Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roses and daffodils...

As I promised yesterday, here is my completed "Roses & Daffodils" design for the next issue of my magazine. 
I decided to frame it after all!
A mixture of Flower Sugar & Pam Kitty Morning fabrics in tiny one inch squares for the piecing...
...and Anchor threads on handkerchief linen for the stitched blocks.
DMC Perle #12 cottons for the hand quilting...
...and a large 11 x 15 inch white frame from Big W to give the design a home!
Looks lovely in those happy colours don't you think?
Now to piece these finished embroideries into another design for the next issue.
Watch out for something different...maybe blocks starting with 'D'? Can you guess which one?
These are four of my favourite words...
Family - those whom God has given me through blood, marriage, and friendship.
Love - what Jesus has shown me and continues to teach me.
Faith - that I can trust He who holds my world in His hands.
Hope - in all my tomorrows.

What are four of your favourite words?


Vickie said...

Total smorchagness (I love making up words), lovely fabrics & stitching Jenny,cheers Vickie

Lida said...

It looks fantastic! Love it! And the next would that be about Daughters??

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

So pretty, love your little flowers!

Jilly said...

I always look forward to your posts and magazines Jenny. Thank you so much!!!
Jilly oxo

Jo in TAS said...

Gorgeous Jenny!

Allie said...

So very beautiful, dear Jenny!!!! Your designs are just exquisite!

Phyllis said...

I always look forward to your designs and wonder when the next magazine is due to be released. Thanks and hope you are feeling better.

melody said...

Love your designs! These is also so nice to encounter those with such a heart for Jesus....keep up the good work and the Good Message!

Grit said...

Wunderschön. Das sieht traumhaft aus. Eine wunderschöne Stickerei und tolle Farben.
I love this work.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Annie Beez said...

Very pretty Jenny I love it!



trish said...

That is so precious. Truly. :0)
My four favorite words
1. Jesus (my sweet Savior)
2. Family
3. Quilting
4. Blogging

Ok. In a nutshell that is. :0)

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. You make me want to start embroidering.

Sherry said...

I just love this new design. I also love every issue of your magazine. I just completed block for of Promises and Borders. I am a little behind but will get them all done. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us.