Friday, June 8, 2012

A week of stitching...

Of all the sewing areas I could play in, hand stitching is my favourite by far.
This week I finished the second block in my Robert Louis Stevenson themed girl's quilt. Now you'll see what poem of his I chose! This pattern will be in Issue 13 of Elefantz HOME...
Next I will begin the piecing. Simple charm squares I think...but you never know, I might do something different when it comes time to cut into my 'Whimsy' fat quarter bundle (that has been sitting on my fabric shelf for two years waiting for just the right project!).
Also began a new stitchery - well, actually it's a larger version of the blackwork block I did last month. This one is in colours, and I'm adding some applique. It's destined to be a bag for one of our Aussie magazines...
I've also been stitching one of Gail Pan's designs. It's a Cottage Garden Threads folder, and I have now finished the stitchery panel on the front. Hopefully I'll have time later this month to make the folder itself as I have a number of Cottage Garden threads and need a proper place to store them....
I've also been making a bag for the Country Christmas issue of Handmade, published later this year. Here is a little sneak peek...
Apart from all the stitching, life has been constant with early morning breakfasts and Bible time before the daily chores are begun...
A highlight this week was my Winter Wonderland swap parcel arriving from Sandy! She made me a gorgeous scarf, and I had to model it to show you!!
What a blessing you are, Sandy!! Thanks, lovely lady!
I didn't go for my stress test after all. My knee was pretty bad on Tuesday and they can't do the tests without me running on a treadmill, so I'm rescheduled for the end of the month. Thanks for your concerns about that. {{hugs}}
Next week I am going to catch up with Kris from Tag Along Teddies!! She's coming here for a visit and some lunch!!!!!! \o/\o/ Do I sound excited?? You betcha. :-)
Tomorrow Mr E and I are driving down to Charters Towers to visit with Kezzie and our grandsons. Another joyful squeal from me! How blessed am I? :-)
Have a great weekend, and if you get a chance why not drop over to my other blog? You'll find it HERE.


  1. Oh I love the new things you are creating and the scarf you got as a present it is so cute! Enjoy your weekend and have a great time with the family! Hugs

  2. Oh Jenny thats looking gorgeous and I love RLS poems... Have a wonderful weekend visiting the GK and Kezzie at Charters...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  3. You sound so happy, lots of lovely stitching done, wonderful mail, good food and two upcoming visits. How exciting. Here's hoping your knee is OK for your next appointment.

  4. Jenny, loved the embroidery verse. My favorite book as child was "a Child's Garden of Verses" I recently bought a copy and read through it. I still love it.

  5. Wow Jenny, these are gorgeous!!! ... And that scarf is just divine!!!! Have a great weakend!!

  6. Hand stitching is my fave too Jenny, just wish I was as quick as you, lol! Love the look of ALL your patterns, all the beautiful stitching you're doing, can hardly wait to see the RLS poem quilt. LOVELY scarf that Sandy sent, so you!

    I hope your knee is feeling better hon, ugh to running on a treadmill. I like treadmills, and sometimes even turn them on and go for a walk. *G* Enjoy your visit with the grandsons!!

  7. love em love em love em.....all those stitcheries look so pretty!!! Love the idea for the cottage garden threads too..... mine are all over the place! Kicking myself I'll be away for Kris.....mmmm....her return date is???? wonder if she's travelling back the same way???!!! Might be a plan in there somewhere!
    love ya
    xoxo hugs sweetness
    Wend :O)

  8. Jenny - I needed a stress test two years ago, and there was no way I could do a treadmill. So they did a "non-stress" stress test, which involves being injected with a drug that stresses your heart without the exercise. Found out that my heart was fine. Maybe that option is available to you, as well.


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