Monday, July 16, 2012

A stitchy weekend...

This unseasonal wet winter for the tropics has had us all feeling a tad uncomfortable. We're not used to humid days in our lovely winter. 
On Saturday it was far more comfortable to stay indoors and stitch then wander outside in the wet humidity.
I am so close to the end of the sampler!! Just need to finish the Z, and add something to the O ('cause I think it's too open - probably a few little flowers would bring it to life)...
Taking a wee break from the sampler, I spied this gorgeous free design on my friend Allie's blog!
Within minutes I had printed up the pattern, reversed the applique pieces (because I chose to blanket stitch applique and Allie had needleturned hers), and scrounged through my scraps box to find some vibrant fabrics to create my own version.
This became my Saturday afternoon & evening project. All I had to do on Sunday night was stitch down the binding...
 I love those little clouds behind the poppy!
Thank you, Allie, for this gorgeous design!! 
If you'd like to make this free design of Allie's too, just visit her blog HERE for the pattern.
Mr E and I did not go for a ride this Sunday, as our retiring Ulysses club president, Anthony, was moving to Cairns and Mr E had volunteered to help load the removal van. 
It was a lovely cool morning, perfect for the guys!
Helene issued tried to issue instructions to them, but they did the bloke thing and told us both to head inside for coffee and leave them to it...
I think guys bond when they do heavy men-stuff...ours certainly laughed and joked a lot between the muscle  work.
Sunday afternoon and we were back home again when Kezzie and the boys arrived for a surprise visit. Silly me forgot to take photos! Just let me tell you that I hugged my grandsons soooooo tight cause I don't see them as often as I'd like and I want them to know their nana loves them very much! :-)
Kezzie, Blossom and I left Mr E and Bert to amuse the boys awhile because we girls have secret planning business that I am not going to tell you about just yet. Can you see my cheeky grin? ;-)
Wonder if you have any ideas??? 
Back in the sewing room this morning, I finished the second project for Issue 14 of Elefantz HOME Magazine!
This is what became of the dresden block I showed you last week....
Do you like it?!
Now I am going to use the remaining three stitched circles in the third design for this coming issue...
 What would you make with this trio of stitcheries?
In case you missed photos of the first design, it is this framed stitched block, "Roses & Daffodils"...
I wonder what you're stitching this week? Well, whatever it is, enjoy every stitch!


Anonymous said...

lovely post Jenny.xx

Miss Hillbilly said...

Your sampler is beautiful! Yes, do something with the "O" though. I am finally clearing some time. My fingers need to work on a Jenny project I think.

Anthea said...

Jenny i love the project you made, as inspired by Allie - amazing how different things can look with different fabrics.

quiltercaroline said...

I love your stitching Jenny - whatever you make always looks so beautiful and the projects in this post really outlined that for me. Your alphabet is a work of art. Sorry if this all sounds a bit gushey but it is the truth. thank you for all the wonderful eye candy you put up on the blog. Happy Stitching. C x

Allie said...

Jenny that sampler is gorgeous, but I do agree that the O needs something more - maybe some Jenny-shabby-roses - so very pretty. And girl, you bless me - I love what you've done with my poppy.

That is one packed van, lol. How nice to have a surprise visit from Kezzie and the gang! I hope you got lots of grandma hugs in. Secret planning business...oh that sounds lovely!!!!!

Your dresden cushion is just spectacular, hon. I love the fans in the corners and the gorgeous stitchery....and Roses and Daffodils is gorgeous too!

I'm trying hard to do my 15 minute daily challenge, it's hard when it's so hot, hard to touch fabric - but I'm doing it!

Grammasheri said...

Lovely stitcheries Jenny! I visited Allie's blog and downloaded the poppy (one of my favorite flowers). I think I'll go back and follow her sweet blog. I have a guess as to what you and Kezzie are planning but will keep it to myself. You had a busy weekend, and what a lovely surprise to see Kezzie and the grands!

Robin in New Jersey said...

That pillow is gorgeous!

I bet you and your sweet girls are up to some stitching for the magazine!

That sampler is just beautiful.

Vickie said...

gorgeous stitching Jenny, very busy post and a secret visit & secret business too..hmmmm,cheers Vickie