Friday, February 1, 2013

A week at Elefantz...


Traced out the blocks I drew last week for a brand new BOM to be released after Easter, 'Daisy Days', and started stitching block one. If you love this new design half as much as I do then it will be very popular! 
Eight days of the week in eight blocks -  I started with 'mondaisy'...


Last week I was out window shopping with Blossom and I bought this beautifully vibrant card just for the colours and the quote. I adore colour, and it makes me happy to have bright things around me...
When I bought it I had a plan to frame it. Inside was a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, and it so touched my soul that I wanted it in the frame as well. I wrote it on a piece of the silver envelope and placed it in the corner.
"Intense does not measure, it just gives."
A piece of inspiration, in colour and word, to inspire me in my sewing room.


Blossom's day off work, so we went out for coffee, and to browse the new Myer in Townsville. A good twenty minutes was spent drooling over the Royal Albert display...
(lots of birthday hints were dropped by me)
...and some innocent childish fun tickling Elmo in the toy department...
 ...before a long, slow walk through Blossom's favourite place, the shoe department!
We thought some new thongs (flip flops to our American friends) were in order, so why not go for bling and bows?


Woke up with a fresh idea for using the Shabby Roses Angels blocks I designed and stitched last year. My creative self had hit a wall with the final layout so I packed it away for a few months, praying inspiration would arise one day. On Thursday it did!
I drew up a small quilt plan, and trimmed the finished blocks to suit...

....then realised I needed a verse for the centre. An hour was spent doodling some sentiments, until I felt sure I had said exactly what I wanted the quilt to say.
"...angels are all around ~ blooming in the hearts of our friends..." 
 (© 2013 Jenny of Elefantz)
 Another week and this should be finished and  ready for the pattern to be written. \o/


Sunshine and Sophie in the Sink...
...she still drinks her water from a coffee mug in the sink. 

And the rest of the day? Finish some stitching, and plan the menu for our housewarming dinner tomorrow night. 


I have received many emails asking where the pre-printed linen and pattern for my new 'Shabby Roses' stitchery can be purchased.
Your local quilt shop (if they have ordered it) will only now be getting this pattern delivered, but if you cannot wait that long, Under The Mulberry Tree have them in stock, ready to purchase.

NOTE: If you own a quilt shop, work in one, or frequent a favourite shop, AND the shop stocks any of my designs, please leave a comment below with your shop name and website. I will add it under my 'Pattern Stockists' button here on my blog so those who want to purchase my designs can click straight to your store. :-)

If you want your store to order this in for you, have them email Creative Abundance at
Have a wonderful weekend! May you smile, laugh, and gather armfuls of joy!
Oh, and drop by next week for something sweet that I'll be sharing....


  1. Oh I love the Mondaisy stitchery already! Will your patterns be available as PDF downloads for us in the US? I really hope so because I really want the new Shabby Roses and will really want the daisy one too!

  2. Lots of lovelies as usual - love the china and the thongs and painted toes!! Of course all the designs are lovely to - that goes without saying...

  3. I believe you have had a most wonderful week girlfriend! Love your new designs. Love that framed saying. Love Sophie drinking from the mug in the sink. Too funny!

  4. Oh my gosh Jenny, your first Daisy Days design has already stolen my heart. I adore it and can't wait to see more of them. Big Hugs and keeping you and yours in my prayers as always...

  5. Your new stitchery looks fantastic. You are designing some wonderful things Jenny. Hugs.....

  6. lovely design Jenny, how I enjoy your blogs and reading about what you are up to. Two very nice quotes that have found their way into my notebook.

  7. Beautiful Daisy Day Design Jenny.
    What a busy fun filled you week you have had..
    Love the Royal Albert too and thongs...

  8. Your Mondaisy design is beautiful, Jenny. Can't wait until after Easter! Looking forward to the weekly monograms, too. From what I can see of the A, they're sure to be useful. Have a good weekend and a great BBQ party! (See, I read the newsletter, too, LOL!)

  9. Jenny, those "week daisys" are going to be wonderful!! I love the first.

  10. ooooh! Love, love, love Mondaisy!

  11. I love that block. I saw it finished in the newsletter you sent out. I can't wait to see what the other ones will be. So cute!

    Love those dishes in the store too. I bet those are some inspriation for you.

  12. Olá, estou encantada com seus bordados e com a bela Sophie.

    Tenha um ótimo final de semana, beijinhos,

    Lígia e turminha:)


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