Sunday, January 27, 2013

Secret's out!

As I shared HERE last year, being a one-woman show is incredibly wearing time-wise, and the final acceptance of that truth brought about my decision to publishing the final issue of my e-zine, Elefantz HOME last November.

At the time I thought I may continue it as a quarterly, but you know, when you close a door, God gently presses another key into your palm and a new door appears, beckoning you on to a new adventure.
So, did I walk through, or turn and flee?
Being an adventurer at heart, I turned the key, swung wide the door, and ran with arms wide open along a new and exciting path!

You see, I love designing. I really, really do. I get such a kick out of seeing something that has formed in my coffee saturated thoughts come to life on paper. But time to allow those ideas to properly flourish was not available last year, with the constancy of a monthly magazine to write and publish, as well as projects for other publications.
I felt drained, rushed, and unable to give the time needed to breathe real life into my sketches.

They flew to the opposite end of the country to spend time with Mr E and I last November, and I saw the hand of God with that very special key I needed to open the next door of my career. Prayers answered, new friends made, a way to design and stitch to my heart's content...blessed.

So guess what came next!?
My sweet Shabby Roses Stitchery was made ready for you!


We know how time consuming tracing a stitchery of this size can be, so the clever folk at Creative Abundance have released my design on pre-printed linen!
I can hear those sighs of relief, ladies. ;-)


For the many, many blog readers, and Facebook followers, who have patiently waited for the release of this pattern, I can now say, "It's ready!".
If your local quilt shop already stock patterns by Rosalie Quinlan, Ric Rac, May Blossom, Melly & Me (or any of the many wonderfully talented designers in the Creative Abundance family) they may already have it ordered or in stock. If they don't, then kindly ask them to order it in for you.
The pattern is JE006.
Creative Abundance distribute worldwide, so wherever you are, you can find a way to purchase it. \o/

Next design on my finished project list is another large stitchery, and during that great tennis match between Li Na and Vika Azarenka last night,  I made the final stitches...

~Romeo Roses~

Next week I'll write the stitchery instructions, and sometime in February it will be ready for purchase. Hmmm, just in time for Valentines Day. Seems quite appropriate! 

Yesterday was Australia Day and our family celebrated with lamb and pavlova. Perfect Aussie foods!
It was too hot in the tropics to do anything much, so I fine-tuned the sketches of my new BOM, while Mr E and Sam repaired Sam's car and Blossom went to work for the day. Well, at least the food was good and well received after their hard labour!
What did you do on Australia Day?


  1. Congratulations Jenny. It's great to see you get rewards for all the hard work that has come before now. Tracee xx

  2. Oh my gosh Jenny, I'm so very excited for your career shift. I adore the beautiful Shabby Roses stichery, I'm working on the quilt a little bit as I can and it is coming along quite nicely, but I had to shift gears midstream and go to machine applique rather than by hand, so I am still fine tuning the blanket stitch on my sewing machine to match those I have already done as closely as possible. But oh that stitchery, and on pre-printed linen too...pure heaven. I am going to see where I can find it as soon as I finish here. Huge Hugs and remember you and yours are ever in heart and prayers...

  3. Congratulations Jenny. How exciting for you. Hugs,xx.

  4. Congratulations, Jenny! Such an attractive presentation for that pattern. I wish you success in your relationship with Creative Abundance!

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  6. Congratulations Jenny and the best of luck with your new venture..The "Shabby Roses" pattern looks fabulous.

  7. Congratulations Jenny! Enjoy the journey!

  8. I am sure this new road you have taken is going to be so rewarding, your design is beautiful, a well deserved new door certainly has opened for you.

  9. Congratulations!! Jenny, Your stitchery design is beautiful....All the very best to your new endeavor.

  10. soo very very happy for you Jenny.. this is awesome news..what a secret to have bubbling insode for soo long..and how awesome that the design is pre printed -just buy and stitch woohoo...congrats girl you deserve it,cheers Vickie

  11. You couldn't team up with anyone more wonderful than Nel and Jacques.. They are treasured friends .. Congratulations !!!!!

  12. A Huge Congratulations to you! This is awesome news!! You mentioned something about printed patterns end of last year, but I never guessed they would be with the team at Creative Abundance!!! What an incredible journey this must be for you already, let alone that which is yet to come!!! Many prayers and blessings for the months and years ahead in this new path upon which the Lord has set your feet!! Hugs!! x

  13. Congratulations Jenny!!! Your work is beautiful and this new horizon is affirmation of that.And this latest stitchery will certainly be on my to do list - what's more it's already printed so I can get started right away!!!!!

  14. Congratulations to you, Jenny! WONDERFUL is the word for your stitching, designs, and new venture. It's truly a success story. I love your shabby roses piece that's coming in February. Hope I can find it here in the States. I'm so happy for you!

  15. Hello Jenny!

    Since retirement two years ago I have been following your blog. You inspire me daily! Knowing personally the depths of those difficult life changing decisions to open doors to new adventures of the unknown, I say "Kudos!" to you. What an exciting time for you and your family. Best of luck in 2013. I am looking forward to more wonderful creative designs. They are beautiful!!


  16. Congratulations Jenny! How exciting for you! :0)

  17. Congratulations Jenny!!! What a great opportunity for lots more people to see and fall in love with your designs. I will be hunting out places in the UK that will stock them. The designs are amazing. Happy stitching C x

  18. How exciting! I know you're excited and proud!! Amazing how God works in the dark before He shines a light on His plans for us!!
    Gmama Jane
    For I know the Plans I have for you declares the Lord
    Plans to prosper you and not to Harm you
    Plans to give you a Hope and a Future
    Jeremiah 29:11

  19. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
    Soooooooooooooooo exciting!!!!!!
    Happy bunny dancing for you Jenny!!!

  20. You do such lovely work. Many blessing on your new adventure.

  21. Congrats Jenny! What wonderful news! I know this new venture will be a huge success for you. You deserve it. Vicki

  22. WooHoo You Go Girl...Fantabulous Jenny I'm so Pleased for You.....
    Your First Pattern looks Gorgeous ...

  23. Wishing you the best of success with your new adventure! I LOVE the printed linen idea. Happiness to you.

  24. Congratulations Jenny,
    This is awesome; now perhaps I can get it stitched!



  25. Even tho I'm in the USA, I celebrated by watching Crocodile Dundee II, so that we could see some of the loveliness of the bush. Good luck on your new venture, I'm sure it will do well. And to Blossom, better to make the decision now instead of later. More new turns for your family. I'm sure they will all be good turns.

  26. Congratulations on your newest adventure. Been looking for 'Shabby Roses' here in the USA. Haven't found it yet. Will keep looking. Can't wait for 'Romero Roses'. My Mom loved white and red roses the best. What do you think about 'Romero' on pale blue with a creamy white thread? Threadworx has a couple of nice ones I want to try. Hopefully I will have found a US distributor by then.

  27. Congratulations on your new adventure. What sweet rose pattern.