Friday, June 22, 2012

Issue 13 projects!

Thank you SO much for your prayers, your concern, your kindness, and for being *you*.
Today I woke feeling better than I have in many weeks, and what a feeling that was! I have been smiling all day, and was finally able to spend time in my sewing room finishing the projects for Issue 13 of Elefantz HOME. 
I hope you like them!

"Happiness Baby Bag"...
It's a generous size bag with large front pocket, prettily stitched and appliqued!


"Time to Rise" quilt...
The two stitchery blocks are the stars of this quilt, standing out amongst the simple 4-patch blocks. The poem is one of Robert Louis Stevenson's classics...

"Miss Molly Moo" quilt...
I made this quilt in 2009, and decided to add the pattern to my magazine this month 'just because'. 
Miss Molly is the cutest cow, all appliqued and embroidered, amid simple piecing and another of Robert Louis Stevenson's poems, "The Cow"...

"The Whistler's Rhyme" book pillow, and framed stitchery...
This month I am so excited to share a stitchery that Blossom has drawn up! She has chosen to stitch her version in bright threads and to display it in a lush purple frame. It will be finished over the weekend...
I decided to stitch her design as well, but I used just one pale blue thread. Once it was done, I had the idea to use it as the pocket of a book pillow! The pillow is 18" square and the pocket holds a number of large children's books- plus there's a sturdy carry handle! Actually, I think you could use this book pillow at any age. Pop your books in the pocket and head off to the park, the beach, or a quiet corner. You'll have a comfy pillow to lean against while you read your books or magazines! 
The pattern for Blossom's stitchery, and my book pillow, will both appear in this issue...

Bookworm Library Bag - by my guest designer, Wendy Bertello!
Wendy has designed and stitched the cutest library bag, and right now it's here at my place...not sure she'll be getting it back!! Library bags are perfect gifts for children. 
Isn't that bookworm cute?!

So...five projects plus a stitchery in this issue.  Wow!! 
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I think I deserve some fun stitching for me this weekend, so I'm planning on starting Alicia Paulsen's Alphabet Sampler

The white linen is all traced and I just have to choose my threads. Pastels, I think.
What are you stitching at the moment?


  1. It all looks so lovely and I wished I had small children to make all these goodies for! I am stitching the 5th stitchery of Lynette Andersons In Full Bloom, did get the complete package from my hubbie when visiting England in May. So much fun!

  2. Hi Jenny, love all your projects especially Miss Molly Moo. I am also doing the Alphabet Sampler I am up to "S" and loving doing it, I have changed some of mine slightly.. but that's just me!! Linda

  3. lovely projects as always... blossoms design is so fun.... well done to both of you

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing such lovely things. Your blog is always so inspiring.

  5. Bountiful beauties. The only thing I've stitched lately is clothing repairs for my daughter. A necessary evil. I think today I'll do something fun for me.

  6. So sorry I am a little late with my get well wishes to you Jenny.
    You have spoiled us with this collection of lovely work, its hard to choose one.
    I have started stitching the vase cover Breath, from one of your older issues. But also trying to finish a crochet blanket for our caravan.
    best wishes
    Julie.C x

  7. I posted a picture of a WIP using your block #1. I linked back to you. Thank you for letting me use your lovely pattern for my mother's mini wedding quilt. I'll show the whole thing after the wedding next month.

  8. So glad you are feeling better and able to get around.

    Love the new projects....looking forward to seeing the patterns up close.

  9. Hi Jeny. So happy you are feeling better. I love the projects coming up in the magazine! They are awesome as always. Thank you for sharing your talents! Have a blessed weekend. Linda

  10. All the projects look fabulous Jen. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hugs,

  11. I'm just catching up on my blog readind and was sad to hear that you haven't been well. I'm glad to hear that you are now feeling much better. I just love all your latest projects.

  12. What lovely designs, Jenny! You are so creative. You were blessed with a wonderful talent.

    I am embroidering the yoke of a dress that will be for a precious baby girl due to arrive in just a couple a weeks.

  13. P.S. I am so thankful to read that you are feeling better. :)

  14. Times have been kind of tough around I cancelled my subscription. (They've been pretty bad to cancel $4 I know!!!) But I just couldn't do it. Not at all. I just adore you and I look so forward to it each and every month. So guess what? I have a new subscription. LOL


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