Friday, July 27, 2012

A week winds down and I breathe...

The week before Elefantz HOME publishing day is always tiring - both mentally and physically. As a one-woman show I have to spread myself thin, but once that last word is typed, and the magazine has been emailed to my faithful proof-reading crew, I sit back in my chair and breathe long and deep. 
Satisfaction. Relief. 
That is what I feel today because my work is done for another month.
I've finished the Angel block from my Christmas Story quilt again. This is the third time I've stitched the quilt, but this time I am doing step by step photos for one block a month in my magazine.
This will spread over the next eight issues (starting this coming issue July 29th). I started with 'Angel' because it's my favourite...
Then background this time is handkerchief linen - I am so hooked on hanky linen!! It's beautiful to embroider on. 
I have this idea for making some different Angel blocks and putting them all into one quilt top...I'll keep you posted on that. The picture I'm forming in my mind is quite enchanting.
Of course, once an issue is done I am already planning the next!
I'm auditioning some bright colours at the moment, deciding whether this project will make my final choice of patterns for next month...
 Blossom has run off with this declaring it MUST appear in the magazine- she's even suggested I have a "Blossom's Choice" each issue! Hmmm....what do you think of that??
Some lovely mail arrived this week. Angela made me the sweetest card as a thank you for last Friday's sewing day with Wendy...
Angela had no idea that I love little dresses!! She would have been surprised to see what I had just bought.
In another parcel that same day I received this gorgeous pattern of Brenda Riddle's that I'd ordered a few weeks ago. I had been patiently stalking my postie for at least the last seven days as I became anxious about it's late arrival!
"Betsy's Closet In Stitches"
Originally Bren designed this quilt in applique, but she's recently re-designed it as a stitchery quilt - and I am so glad she did! This will be my 'chill-out' project between stitching my own designs. 
You'll find the pattern on Bren's site HERE.
I've also just printed out this Sampler from Helen of Bustle & Sew (yes, I do love samplers!) to slowly stitch during my down time. It's so cute!
You will find this in Helen's shop HERE (or if you subscribe to her e-zine it's in Issue 16 May 2012)
So tell me, what do you like to stitch when you need to relax?
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Mine will be full with stitching project preparations, hopefully a Greek lunch with Mr E on Saturday, a ride up to the Ingham Italian Festival on Sunday (for canoli!) and of course, cooking, washing, ironing...
I choose to focus on the positives. ;-)


Abby and Stephanie said...

Adorable little dresses. I'm curious about the project with the lovely limey green. I happen to love hearts as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

marie said...

I haven't "stitched" in a long time, but once I have some projects finished up I'd love to give it a try again. You work is so beautiful and it inspires me. I love the "Angel"'s so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Today Thelma of Cupcakes n Daisies posted an e-mail I sent her about my Spools quilt. When I purchased the fabric for the quilt I also ordered the adorable Betsey's Closet in Stitches kit. I told Thelma that I would love to see someone with a blog host a Betsey's Closet stitch-along. I've finished the sailor dress and coat and am working on the green and yellow party dress.

Cindy in NC

Deb said...

What a hoot Jenny,I also ordered the same pattern of Brenda;s and it arrived this week. Happy stitching