Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another week gone??

Wow - I didn't realise it had been a week since my last blog post. 
I'd like to say it's because life has been so much fun that I got side-tracked with time, but the truth is I have been in the midst of some health problems and for a lot of the last week I have spent many hours each day in bed resting. 
Fortunately, I have kept my sanity by reading a great book, listening to some life changing sermons, hand stitching a new design, and watching a couple of inspirational movies. I am hopeful that in another week some of my health issues will clear and I can get about a bit more. Apart from simple, quick meals, I can't even manage more than 20 minutes on my feet in the kitchen. How blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband, who is happy with anything that makes it's way to the table! {{{thanks hon}}}

Blossom has been under the weather as well. Apart from a head cold she has discovered the pain of erupting wisdom teeth. I never got them, but Mr E did, and he assures me it's no walk in the park. Blossom is flying solo to England in August so if you would like to pray for her to be well during her 9 days in Derby we'd be most appreciative. 

With her wisdom teeth taking the joy out of mealtime, I have been looking for ways to serve treats that are soft and don't need any continued chewing. My Banana Caramel Pancakes were a favourite on her menu!

Pour your usual pancake batter into a hot buttered frypan (we use a gluten free mix) and scatter thin slices of banana across the top...
Scatter some dark brown sugar over the bananas once little bubbles start popping in the pancake batter...
Pop a few dabs of butter on top...
Flip the pancake over in the pan...
...and after two minutes flip it back onto a waiting plate to be enjoyed! The sugar and butter have caramelised perfectly!
In the last week while resting I sewed the binding on the quilt I made for Mr E, and it now lays folded across the end of our bed...
You know, I made that quilt top in 2008, and it has taken me four years to get it quilted (thank you Dawn!) and sew on the binding. I made it during my Anna Maria Horner phase, before I discovered my true love of all things pastel and roses. Mr E loves browns chocolate, so the quilt really IS his kind of thing. He sleeps under it every night now, simply because *I* made it for blessed am I? :-)

Another finish is my "Time to Rise" cot quilt. I send it off to Dawn last Thursday for quilting and she had it back to my by Tuesday! Do you know that we live half-way across the country from each other?! Thank you, Dawn!!
The pattern will be in Issue 13 of my magazine, due to be published on June 29th. Read more about the magazine HERE.

NOTE: If you're in Australia, Dawn will machine quilt any size up to 80" for just $50 and she does a beautiful work! Visit her website HERE to learn more.
Last Friday I had a visitor from far away!
The delightful Kris Meares of Tag Along Teddies, and her hubby Scott dropped in for lunch during their holiday up here in North Queensland...
Kris is as lovely in person as she is through her blog, and I was thrilled to finally catch up face-to-face. 
Hopefully we'll get together again if she finds herself up my way.
Have you been making my 'Promises & Borders' blocks?
I have block 7 finished and ready for you to make, but you'll have to wait for July 3rd! 
In the meantime, Lisa Mortell sent me photos of her blocks. She's already  finished the first six in the BOM, and they are looking just beautiful!
Susanne Blomsterberg also sent me photos of a project of mine she'd made. This uses my set of Sweet & Shabby Little Roses stitcheries...
This set of stitcheries can still be purchased HERE.
Time now to get back to bed and rest. I have some stitching to do, and a sermon I want to hear, so once my cuppa is made you know where you'll find me for the rest of the afternoon.
Have a blessed and peace-filled day!


  1. Shocked to hear your not well! Hope you recover soon and will be able to go out and enjoy a trip with Mr.E! Blossom's trip to Europe will be guarded well by all the prayers that will said for her! Have a good rest today and lots of inspiration!

  2. Hope you are better soon Jenny and i will pray for Blossom to be well and for her to have a wonderful time away.Yummy pancakes Jenny.xx

  3. Hi Jenny,
    what ever is bothering you, I hope you will recover soon. It does not sound good at all that you just manage to be up for 20 minutes and have to rest right afterwards again. I wish Blossom all the best for her tooth also.
    Take care

  4. Dear Jenny, I so hope you are feeling much better soon. I know you will be taking extra special care of yourself and will be being well looked after by your family. I adore Mark's quilt, its stunning and there is no doubt that he would love it. Hope Blossom's teeth settle, wisdom's just aren't pleasant, poor wee sausage. Give her my love and a big hug and love being sent to you.

  5. Such pretty quilts, hope you get well soon!

  6. Wishing you well. Reading, crafting, and resting are always good medicine. :o) That pancake looks delicious.

  7. Hope all is well with you very soon...meanwhile, I love all the stitching you're doing.
    Mama Bear

  8. Jenny - wishing both you and Blossom a speedy recovery - mm I remember my wisdom teeth - eventually had them out - that was no fun at all I'm afraid. It might have been a week - but you have certainly made up for it.

  9. Hi Jenny...
    I always enjoy reading your blog...and am so glad you serve our LORD Jesus!

    I have posted a couple of my embroideries over the past three posts. I said I'd let you know when I did. I sure don't do beautiful work like you do, but I enjoy embroidering...and have lots of it to put into somekind of quilt soon. Love to you...hope you are feeling better! ♥♥♥

  10. Sorry that you have been poorly. sending you a BIG hug and prayers for a return to full health very soon. C x

  11. Jenny I am lifting you up right this minute asking God for healing and strength for your body and rest for your spirit since I know having to stay in bed can cause such terrible frustration. I'm also asking our loving Father for a respite for Blossom - two of my grandchildren had their wisdom teeth out recently and it was a trying week but they are now feeling wonderful. I don't comment often but I always read your blog and always pray for you and for your work, that God will bless it to His glory. It is truly beautiful. blessings, marlene

  12. Jenny, prayers are being said for healing. Hugs and blessings! Linda

  13. I'm sorry about Blossom. In the US, it is commom to get wisdom teeth pulled between 16 and 19yo - all my kids have had it done. In the meantime, oil of clove applied to the tooth will calm it down, as will applying ice to the web between thumb and forefinger. I'm sure there are lots of other natural remedies, but both of those work for toothaches at my house.

  14. Hi Jenny, I was wondering if you were ok seeing as it had been a while since you had posted. I hope your better soon. Remember how many people are thinking of you and sending you their prayers. We all miss you. Vicki

  15. Hi Jenny, Sorry you are not feeling well. Sending prayers your way. I hope Blossom feels better soon. I had 1/2 my wisdom teeth pulled many years ago and 2 never came in at all. Love the picture of the pancake. I will have to try it. Blossom must be so Will keep her in my prayers. Colleen

  16. Hope you start feeling better soon and Blossom's wisdom teeth do not give her too many problems. Hugs....

  17. I tried this banana pancake recipe last night & it was amazing! Posted about it here:


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