Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things that strike my fancy...

Every month or so I like to share a blog post about things in blog-land that make me ooh and aaah. 
Today is one of those blog posts. Maybe you should grab a cuppa? Once you follow these links you might be here for a while.
Actually, first cab off the rank today in something YUMMY that you make in a coffee mug, so maybe you should make this first and bring your sweetie and a spoon back to the computer to continue?? Good idea huh? This is going to be dessert for Mr E and I tonight...

The 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake!
(from Petra at Zoom Yummy HERE)

Have you made it? 
Ok! While you're lickin' that spoon of chocolate lusciousness, let's continue on.
I have this old suitcase in my garage, hiding on top of the spare fridge Blossom's fridge...
(I just tried to lift it off the fridge for a pic but it's heavy, which means there is something inside - this could be where the missing scrapbook paper is hiding!! \o/ Will get Mr E to bring it inside for me. )

Anyhow, I saw this HERE at Vanessa's blog, "A Place To Roost"...
...and boy did my brain cells go into overdrive!! I think I will be working on my suitcase project over spring, or sooner. ;-)

I love houses, kooky, wonky houses (you're not surprised, huh?), and then I saw this HERE on Leslie's blog, "Bed Sheet in the Kitchen"...
....and apart from this too cute house quilt of hers, I just LOVE the name of her blog!

Moving right along, my next ooh aah moment was this gorgeous tutorial from Jennie over at Clover & Violet! She did the free pattern for this Bedside Trio HERE on the Sew Lux blog as part of a design challenge...
Definitely have this on my to-do list!

Have you made a patchwork braid? I made my first one last month as part of a Bell Pull design that will be published later this year in Australian Country Craft magazine...
(sorry, can't show you any more than this!)
I figured it out as I went along, and the effect was so nice that I have a few more ideas I'll use in the future. 
BUT, if you haven't made one, you must visit Amanda from A Crafty Fox and check out THIS sweetly braided cushion tutorial she shared!
Wouldn't a few of these be a perfect use for leftover jelly roll or honey bun strips?

Helen at Bustle & Sew always has such cute designs, but this one caught my eye because I used to slurp these icy poles as a kid (and as a not-so-kid )...
Why don't you enjoy the memories of summers past and download Helen's free pattern HERE?!

And finally, this is not a pattern or a tutorial, just a gorgeous photo (and idea!) from Rachel Ashwell...
My linen cupboard really needs a tidy up, and as I looked at this photo of Rachel's linen cupboard I got terribly inspired to make it a priority next week. 
If you want more shabby eye candy visit Rachel's blog HERE
Put a cloth across your keyboard. Drooling is inevitable.

Have a lovely weekend. We are.
(mmm...I like that little 'j'...)


  1. ohh ahh jenny lots of inspiring ideas in this post and I was playing with Pointed in the right direction today...thanks for sharing what has you oohing and ahhhing, cheers vickie

  2. Jenny, so many beautiful ideas, thanks for sharing!!

  3. HI Jenny
    This post arrived at just the right time I was contemplating what to eat for dessert. So I took you advice, made my cake in a cup (and one for hubby) and then came back to keep reading. Thanks for sharing all of those lovely inspirations.

    I have heaps of suitcases - maybe I should try that idea.

  4. I do love the suitcase idea and Rachel's linen cupboard picture is so gorgeous! I have most of her books just love her style, hope
    you have a happy weekend :)

    Bee happy x

  5. i have made that choc dessert many a time Jenny so quick and easy and so nice,love the suitcase idea and love Racheal Ashwells ideas and style.xx

  6. Oh dear, how can anyone not be needing a suitcase like that :-)
    Will check the attic at my parents house ...

  7. Loving them all Jenny ... that 'sneak' you gave looks beautiful!!! ... And thanks for the link change :)
    Hoping the rest of your night was/is fantastic!!! <3 <3
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Hugs xx

  8. Thank you for sharing this all with us.
    Many blessings from France

  9. Thanks for all the great ideas and links, I love the cupboard too! Hugs and a great weekend,

  10. So many talented people, I'm always drooling when visiting blogs. So much eye candy, it's not easy to pull myself away from the computer.

  11. Sew many wonderful ideas. Will definately check them out.
    Love the old suitcase idea. I use my DD1's Kindy case for my stitcheries...

  12. Thanks for giving me so many great new places to spend my time.
    Can't wait to see your finished project. I am going to have to figure out where to buy the magazine here in the states. Think I better go get a drink before I start.

  13. Thank you for a delightful blog today! So many fun and exciting things to ponder!

  14. Lots of things to think about, we can always learn a to do thing

  15. Those make me ooh and aaah too! Especially that suitcase...what a great idea that is! Thanks for the link to Clover & Violet...what a happy place it is!

  16. Lot of yumminess in your finds jen... I have my suitcase ready for ages since seeing Vanessa's picture on Pinterest...maybe a weekender like the bird cage you did with suitcase is blue too... have a heap of really old brown ones but the newer era ones look stronger... the brown ones are cardboard looking. Enjoy your stitching. Hugs Dawn x x x