Saturday, September 15, 2012

A spring Saturday....

I went to Spotlight this morning to buy this...
Yep - just that. I needed it to finish this...
A quick trip in and out I told Mr E. Won't be gone long I said. And that was my plan!
So in I went, found my thread (DMC 892) and started walking to the cashier.
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw gumboots. 
Not just any gumboots. 
GORGEOUSLY cute gumboots....on fabrics! 
So what would you have done??
Grab a few metres like I did, I reckon!!
But wait - what's that one next to them...?? 
 Try to stack fabric bolts on your shoulders whilst holding that DMC thread and your handbag, and balancing slippery sunglasses on your newly washed and silky hair. People tend to stare. 
I did not care. I carried my loot over to the button and lace aisle and added more bits and pieces to my balancing act. The constant slipping of my British framed prescription sunglasses onto the floor caused a few anxious moments, but eventually I handed my haul over to the lovely counter assistant I found nearby wielding a large pair of fabric shears and a beautiful smile. 
She grinned as I gently stroked the fabric and told her how much of each bolt I wanted cut. Inwardly I groaned that once my lengths were removed from the bolt, these fabrics would find their way back to the shelf and be open game for the next woman  'just dropping by to purchase a skein of thread'.
Do you like the vintage style buttons and cotton-lace-that-looked-like-bunting I bought to meet with my new fabrics?
 I envision a quilt to be made from my lovelies. ;-)
(The fabric line is Gumboot Garden - no idea of the designer)
In the house we lived in last year we had a wonderfully lush garden with so many fruiting plants and flowers, but this current house is in a new development - I call it a concrete jungle and do not care for it at all - has no garden. 
So I bought some seedlings and a tomato plant today, and I have planted them in pots in the middle of the back yard. Is this sad or what?
Hopefully some colour will make the yard a bit nicer.
It is a brand new rental house so we're not allowed to do anything to it - not even hang my designs or photos on the walls. Makes life colourless and drab, but it's not forever as we will move away to a towne more 'country' and inviting later next year. For the time being these few pots will bring a smile once they bloom. :-)
I even have a little one on the back table...
On another 'green garden' topic, Mr E bought me a new vegetable juicer recently, and we're enjoying large fresh glasses of pure vitamin bliss each day!
Every part of the juicer is round so it's incredibly easy to clean, taking just a few minutes under the tap. Cleaning drove me nuts with the old juicer as it was minefield of square crevices. This one is brilliant and I applaud the person whose idea it was to make rounded sections!
Now to chill out for a while and finish that stitchery.
Afterwards I'll be planning a quilt!
What are you up to this weekend?
Have you seen some fabric lately that you fell in love with?


  1. Jenny, I love your gumboots and umbrellas - isn't it always the way - just one skein if thread becomes so much more..

  2. love the gum boots and umbrella's Only last week I was walking through the market and as you say something just catches your eye.

  3. I can totally see why you just had to have it. I am visioning you (all 5 foot of you) lugging bolts of fabric over your shoulder - Way too funny LOL - The things we do :) The lace is gorgeous and the buttons divine :) Hugs, Fee - Ps I loved the Partridge too xxx

  4. Hi Jenny!
    That fabric is gorgeous! It's always like that when it comes to fabric and craft shops (at least for me it is), you walk out with more than you meant to.
    You are so lucky to have spring coming your way! Too bad you don't have a garden, but I'm sure you will have one soon:-)

    I see fabric I fall in love with every single day, and my stash shows it. Too much shopping! I only shop for fabric online, because fabrics are crazy expencive here. It's so easy to put an extra piece in those online shoppin charts!

    Have a nice weekend! Big hugs.

