Monday, August 27, 2012

Doiley Love...

Sorry I haven't been quite on the ball lately with doiley makeovers. 
I'm afraid Blossom's news of emigration to England turned life on it's head for a while as all the ensuing ramifications came in to play. 
Anyhow, God is still in control, and we're simply praising Him for the blessed happiness she now has and the future He has in store for her. 

Soooo, back to doilies!
I thought I'd show you some things I've previously made with them, ok?
Have you seen my tutorial for making these doiley soap sachets? You'll find it on the Tutorials page HERE.
In the same tutorial you'll learn how to make this very pretty notebook cover...
I still have that notebook in my bedside's one of my favourite things!
Using lovely doilies to make journal covers is very easy! Here are some more I made...
I even used extra bits to make matching bookmarks! You can read the blog post about these HERE.
Lavender or pot pourri filled door hangers are another use I found for a pretty doiley or two!
My friend Fee uses doilies in some of her designs! Recently this one was in an Australian craft magazine...
Here are some wonderful ideas I found on Pinterest!
Coathanger covers (from
Don't you LOVE this purse!!?? Pinned by
I'm definitely thinking of making this for myself one day! From
...and my last lace doiley love to make for the day is this pretty lace pocket. So pretty!!! 
From - actually, you'll find plenty of doiley and lace love on her Pinterest page!
So tell me, do you have some doiley ideas??
Have a wonderful week! It's going to be a busy one in the Elefantz household, but we plan on making sure to grab some downtime to ease those busy surges.


Scottish Nanna said...

OH WOW Jenny what a great idea I have a few doileys here now I know what to do with them Hope you have A good week.
Hugs Mary.xx

Carrie P. said...

great ideas. thanks for sharing.

Allie said...

Hm...I recognized the journal cover you made for me!!! I love it so very much! One of these days I'm going to unpack my doilies, and see what I have. Love the pics!

Christine M said...

I don't have any ideas but I love what you have shared with us! I love those hangers.

Fiona said...

those are all so pretty.... I have used small doilies to make covers for needle cases.... I have been away and catching up on reading... I have 2 of my children and their families in UK so I know the heart feelings you will be having...

Grammasheri said...

All of the ideas are so lovely. I especially like the journal covers and the lace peeking out from the tailored jacket. Unexpected touches and so pretty!

Michelle Ridgway said...

All gorgeous repurposed doileys. I wish your daughter all things wonderful for her new adventures.

Lida said...

I had none, but now I sea what you are making of them, I am going to the second hand shops and gether all I can find! Hugs

Abby and Stephanie said...

Loving the little hankie bag. I have a wee collection of hankies and this would be the perfect bag to store them in. I have a lovely box of vintage doilies. I use them here and there. Thank you for sharing such a collection of pretty idea.

DIAN said...

Jenny I have not had time to post pics of my doileys but will in due course.

Goodness I don't know how I would cope if one of mine wanted to live overseas - good luck to blossom for her future and I hope you will be able to visit her sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
I recently dyed some of my delicate lace doilies with natural substances like rosehip tea, tumeric etc.
They came out a gorgeous dusky pink and soft yellow. I then refashioned them into new items.

Peace Luv your blog.

Gmama Jane said...

Jenny, I would like to purchase the betsy's Closet kit and joint the group.
Gmama Jane

Wendyb said...

didn't have many ideas before I read your blog gorgeous!!!! that stash I've been collecting from Lifeline might come into play!!! *wink*
xox sugary hugs sweety
Wendy :O)