Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adventures, and having the mind of a superhero...

Do you remember when I wrote that my word for 2013 is ADVENTURE?
Well, adventures have begun in earnest!
I think I'll document one new thing every week through the year because it will be fun to look back and see all the new things I tried, or experienced.

I have three weeks to begin with:
Week 1 - drove my husband's new company car for the first time after saying 'no' for 4 months!
Week 2 - moved house!! \o/
Week 3 - had my very first manicure...

This was a very special gift from my Blossom, who whisked me off for an afternoon of pampering yesterday. I even had a pedicure! Oh bliss.
Afterwards she took me for coffee and scones, before a wander through the recently rebuilt Stockland shopping centre. We wandered into the Peter Alexander sleepwear store and got lost in the delicious racks and shelves of pjamas for over an hour! She tried to sneak out with some friends she met in a basket...

There are lots of cute knick-knacks in the shop as well. I found this coffee mug that simply had to come home with me!

It housed my morning cappuccino today and you know what?! I really felt like a superhero!
My brain went into super-creative mode and I designed a whole new quilt...

There are eight stitched blocks, and some pieced blocks. SOOOO pretty!
Now to plan the fabrics. That will be hard. Will I go with what I have??


...or look for something else? Decisions, decisions.
I *really* love Lori Holt's fabrics....mmm....might have to buy some more (the top fat quarter bundle is her 'Sew Cherry' range).

What new thing are you working on?
Have you had an adventure lately?


  1. My mantra for this year is "no stress", I stress and worry about EVERYTHING, this year I will not put stress on myself, so far so good :-) Besides doing stitching as I cannot live without stitching I have this year mapped out craft wise. My first priority is a gorgeous memories quilt for my daughter Rebecca's 21st in August. Then I plan on making laundry bags and quilt blocks for "Aussie Hero quilt blocks and laundry bags" and also some girls dresses for "dress a girl around the world sew-a-long". I hope you have settled into your new home Jenny. Hugs xx

  2. I love your word and look forward to reading all about your adventures so do share! My word for the year is finish... I prefer yours.

  3. now that would be an adventure for me because I have never had a manicure either but yours sure does look very elegant.
    Can't wait to see your quilt come to life.

  4. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures

  5. Sounds like you have been very busy! What line is the fat quarter bundle underneath (topped with the green)? I love those colours!

  6. Wow!! your hand really looks elegant. Daughters are always a boon. Your design as always seem to be beautiful, Waiting to see it taking life. Actually,you inspire me to try my hands on designing little things atleast. I do have many ideas in my mind but have never been able to create.Maybe, I have not reached that level of creativity, but your post has inspired me to start now. Thank you so... much. I have mentioned this before also. thanks jenny...

  7. what a great start to the new year. I think you have more fabric in your stash than a quilt shop, it looks wonderful and there you are talking about buying more!! I expect you answer to that is you can never have too much!!

    No plans for me this year apart from tryong to complete the CQJP challenge

  8. You have some beautiful fabrics there! I always try to use the fabric that I have if possible. Sometimes I use what I have supplemented with new if I need something to tone in with it. (I do have a cupboard full of fabric though so I have a lot to select from.) Every day holds a small adventure. I hope you have lots of exciting adventures this year. Adventuring is fun. Vicki

  9. A whole quilt! Yipee!

    My adventure for the year is getting a dog! We have had them before overseas as guard dogs but my husband has agreed to an indoor/outdoor dog. He is so cute ( the dog - although I still think Mark is cute )hee hee. We have called him Snowy. He is part Maltese/powderpuff/shitzu/poodle.

    We love him already and we have only had him since this morning.
    It gonna be a great adventure.

    The word for this year is FUN! ( after last year feeling sick most of the time and ending up in hospital Boxing Day and having a gall bladder op! - no fun!)

    Love Karen and Hannah

  10. Hi there Jenny, I love your nails I get mine done every second week and love it! I am glad you had a wonderful day with Blossom!
    Your fabric looks wonderful; and I love your new mug!
    Jilly oxo

  11. Good for you Jenny...lovely nails. I so love pj's. Good luck with your new creation and I loved drooling over all your yummy fabrics.

  12. I am making an embroidery and sewing a big quilt for our own bed and quilting the quilt With Needle & Thread, oh and I also am stitching the last blocks of a Lynette A's designed quilt! So no time to waist!
    Lovely your daughter with het fluffy friends! Hugs

  13. Love your Superhero cup. Seems like you are already up and running. I love Lori Holt fabric too. Her polka dots and stitches( I think that's what it's called) one is sweet. Hugs....

  14. So glad you had some pampering after your busy start to the year. I love the idea of adventure - not sure I have done anything new recently but I did cast on a shawl just for me yesterday - some selfish knitting! And I do have a felt applique/stitchery quilt in the planning stages. Can't wait to see the quilt. Have a good week c x

  15. To survive at my job during 2013 will be an adventure. And reading the book of Revelation is also an adventure. Faith in God is in itself an adventure you never know what surprises he will give.

  16. What a lovely way to spend a day with Blossom. Not sure of my adventures yet I am sure something will come along.

  17. I would like to trade in my stash for yours!
    Wonderful mug!! How could anyone resist that!!
    You're just on fire girl. A new quilt design. Wow!

  18. a few adventures sweety......designing a new BOM (aaaah...surprise!!!), designing some new stitcheries (aaaah...double surprise!!!) and next Friday an even better you can guess???
    hee hee
    love n sweet sugary hugs darl
    xox Wendy :O)

  19. Your Superhero mug is just great! It would be wonderful to feel like a Superhero. But I'm doing well. I'm working to get the Central Florida chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild off the ground, and have just been approved to teach beginner quiltmaking at the "Lifelong Learning College," an unaccredited school for older adults who want to keep learning. I'm still praying about finding a church in which to continue my quiltmaking ministry, Stitchin' Mission. Life is good! God is good!

  20. Love your pictures, all that fabric. I am working on a baby quilt for a friend. Me, my daughter and my mum just had a lovely pamper day, it was brilliant and we are hoping to do it again very soon :)

  21. I'm happy to be hopping along on your adventure Jenny. Bloss is just a darling girl for treating her Mum to nice things. Yey for you!

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