Friday, August 3, 2012

Block 8 of Promises & Borders BOM!

It's that time again, the day when I share another block in my free 2012 BOM, Promises & Borders!
This border is probably my favourite so far, and the verse is extra special too.

The heart and bow are significant this month because less than three hours ago our Blossom touched down at Heathrow Airport in London to begin a whirlwind adventure with someone she has been email buddies with for five years. 
The heart is because we love her...
 The bow is a reminder that she is tied to us always in that love, even when far away...
The mother bird watching above is me, praying over my Blossom every day, and trusting God will never leave us nor forsake us. 

If you have trouble downloading please email me and I will send it to you as an attachment by return email.
Here are photos taken of our girl minutes before she boarded the plane...
And here are the dynamic duo keeping her bed warm while she is away...
How will I manage with my Blossom on the other side of the world??
(Those who know me well, will tell you I am not much of a fabric purchaser, but this is big therapy and chocolate just wasn't enough!)


  1. Hi Jenny
    I'm having trouble downloading promises and borders. I keep getting google drive and no way of downloading, looks like a big ad for google.
    I haven't had trouble in the past but this one has me stumped.

  2. Andrea, leave your email address in the comment and I'll email it to you.

  3. ohhh goprgeous stitchin again Miss-your stitches are so neat and tiny..lovely photos..great too see the dynamic duo are keeping the bed company...Cheers Vickie
    p.s. I loove Bloss's handbag mwaaaaah

  4. Thanks Jenny, that would probably be a good idea. My brain is not firing as it should today. LOL
    My email is
    I'm really loving doing this BOM even if I'm not quite up to date with it.

  5. Hi Jenny, I am way behind with your BOM. I'm currently on my second one. I love this one, it's the best so far and I love the meaning behind it. Vicki

  6. Thank goodness for all of the instant communication available today! Very sweet and sentimental stitchery. Love her bed buddies.

  7. Glad your daughter arrived safely. This is my favorite too, not only for the gorgeous design and verse but the meaning behind it. My daughter is spending 6 months in an internship in Germany. Not quite as far away from me in Kentucky, USA but still a long long way!! I still have block 7 to make and then on to this one. have a great day! Hope

  8. Okay Jenny, Fabric Therapy is very much recommended for such a stressful time. If we were closer I would help you with your therapy, I have way too much fabric and you could find yourself wading through the therapy.


  9. Blossom will be fine, I'm sure. I forgot to show you the finished quilt using your stitch patterns. My mother loves it. Thanks for letting me use your pattern.

  10. Please email the 8 pattern to me. Thanks, Carla

  11. I love this block and I love your interpretation of it.
    A Mother's love and God's love
    Hope that your daughters stay will be wonderful and hope that it goes quickly for your sake.

  12. Jenny, I've only now had a chance to catch up on the last couple of week's blog posts. How exciting for Blossom. It is a big thing going to the other side of the world by yourself at 18. The two weeks will go in no time and she will have so much to tell you. The latest installment of your BOM is so appropriate.

  13. With skype and other apps you'll be able to talk to her and see here daily.

    Lovely therapy.

  14. Hi...trying to catch up on downloading my patterns and have gotten everything to download except block 2. Could you please e-mail me a copy? Thanks!!

  15. Thanx again for the beautiful patterns!

  16. Jenny I am having trouble downloading the Block 8. I've tried numerous times. So sad! ; o) Can you email it to me at Thanks, Cris in WA in USA


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