Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Block 7 "Promises & Borders" BOM...

Thank you for all the love, compassion, and especially the prayers, you have offered since I shared of my dear friend Pam's death last week.
Please continue to uphold her family this week as the funeral draws near, and afterwards as they make the painful adjustment to life without their beloved wife, mother, daughter, and sister.

Promises & Borders 
Block 7
"A promise is a promise..."

What a fitting block this month, in light of Pam's passing from this momentary earthly life, into the fullness of life eternal with our Lord. 
Pam held fast to all God's promises, and knowing that His word foretold of the life to come for all those who trusted their lives to His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, she is now reaping the fullness of that promise.
That is the significance of this block. It's a reminder that even though we break our promises, God *never* breaks His.

This block runs across the width of the quilt, under rows 1 and 2.


Block 7 can be downloaded HERE.
If you have trouble with the download, please leave a comment with your email address, or email me privately,  and I will send it to you.



  1. big hugs Jenny.xx

  2. Hi Jenny, another lovely block ... big hugz to you and thinking of you lots... it is a hard time for you all....

  3. Thank you Jenny! Very nice work!

  4. Thank you so much Jenny for another gorgeous block and another beautiful reminder of God's wonderful gifts and blessings. Big Hugs...

  5. I've continued praying for Pam's family and you every day Jenny. I've been thinking of you every day. Beautiful quilt block you designed. Hugs to you. love Annette

  6. Thinking of you all and praying for you. One of our bible study group experienced the same scenario a few years ago. While she met with us her lovely daughter just slipped into the presence of Jesus as she and her husband prepared for bed. Such a strong faithful and lovely christian, but the days ordained for her were over and it was time to go to heaven. This is so difficult for friends and family. Will continue to pray for Gordon and the children x x

  7. Missed the log about your dear friend, wish you and all that loved her strenght and Gods help to overcome this loss.
    Thanks for this pattern, hugs

  8. Hi Jenny, I missed the post about the loss of your friend, also. I will hold you and Pam's family in my prayers. This last block is beautiful and certainly appropriate.
    Hugs, and


  9. Thanks for the new design Jenny - I can't wait until my retirement when I 've some time to indulge in all my hobby loves. Holding all in prayer.

  10. Amen to that...God always keeps His promises. Your work is beautiful!

  11. Thank you so much! I love the pictures you've included. Your backstitch is so neat and even, something I'm still trying to achieve. I suppose if I keep doing Australian patterns, I'll get there! Thank you for the great designs you've shared for this quilt.

  12. Can't dowload Block 7. End up at drive/google everytime. If you can please mail it to wilnageel@telkomsa.net.

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  14. Please may you send the BOM to me. I really love your work, and your blog:) Thank you Sonya

  15. Another nicest block.Thank you!

  16. Please email block to me. I wanted to do the Promises ones, but cannot download due to Google problems. Please email to:


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