Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stitch, knit and crochet...

Still packing up the sewing room because as I go through all my bits and pieces I am culling what I don't need, gathering ideas, and taking notes.
I also took a LOT of hours today sketching, fine tuning, and redrawing my next design until it was 'just right'. I showed Blossom when she came home from work and you know what she said?
"Mum!! This is gorgeous!"
Well, there you have it. The official seal of approval.
It's anther big stitchery. LOVE doing 'just' stitcheries.
After dinner I traced it on to white handkerchief linen, and tomorrow in the natural light I will choose the thread colours. 
This will keep me occupied in between packing, Christmas, New Year, and moving. \o/
Have I shown you my finished "Shabby Roses Stitchery" yet??
In the New Year I'll have all the information about purchasing the design! Thanks for your patience. 
I think 2013 will see me focusing mainly on large stitcheries - the kind that you can really take your time with and enjoy. 
The other crafting interest that has kept my fingers from idleness is crochet. Just very basic stuff, though! I finished my third face washer yesterday while watching a movie with Blossom and Mr E.
Now I'm working on a red and turquoise granny square, using a smaller crochet hook and finer cotton. I hope to make THIS mandala when we've moved and my crochet skills have improved.
Blossom, on the other hand has been knitting! She has finished one dishcloth, and is half way through her second...
She loves the wonderful wool and pattern Stephanie sent from the US!
Blossom also got very excited when the mailman delivered Stephanie's latest pattern, 'Peek-a-Boo Street'...
The little houses reminded her of England, so during my packing up I picked through some spotty and striped fabrics with the idea of making this quilt for her next year. It would be lovely to post a new quilt to my baby girl when she is settled in Derby. 
Stephanie's pattern is available HERE in her shop.
The linen pincushion set I've been stitching with the Weeks Dye Works thread is ready to be made up now, but that stage will have to wait until I resettle after we move. I love how the colours 'pop'!
I used my creative license to use different stitches than the you do that too?
Time to pack up for the night.
Sweet dreams...


  1. Always such prettiness here. I'm tickled you and Blossom like Peek A Boo Street. Your crocheting is super pretty too. How nice to have mother and daughter stitching memories together.

  2. You are a pro at moving when you can work on your designs and get some stitching done too. And enjoy the holidays! All your work is lovely!

  3. I'm moving my studio, too, but only to a different room of the house. It is a slow job, though.
    Love all the pretties you've shown.
    Mama Bear

  4. I love how your stichery has come out - it is stunning. I do hope that your new year plans include being able to purchase patterns as pdfs.
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.
    GB C x

  5. Moving again! Sorry but I feel with you! I hate moving, but I love decorating and making a house into a home and that is also your strenght! Wish you well in the new house and a Merry Christmas and a good and healthy New Year! Hugs

  6. Your Shabby Roses stitchery is beautiful Jenny. Have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Christine xx

  7. You are certainly still exercising your creativity whilst packing up your sewing room. Loovely things being made at your house.

  8. Lovely stitchery, but I totally love your last project with the bright colours!

  9. Jenny, you are such a great time manager, lots of packing going on but you still find time to do some wonderful stitchery. Look forward to following your journey in 2013. Hugs...

  10. it is always so interesting reading your blog Jenny, so many lovely things you share with us

  11. You and Blossom are amazing, crocheting, knitting, designing and packing!! Glad you are enjoying yourselves during all the work. Not that any kind of stit ching is work!!

  12. So much eye candy..whilst you are so busy...hugs Vickie