Thursday, February 7, 2013

About that A...and being loved.

Have you stitched your A from Monogram Mondays yet?
After I shared the pdf file to download the design, I received quite a few emails from readers who said they only had a big rectangle on the second page of the file.
Perhaps I didn't explain exactly what that rectangle was for?
This is the guideline for those who will be stitching the Sampler along with me.
Mine is all traced, but you will be receiving one letter only, each Monday, until you have all the monograms.
Your first letter A, is in the top right hand corner of the rectangle...
I hope that has cleared up any confusion. :-)
There will be five rows of five letters underneath this top section for the Sampler.

Today I have been machine quilting Shabby Roses "Angels". I am a hand stitcher, and not much of a machine quilter, so this process always challenges me! I would have hand quilted it but we are in the middle of a tropical summer and even with the air conditioner on, having a quilt over your lap is extremely hot.
 I stitched in the ditch around the middle (verse) block, and outline quilted around the appliqued blocks.
The binding will go on next, and I'll stitch it down tonight while I watch My Kitchen Rules.
Tomorrow I should have a finished design, and just the pattern to write. \o/
My sweet Blossom blessed me this week with a pedicure. I have been emotionally drained these last few months, so she sat at my feet and made my toes pretty while I lay back and relaxed. Sheer bliss. 
I learned a valuable lesson from Blossom's gift of pampering.
Sometimes life requires more than you have to give, and over time you can be so worn out emotionally, physically, and spiritually, that you do not realise how 'empty' you are - until someone reaches out and touches you with 'hands on' love. I'm still empty, and don't have much within to give because stressful situations are still affecting our beloved family, but Blossom kindled within me the joy of receiving pure love, given with 'no strings attached', and that simple act made me stop and give thanks for her love, which has withstood all the crises life has thrown our way.
Love you, Bloss. xxxx
Something exciting is happening tomorrow. Vickie from Humpty Doo has a 3-hour layover in Townsville on her way from Mackay to Darwin, so I get to spend those 3 hours with her!
Photos will be shared, unless we talk too much and drink too much coffee and just forget...nah, I'll be sure to come up for air and grab a few pics. 
Have a blessed day, ok?! Actually, BE a blessing today. You never know how much someone needs one.


Jeanette said...

Love the Shabby Roses Angel. Lovely of Blossom to give you a pedicure. I know just how you are feeling. Hugs,xx.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Lovely Jenny. Thank you for continuing to bless us.

Allie said...

Love you and keeping you all in prayer, my darling baffles me how you can stand a ring on your toe....but they sure look pretty. Give Bloss a big hug from Auntie Allie, wish I could hug you both for reals.

Pippas quilts said...

Shabby Roses "Angels" Quilt is beautiful. Those glitzy flip flops show of your pedicure a treat. I hope that your troubles come to an end soon. God bless xx

Annette said...

Thanks for clarifying about the now makes sense. Jenny I sit at my ironing board with my quilt draped over it to hand quilt or stitch on hot days, especially with a fan on the floor!! Take care...Annette

Stitched With Prayer said...

What a beautiful gift Blossom gave you my dear friend. A true blessing straight from her heart. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

I hope your time with Vickie will be filled with joy, laughter and friendship and I can't wait to see the pictures of your time together.

Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers Jenny and sending tender hugs from across the pond...

Stitched With Prayer said...

OH, forgot to mention that as soon as the sampler setting was ready, I printed it out and hurried to my sewing room to find just the right background for it. I thought yours was so lovely on the pretty dot background that I was hoping to find something similar, maybe in a pretty shade of purple. But no luck. So I am going to pick out a few of my Cottage Garden threads that I am considering for the letters and going to the local quilt shop to find just the right fabric. Then, my plan is get the first line and the A stitched this evening while I catch up on some Downton Abbey. Thanks again, so much Jenny for the wonderful patterns. Hugs...