Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A day up the mountain with my girl...

As regular readers will know, I have a fond place in my heart for the Heritage Tea Rooms. It is a 20 minute drive from my place, up a mountain road and on to Hervey's Range.
It's remote, peaceful, hidden among trees; with a cool breeze that wraps itself around you and massages nature into your bones. The kind of place that allows you to forget day to day city life - and perfect for some refreshing, creative thinking!
Sketchpads, pencils, rubbers, and cameras in hand, Blossom and I spent most of today immersed in that wonderful atmosphere atop Hervey's Range, and made a few feathered friends in the process.
The breeze was quite cool so we chose to make a table on the front verandah our home for the day...
A breakfast of coffees, scones and a toasted sandwich got us started...
Some new friends dropped by...
...and after sharing some crumbs with them, we were treated to a beautiful love song!
The hours passed as we sketched...
...and a pot of tea and jam drop biscuits were happily shared.
Three hours, and another coffee later, we thought it best to pack up and start the journey home, but before we left we took photos of the First Fleet convict list on the wall of the Tea Rooms.

 You see, my great-great-great-great-grandfather, John Cross, was a convict aboard the Alexander - one of the ships of the First Fleet. He arrived on the convict ship from England in 1788, and married a fellow convict, Mary Davidson (a Scot who arrived  with the Second Fleet) in 1790. Nine children later and our Australian family tree was started.
When my sketch book was almost full, and Blossom's pencil drawing was complete, we dawdled back to the car, taking a few more pics along the way...
Such a beautiful place to spend time together. I know Blossom is treasuring these days of memory making as the months count down to her move across the pond to England...back to the land of our ancestor John Cross.
We stopped a little way down the mountain on the trip home to take photos of Townsville below us. The sky was heavy with rain clouds, and the air was still...
What a lovely day.
And to think, after this I got a cracker migraine?! It was the storm clouds. Always brings one on.

Congratulations to the giveaway winner of a PDF copy of Helen's book, Cecilie!!
Thanks to everyone who entered! :-)

With my full sketch book I can see a lot of stitching in my future!
Better get started...
Have a lovely day,


  1. Jenny, looks like it was a wonderful way to spend a day with your beautiful daughter making memories and cherishing your time together. It is always a joy to see our children move on to new adventures but also a little sad at the same time!

  2. what a lovely post jenny.xx

  3. What a lovely day you two had. Sorry about the migraine though. And how cool to see your ancestor's name on the ship list!

  4. Oh, how lovely! It's always good to be able to sit outside and just enjoy God's creation. And to do that with your daughter, how great is that! Glad to know that you use a sketchbook and journal your creative ideas! I do that too! Need to be more productive about it sometimes however, hugs!

  5. What a sweet day! You are blessed to have this time with Blossom for the memories you will have when she is away from you :*) Looking forward to all the new stitcheries from the day's drawings!

  6. Sorry about the migraine! but that did look like a beautiful day, what a lovely place too.

    I really think it is neat that you know how your ancestors got to where you are today. I'm a melting pot American and can't go back more than 3 generations. So I have only some suspects about my origins.

  7. What a beautiful spot!! I loved seeing the pictures, and reading your description. What type of birds are those taller ones? It must be hard knowing that your daughter is moving so far away. It is really cool that you can trace you family back that far.

  8. What a lovely place to sit back & enjoy your talents. I'm glad you get to spend time with Blossom before she leaves.
    Interesting about your ancestors - I've always wanted to know that sort of thing.

  9. Its so lovely that ou and your daughter both share the same interest and that you can spend this precious time with her. Lovely afternoon.

  10. Oh, happy me! I am the winner of Helens book in PDF. Since I live in Norway, I love all patterns I can get with email. My emailadress:

  11. Sounds like the two of you had the loveliest of days.

  12. Oh Jenny, Your day looks like it was custom ordered from Heaven. Glorious post, what a beautiful day filled with memories to cherish. Big Hugs...

  13. Jenny, what a lovely day you spent with Blossom. I am so sorry you had a migraine afterwards though. Always the way!

  14. what a wonderful day....can't wait to see those sketches 'blossom'!!!
    loven hugs sweet girls!
    xox Wendy :O)

  15. What a Beautiful place to have sometime out...Lucky You.
    Our DS &his Wife are off to live in London April..this will be his 2nd time first for DDIL...very Exciting for them..
    Take Care

  16. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I love it when I get to spend time with my kids. The older they get, the more rare those opportunities become it seems, but I certainly treasure them. So happy for you.

  17. That looks like a lovely get-away, dear girl - so glad you spent it with your Blossom-girl!

  18. what a beautiful day - thanks for sharing it with us!

  19. What a wonderful way to spend a day...pencils an paper I am so there. It looks like a very inspiring spot and so lovely you could spend it together. Sorry you became unwell and I hope your migraine didn't linger too long. They are beastly things.

  20. It is so cool to know your family history. Your blog is so inspirational.....I have all my grands' (yes multiple grandmothers ) dollies. You've given me so many ideas to display them. I never knew what to do with them, except get them out every year to admire the work that went into them.

  21. what a lovely day..I'll be watching fo rthe sketches to come to gorgeous life..sorry you got a migrane ..I am so not looking fwd to the storms coming I do no tmiss not having migranes at all..cheers Vickie

  22. A special mother/daughter day at a very peaceful setting. I hope your migraine is gone. They are wicked things.

  23. What a wonderful way to spend the day. You have been on my good read list for a while. Hope you feel better. Thank you NancyL

  24. What a pretty day the two of you shared. It's the stuff of memories. Love seeing the view across the heights of Townsville too. That First Fleet convict list is very interesting. If you ever return to Heritage Tea Rooms and can check the list again, I wonder if you'll find the name Hungerford. We understand that's how that British family arrived in Australia. Keep soaking up days with your dear girl.

  25. What a delightful way to spend the day. So peaceful and relaxing. Coincidently, my Mum has the same First Fleet poster hanging in her sewing room. She won it in a competition in the Bicentenary year. I have two ancesters listed on it. Aren't the views from up on the range stunning. I hope your migraine didn't last too long. Horrid things.

  26. hi Jenny,

    i have the poster of the first fleet and it i found your great great great grandfather john cross on it how bazaar

    Azam Dabbagh


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