Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fat Quarter Gift Wrapper Tutorial...

It's time for another "Re-purposing in 2012" project don't you think?!
Remember last week when I told you to save some toilet roll inserts?
Well, today we're going to make them into something pretty, and useful!
First, you need to cut through the length of a toilet roll insert, and measure it's dimensions.
Mine insert measured 4" wide, x 5 3/4" long, but yours may be different so take note of my next instructions.
You will need to double the width of *your* toilet roll width measurement, and add 3/4" to it. 
Next, add 3/4" to your length measurement.
This made my new measurements 8 3/4" wide, by 6 1/2" long.
I have a box full of smaller scrap pieces of fabric for odd projects or applique. I found a piece of pink tonal big enough to cut a 6 1/2" x 8 3/4" rectangle.
Cut your fabric to the measurements *you* have made for your own toilet roll insert.
Fold the rectangle in half across the middle. Use your iron to press the fold.
Sew a strip of lace an inch or two above one side of the fold, depending on your lace width.
Pin two pieces of ribbon of around 10" in length down either side of the lace edge, with the ribbons facing the middle of the lace strip.
(I used recycled organza ribbon sent to me with a gift)
Sew the ribbon in place along the side edges with a scant eighth inch seam.
Ball up the ribbon and pin out of the way in the centre of the lace.
Fold the bottom half of the fabric up and over the lace section.
Machine sew the sides together with a 1/4" seam.
Fold a 1/4" hem over along the top raw edge, and press with your iron.
Turn right side out and press flat, being careful that your iron is on a low heat to prevent scorching the lace.
Place the cut toilet roll insert inside the open pocket section of your project...
Ladder stitch the opening closed. 
Now what do you think I made this project to use as?
It's to wrap fat quarters in when I give them as gifts!
My roll holds two or three fat quarters comfortably. 
I think they look so pretty wrapped this way!
If you make some of these I'd love to see them, so please send me an email with photos or leave a comment with a link to my blog.
Please also remember to link back to me, as this is my own idea, and I am very happy to share it with you!
Another idea would be to make napkin rings by cutting the toilet roll inserts in half, or perhaps making them as little wrappers around small vases. So many ideas!!
Do you have an idea for using this project?
Today I have been playing with a some lovely Robyn Pandolph fabric. It's for a gift, so I'll just show you a small section...
Sometimes you just have to let the fabric be the star. 


  1. what a lovely idea Jenny and love your sneak peak.xx

  2. Aamazing idea Jenny, Love it... maybe filled with a rolled up toilet roll or a hanky for the teacher...thanks for sharing...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  3. Great Idea Jenny! You can also use the paper towel rolls for larger fabric. Do you think? Thanks for sharing! Judith, Texas

  4. Sue from CyprusMay 9, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    What a fab idea Jenny. Thank you! I love the idea of wrapping it around an old glass vase. It would be very pretty indeed. Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas! Hope Blossom has got over her head cold.
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  5. Very very clever -c ant wait to find an excuse to make one!

  6. Querida Jenny, gracias por que siempre compartes con nosotras maravillosas ideas, por inspirarnos y hacernos suspirar.
    Me encanta y lo voy a hacer, ya te lo mostraré.


  7. Great idea, Jenny! Thanks for sharing. I love how you worked with the Robin Pandolph cute.

  8. When I first saw the materials, my first thought was a napkin ring. I do think if you covered them similar to this, but maybe not as long, they would be really cute. I do love this idea though. I can't wait to make some of these for my different fabrics.

  9. You can make the most mundane things pretty, Jenny - too pretty! And I do love your sneak peek, your stitching is incredibly beautiful!

  10. What a great idea, thanks for sharing

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  12. Super cute idea. Will send you a link when I get one completed.

  13. Great gift roll! Clever and pretty. I adore your bouquet with the stitching and beads and letting the fabric be featured. Looking forward to seeing the reveal. Happy Stitching...

  14. What a great idea, you could use that for loads of things, including wedding favours. Your embroidery is beautiful and so are your ideas. :) xx

  15. Jenny, what a wonderful idea!!! I believe presentation on a gift if so important and this is just so elegant and perfect for the fat quarters we so love to share. Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us! Big Hugs...

    I have saved toilet rolls for years because they work great to hold all of our curling iron and hair dryer cords neatly in a drawer to prevent tangling. I think now I will have to go back to the hair band method for my cords cause I want my toilet rolls for wrapping gifts now, LOL.

  16. What a fun idea Jenny! Harrington and Hannah normally get the toilet roll inserts as chew toys, but I'm going to save a few for this project.

  17. bonne idée, merci et belle fin de journée

  18. I just wanted to let you know I referenced you and repurposing by link on my blog yesterday. You were the inspiration for my project. Here is the link to my blog Warmest

  19. Lovely tutorial. Thank you for shareing it with us.

  20. Wow. I will give FQ for our Christmas exchange for ASG group. Thanks for the idea and tutorial.

  21. Jenny, your Blog and Craftsy site and Newsletters are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE craft sites on the Internet. XOXOXO I really love this idea of repurposing cardboard toilet rolls. I was thinking of doing something like this, to wrap around my wayward and tangled electric cords. Would be so pretty seeing these, rather than seeing a rats-nest of tangled electrical cords. Keep it up, Jenny. I'm looking forward a future book about Quilts, Applique, and Embroidery. Quilts and Embroidery Stitches just go together. And I know that you could put together a wonderful book that would give guidance with all those things, and of course I would love to see your scriptural comfort and encouragement scattered throughout a book. I assure you that I would keep a book like that always close at hand. Just an idea Jenny. LUV U Girl. Sending you HUGE HUGS from the state of Washington in the USA.


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