Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swapping rooms...

This day shall forever be known as 'Swapping Rooms Saturday'!
Last night as we were chatting about weekend chores, Blossom and I decided to swap her bedroom and my sewing room. It sounded so easy last night!
This morning we got up early, and after a coffee and breakfast, we began by emptying my sewing room into the rest of the house. Thought I'd share some before photos...
Princess Sophie was not at all disturbed as she lay on the bed surrounded by my 'stuff'...
Once my sewing room was empty we started to fill it with Blossom's things...
She'll spend the rest of the day making it pretty.
In the meantime, my new sewing room is empty....
...and all I have to do is move all that stuff in the top five photos - plus a cutting table, a sewing table, and two bookcases - into it.
So that's what I'll be doing the rest of the day.
No cooking tonight. Noodle Box here we come!
Hope your weekend is a bit more relaxing than mine?
I'll be back tomorrow to share Block 6 of "Promises & Borders" (it's gorgeous), and hopefully to share some 'after' photos.
Wish me luck!


  1. both rooms will look fantastic when you's are finished.xx

  2. Wish you strenght and a good back to lift all these things back! Maybe you can get it better organized now! Hugs

  3. Oh dear Jenny, that does look like a lot of work, It will be nice when it is finished.

  4. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!

  5. Envy isn't even a word I would be contemplating --- Have fun and enjoy your new surroundings

  6. My Mother and Sisters used to do this all the time...lately, I've been thinking about swapping my studio(which is actually the house's dining room)with Jim's sewing room is always a mess while his office gets little use...
    I can't wait to see the "after" photos.
    Mama Bear

  7. Oh No!!! these jobs are always bigger than we think. Good luck with finishing your sewing room.

  8. That's quite a challenge Jenny! But you will love the new room. I always find that just changing things around and making a new "nest" makes me happy and energized. Can't wait for the newest Promises block!!!

  9. I bet it'll look wonderful when you're done!! :) Can't wait to see the finished photos!!

  10. Hi Jenny thank you for issue 8 patterns I am itching to get started on one of them, but trying to be good and finish 2 projects I have been working on.
    Your new room looks just right for all your pieces, do you have a handmade sign for your work room?
    best wishes Julie.C

  11. Can't wait to see it.

  12. Upss, si que estaras ocupada, pero creo que el cambio valdrá la pena, te deseo suerte y que pronto termines en el orden de tu cuarto de costura. Te deseo un feliz fin de semana.


  13. Waiting for pictures of both rooms all settled in. You have way more energy than I. You have good help with Blossom in your corner. "New" spaces are fun.

  14. Hmmm, I wonder whose idea this was!
    I think about moving my sewing room but just go & make a cup of tea 'til it passes.

  15. Oh my, how many times have I done that! I have lost count. I know the work load you have ahead of you! But what fun to have a new space.

  16. ROFL - how many times have the boys and I done that - can't wait to see the completed swap!


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