Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Health in body, mind and spirit...

My husband is away on business all week, so I am focusing on three important areas of my life during this quieter time. Discovering what matters is all part of my adventure for 2013...

~My Body: what goes in and why~
A new book about shedding excess weight and full of teaching about health and the female body; experimenting with wonderful recipes that surprise me with their ease and nutrition...

~My Mind: things that enrich it, stretch it, and create happiness~
Seeing the bounty from one tomato plant in a pot and knowing it came about because I tried; Stitching more tiny little blocks with life messages that I have lived and recorded in thread; Deciding to make something that caught my eye in a magazine months ago 'just because' it made me smile; Preparing Christmas labels to sew from a pattern graciously shared by another designer...

~ My Spirit: Reading and Listening~
Beginning a new book of hope from a man I admire; listening to the greatest Book of all given freely; revisiting the wisdom of a woman who lived out her faith in full view of a watching world and who's words still cause me to weep...
 ~My Dreams~
To raise chickens; to grow our own food; to have flowers on the table everyday; to have places to walk and talk; to have more quiet times of prayer...

Take some time for yourself today and write down the things that you want to be more aware of in your own Body, Mind, and Spirit. Then write down what you dream of having in your life.
It can be quite surprising to discover them. They may not be at all what you expected.


  1. It is amazing how a little quiet reflection time gets your priorities sorted and gets you back on track. Good for you.

  2. My only dream is living a full life with the people I love and be the best person I can be and that is sometimes very difficult, but trying is the best way to success, is it not! Enjoy this special week and love yourself! Hugs

  3. What a lovely post... I have been reading from a book today too Jenny - a little different from your perhaps but it also shines a light in another direction...

  4. What a wonderful post! I am finally settled in my relocated sewing room, I'll put photos on my Flicker page. I'm dreaming of a productive life and being the best I can in anything I do and praying that everyone who comes in contact with me will see in my action and hear in my words, our sweet Lord, and see Him shining in my eyes and heart. I am just beginning to read "A Thousand Gifts", when sewing I'm listening to something to make me smile and laugh. "Marley and Me. Big Hugs to everyone...
    *Jenny, thank you for the website to with the free download to the Bible. I have been wanting it on my Ipod, but haven't been able to get it. hugs...

  5. Beautiful post Jenny. Hugs....

  6. what a wonderful life you enjoy Jenny, you have lifted me by sharing these things, I am going to check out Tim Costello`s book, at the library today maybe just maybe they will have it.
    Love the chickens, although I live in a city my neighbour and a man at the back of me both keep chickens and how I love to hear them clucking away to each other. Everyone knows when they have laid eggs and I enjoy the fruits of their labour as Malcolm next door gives me some of the surplus eggs.
    I do not spend as much time with the Great book as I should, the new year maybe is the time to start but why wait for the new year.

  7. lovely post Jenny amazing what thoughts reading a post can provoke,cheers Vickie

  8. Lovely thoughts Jenny....brought tears to my eyes xx


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