Monday, May 28, 2012

The Monday after...

What a big weekend this was. It may have been Blossom's 18th birthday weekend, but we were all caught up in the celebration! By Sunday morning we were all tuckered out and in need of  sleep.
Late Sunday afternoon Blossom and I decided to sneak out alone, and drive up the mountain to the Heritage Tea Rooms for a restful afternoon tea under the trees....
It was so pretty in the sunset, and the drive back down the mountain was absolutely breathtaking.
Today it was life as usual, and after driving her to work, I came home to brew my first cuppa for the day while I enjoyed quiet time with my Bible. Then it was time for catching up on washing, vacuuming, washing Bob-the-dog, ironing, dishes, and general tidying. Thankfully I had taken time yesterday to prepare a large pot of soup,  so for lunch I nourished my tired self with spicy vegetable soup, and some gluten free sun-dried tomato and spinach muffins...delightful!
Last night I finished writing the next issue of Elefantz HOME, and emailed it away to my precious proof-readers. I don't know what I would do without them! Thank you girls. xxx
It's all done now - mistakes repaired, and just about ready to be emailed to my subscribers...
Before the weekend I finished my version of Amy's free design. I really love these fabrics and they make my little table runner shine!
This will find it's way to a friend very soon; someone who I think lives this out in her life all the time.
I am in a small online swap group, and our current theme is Winter Wonderland. My partner was Maree, and this is what I sent her. A quilt stitchery bound in lace, my favourite book on knitting, and a bag I made and filled with pampering goodies...
Any day now a parcel will arrive for me, but I have no idea who my partner is. Very exciting!!
I found a few things online recently that I'd love to make. I am hoping that over winter I'll have some 'holiday' time where I can sew just for the joy of it, and not as an occupation. These look like fun...
From Jodie at The Haby Goddess, a laminated purse using an old doily -
From Sara, and Rachel, this really cute thread storer...
This gorgeous chook from Bronwyn of Red Brolly...
And these delightful little houses from Retro Mama...

Have you found a tutorial online for something fun?
Leave a link in your comment so we can all go have a look, would you?



  1. So glad you all had a good weekend celebrating Bloss's 18th,they grow up too quick.Lovely stitchies Jenny.What a beautiful place for a cuppa.Lovely post jenny,enjoy your week.xx

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Love what you have sent Maree and I know she will too.
    Those muffins look delicious!
    Have a fun week my friend. Looking forward to the magazine as always.

  3. Love all things tea. Your stitching is always perfection. Lucky friend to receive such a lovely handmade gift from the heart. I haven't had time lately to look for any terrific tutorials. Occupational hazard...sewing for business but for me it's combined with pleasure. I have a stack of vintage goodies I really want to play with though...

  4. Your stitcheries are all so pretty. You'll love making those little house ornaments. I made two for our tree at Christmas time. I think the most fun part is trying to find just the right little piece of fabric to use for the window.

  5. Your swap partner is one lucky gal! Thanks for sharing your future project. Just went over to the Pellon website and found all sorts of adorable and cute ideas. I love the embroidery to go bag. I think I know what I will be making for my stitching friends for Christmas! Enjoy your week. Hugs!!


  6. So glad you and Blossom were able to get away and enjoy the quiet - looks like a lovely place for tea! Your soup and muffins look good, yum. Too hot to eat here, though, we're existing on cold pizza, lol. That table runner is GORGEOUS! Such pretty cottage fabrics. Maree is a very blessed girl, to receive such pretties from you, I can't believe you bound that in lace, it looks amazing!!!

    I'm not looking around for more things to make - I have a list a mile long - I'm going to try to get a finish or two this week though!


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