coming up with such fabulous stuff is beyond me - but don't ever stop! Love what everyone has done with your designs, hon. The kids' table is a wonderful idea!

Carrie P. said...

Great new designs. Love the heart how it overflows. Sweet!
All the show and tell is great too.
What a fun way to get kids to eat their fruit.

Sherry said...

It is fun to see what people have created using your designs. I am working on Promises and Borders and have a blog post almost ready for tomorrow. I appreciate your talent and enjoy using your designs.

Monica said...

If I didn't know better I would say you were in the USA (Missouri). We have so much rain! I love your pieces! They are beautiful. I hope to slow down and enjoy doing some soon! Thanks for sharing!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Hi Jenny, Just wanted to stop in and let you know how much I enjoy your blog, as well as our wonderful 'chats'. After all, I have to see what lovely designs you are cooking up. Oh my gosh, they are so gorgeous. Such a gift you have my sweet friend! Not much sewing or stitching going on here on my side of the ocean lately but hopefully, as the cold weather passes on to Spring, I'll be able to get back to it. Big Hugs and blessings coming your way...and of course you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers always. God Bless...

Abby and Stephanie said...

All of the projects are very pretty. Love the piggy fruit idea. Wonder if kids would eat the fruit or just want to play with the piggy?

Denise SA said...

Thank you for sharing my quilt. It has taken me a lot of time but I really enjoyed the process. I hope you will continue to design for many years

Susan said...

Jenny - I hope you are all OK up there is poor old Townsville. Its wet in brisbane but not too bad compared to you guys!

Melody said...

So glad to have you back with a post. I've really missed you. Just heard on the news that a tornado hit Townsville. Hope you and yours are safe and well.

Yesy said...

Hola Jenny, me encantan tus diseƱos, felicidades, tienes unas manos maravillosas.


FlourishingPalms said...

Such pretty stitcheries... yours and those made from your designs. So sorry to know about your excess of rain. We're having rain too, but it's much-needed. We can fairly watch the grass turning green! Spring is my favorite season with the trees starting to bud. That pink piggy is a marvelous idea. Wonder if it would go here in Iowa where our fruits are mostly hothouse grown.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny! I just posted a photo of a new embroidery project where I used the corner of your free BOM 2. I plan to do the entire project but the little bird and flowers worked great for a 4" project swap. :)
Thanks so much!

manda said...

Jenny, are you guys alright after that storm? it looked like a cyclone hit!!

Lurline said...

Hoping you are all safe - God bless!
Hugs - Lurline♥