  5. I've laughing the whole time reading your post. YES I've gone in to the store for DMC one skein.....And I look at the register total thinking??? What ever, but I always leave with a smile. SUPER CUTE FIND of Rain-boots or Walleys or gumboots? I've not heard the word gumboots before. See I learn something every day:) OH my goodness I love them. Can you imagine if they sold the gumboots decorated like your fabrics for real? Loved your post.
    love Annette

  6. It's a mystery how that happens to us stitchers. Lol. Your new fabrics make me want to find a big rainy puddle to jump in.....So sweet. Good luck with your vegies.

  7. Oh Jenny of course you just HAD to Have those gorgeous Gumboot and Umbrela fabrics.. Love the lace and buttons too. didn't see that range when I was at Spotlight in Geralton last Thursday but I am off to Perth this week.. maybe I can get some there....
    enjoy playing with your stash...

  8. I have a weakness... I fall in love with all fabric! ha!

  9. Oh Jenny i just had to smile. I've done similar to you. :) Love the fabrics & bits you bought. Can't wait to see what you make with them. Hugs,

  10. It was not only a fun find but a necessary purchase. Adorable fabrics. I must tell you that an Industrial Designer is the person who made your juicer. That is what my daughter does...Make Things. Every time I touch or see something that is beautifully made or needs a better concept, I think of people like my daughter.

  11. That fabric is adorable! I'd have brought some home too! :0)

  12. Love the colors! Love the fabric! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Happy weekend!

  13. It has needed to be bought by a sewing addict all over it(in a nice way)the fabric is such fun Jenny I agree it was hard to resist and all because of that little skein of thread.
    You have a lovely weekend to.

  14. I tend not to shop stores that is. But since I have huge google reader list (that I check every day) those kind and friendly bloggers out there direct me to the most amazing and shop-inducing sites......I am so glad to say I don't have a credit card, because I would be completely bankrupt (but with lots of fabric, that is true). As for your finds.....I think I need those!

  15. Oh, that happens to me all the time - pretty fabric sneaks in the sewing room when I am not looking. The gumboots and umbrellas are darling. Can't wait to see what you make of them.

  16. That darn fabric, jumping onto you like that... and sneaky buttons & lace...trying to out-manouvre the DMC... Well at least they all went to a good home!

  17. Oh Jenny. What is it about fabric that gets our heart pumping and makes us totally lose control of the situation. I say I am not going to buy anymore fabric until I use up what I have. But then I see fabric and I seem to faze out. Then before I know it, I have purchased several more yards. I love what you have purchased. The gumboots and umbrellas are adorable.I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  18. Oh you are so funny! I would have done the very same thing. That Gumboot and umbrella fabric is just the cutest. At least you didn't forget your skein of thread you went to get. :o)

  19. Oh Jenny-girl, you are a hoot - LOVE that gumboot fabric, and the umbrellas, it just looks like you! [Not literally....] I can't wait to see what you make from it.

    I love your stitchery. I'm so bummed to hear that you can't even hang things on the walls, how sad is that??? I hope you move soon. *G*

  20. I will be very happy if you do a design using the gumboot fabric. I have told myself 'no you don't need that fabric' the last twice I have been to Spotlight. Third time I might just be lucky & get some! Tracee xx

  21. those fabrics, buttons, and lace are lovely! the colors - so happy and spring-like, and I like anything with a birdie! i see your bare yard and even just 'knowing' you from your blog, i know a plain yard and plain walls just aren't your style. we're heading into fall over here and I'm working on purging stuff because we have too much stuff in our little house; i think we're going in opposite directions. seasons come and go on opposite hemispheres, don't they? I shall enjoy seeing your plants grow in the sunshine through our cold winter months!

  22. Love those fabrics. Very well spotted. I look forward to seeing what you make with them.

  23. funny girl you!!!! Can just picture you at Spotlight...lucky Mark wasn't there...I can imagine him rolling his eyes and shaking his head!!! LOL
    You moving closer to me lovely???? tee hee...if only!
    Love the fabrics too.....can't wait to see what design becomes of them...
    love ya
    Wendy :O) xox


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