Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free design to celebrate 1800+ followers!

With all the busyness of my Elefantz life lately, I totally missed my follower count ticking over the 1800 mark!
Thank you everyone!! 
I am so thrilled that you want to visit my blog and listen to my ramblings. What great gals and guys you are.You are the reason I keep doing this!
To celebrate, I want to share a free design with you. I shared 1/2 of the design a few years back in a swap I hosted with Vicki, but today I'm sharing the two parts of "Hugged by an Angel" - the mug hug, and the mug rug.
This set would be a lovely swap gift, or perhaps a gift for someone who spends a lot of time in hospital, or who is bedridden? Pretty things that are useful are a blessing for loved ones in those circumstances.
You can download the pattern HERE.
Any problems with the download please leave a comment with your email address and I'll get it off to you.
Today Mr E and I went for a ride with two Ulyssian friends to Ayr for morning tea. Ayr is about 100 kilometres from our place, and along the way we stopped at a bird hide. Now, up until today my only experience with bird-hides has been through episodes of Midsomer Murders, and Jonathon Creek
It was quite exciting to sit in one for real!
The Hide looks out over a lagoon, but as we've had way too much rain recently, the birds are not as plentiful as they will be in another month or two.
We did watch some pelicans, though...
By lunchtime we were home again, and two parcels were waiting at my door!
The first was from Vicki at The Pickledish Patch. I was almost out of two of the main Cottage Garden thread colours I use in my "Promises & Borders" BOM, and lucky for me sweet Vicki had them! I also bought some Parlan for Blossom who loves using it to back her stitcheries. 
The other parcel held my swap gifts from an online Easter Swap I had with a small group of lovely ladies.
Carol was my secret swap partner, and WOW, did she spoil me!!
Carol made me a very cute stitchery, a funky chook pin cushion, and a beautiful Tilda bunny doll!
Because I live in the tropics, Carol was very clever and individually wrapped the Lindt chocolate carrots in cling wrap in case they melted. I'm so glad she did because it was 33C today (92F).
Thank you SO much dear Carol!
In the coming days I am going to be listing some of my original handmade samples for sale, so keep an eye out for a newsletter with details. 
After reading THIS book, I have decided to work my way through my sewing room and sell off all my surplus fabrics, and some of my original samples. The room is small and I know I need space around me to it's time to look with new eyes and keep only what I want or know I will use. 
I actually enjoy decluttering, do you?


  1. Thank you Jenny, it's a beautiful pattern. As my kids used to say when they were little 'you're such a good sharer'. Vicki

  2. Congrates on reaching over 1800 followers.
    How nice to go for your great rides with Mr E. Fun to sit in a real Bird Hide...
    Lovely gifts you received in your swap Jenny.

  3. lovely post Jenny,i didnt know what a bird hide was,now i do,lol.How lovely of you to give everyone your lovely mug rug and mat pattern,its very pretty.Oh my what a beautiful parcel to receive from Carol,love that rabbit.xx

  4. Thank you for your generosity Jenny. I will enjoy making your mug hug and rug. I have made a few mug rugs lately. They are so nice to give to a friend along with a matching mug.
    Glad you had a nice ride with hubby & friends. Hugs......

  5. Once again - you are so good to us! Thank you for the gorgeous pattern. Congrats on 1800+ followers - WOW!!! I have loved your blog for a few years so I am not surprised you have this many readers. I love the pictures of your ride with Mr. E. I think the love you share is so special.

  6. Oh my goodness. That bunny that Carol sent to you is adorable! I would love to make one for my granddaughter.

    Congrats on 1,800 followers! Amazing!

  7. Hello, first time visitor here and glad I "happened" upon your blog. Many thanks for the delightful mug hug and very cute and useful. congratulations on so many followers; amazing!
    You live in the tropics and I live in the mountains...both beautiful and aren't we blessed?!
    God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

  8. Congrats on 1800, Jenny!!! Love that design, you are too sweet! I've never seen a bird hide before, how neat. Glad you had a lovely ride. Love your swap gifties - beautiful!!

    I can't believe you're selling off your originals....but I can so relate to wanting to declutter!!!

  9. thank You so much for the wonderful patterns :-)

  10. Thank you for the design -
    Love your gifts - the bunny is too cute ;)

  11. Hi Jenny. Thank you for the pattern - I know just the person who needs that reminder at the moment. Congratulations on the followers. I also love hearing about your rides out on the bike - it is something I used to do and loved it. Gb C

  12. Congratulations on over 1800 followers. That is quite the accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your sweet stitchery design. Blessings...

  13. lovely post.... thanks for another of your lovely patterns - 1800 followers.. wow .... I bought parlan the other day... I have never used it before so looking forward to trying it out...

  14. Thank you ever so much for the free pattern....
    and what a coincidence, I have been watching the Midsomer Murders on Netflix streaming to my computer. Lately, I have watched an episode or two each day at lunchtime and another one in the evening.
    Congrats on the followers...I've been watching mine climb toward 100 and planning to do something. Can't imagine over 1000.
    Mama Bear

  15. Thank you for the design! Maybe more than 1800 (or what shows on your list), because I follow you through my Google reader and my Blogger blog is something I rarely use (and it's not stitching when I do write there). I don't think I ever clicked the follow button.

    Hmmm... no, I do not enjoy decluttering at all! I'm probably a potential hoarder. I do like to pack things away and have everything look less cluttered in the summer, but in winter I actually like things a bit cluttered as long as it's not messy clutter. I still have way too much and am trying to get myself to do some real decluttering. I think I'll get there, but not right now.

  16. Thank you.
    Sorry but i don't know english

  17. Ah, thank you so very much. Another of your lovely lovely stitcheries. I feel like I just received a special swap package...except I didn't swap anything with you except following along and being inspired by you!

  18. Hi Jenny
    Love your blog have been following for a while. I do a little sewing. My husband and I drive from Bowen to Townsville a lot but I have never seen the bird hide, it sounds so nice to visit, where did you find it?

  19. Hi Jenny! WOW, 1800 followers! Congratulations my sweet friend. Before you know it,you will have 2,000!!! Thank you so, sew much for the beautiful free pattern. I already have it printed off and plan to make several of them. My gosh, Carol's swap gifts to you are so adorable, I especially love the cute pincushion and the bunny. I have several Cottage Garden Threads and love using them. OH Jenny, I've been looking at the samples you are selling, I so wish I could afford to purchase a couple of them. I'm absolutely smitten with "Autumn Falling"...I've never seen it and it truly is wonderful. I looked for the pattern but didn't see it listed, is it available? You really have some lovely things listed, I'm sure they will go fast and you'll be completely organized before you know it. Well, as usual my dear friend I have rambled too long, so I will hush now and hopefully get some stitching done this evening. Sending you Big Hugs...
    *By the way, it sounds like you had a delightful ride. I'm finally able to get on our Goldwing again, though just for short distances. I'm hoping to work my way up to longer, scenic rides. Hubby is taking me to the beautiful red rock country in Moab Utah for my 62 birthday in two weeks and I wish we could take the bike, but I'm not quite able to make the 350 mile ride yet, so we are taking the "cage" as he calls the car, LOL. Still, it will be a beautiful drive and a lovely two day getaway. Hugs....

  20. Thank you again Jenny. This will make such a lovely gift.

  21. Am I the only one having trouble downloading the patterns :( Is there a trick to it?

  22. Thank you so much for the wonderful free pattern!

  23. As always, your designs and the things you share on your blog are simply lovely. Good for you to be decluttering. After two very long months of deliberate and daily sorting and purging, I can attest to the wonderful feeling it is to have one's possessions all under control. I am really enjoying the freedom this affords, and am determined to think twice, and even three times, before purchasing ANYTHING that isn't perishable. I don't want to be caught in the "stuff" trap again. I hope you and all your family enjoy a blessed Easter.

  24. Pauline, there is a sign on the right hand side when you are driving towards Townsville, just before or after the Giru turnoff.

  25. Thanks for the design, I will use it soon! No I hate decluttering fabrics, but sometimes you need to and than I give it away and make someone else happy!
    Your new design looks fantastic!
    Wish you a great week with the birthday girl! And many happy returns!


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