Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friends and Angels...

On Saturday we had a few friends over for a BBQ. I spent most of the day in the kitchen, thoroughly enjoying myself! Here are a few of the things that tantalised some tastebuds...
Avocado and Preserved Lemon salad...

Sangria for us non-drinkers (I used non-alcoholic red wine as the base - delish!)...

Roast Plum and Blackberry Cake...
...recipe HERE...
 This was served with fresh cream and a gorgeous sauce!
There were more salad, plus marinated lamb and chicken, BUT, best of all was the wonderful company around our table. xx
Sunday: I read from Psalm 59 to begin the day. On a personal note, our life has been one of deep trial these past few months, and the coming months will bring more. I found God's word to be a tonic for my soul today...
(Poster from THIS blog)

Later in the morning I rolled my sleeves up and got to work cutting strips to make the 1" square borders for my new Shabby Roses 'Angels' quilt...
Once all the borders were made I prepared the binding. Tomorrow will be a quilting and binding day, and by Tuesday I should have a finished wall quilt to show you!
(Pattern will be available late in February)
Looking so pretty!

~Shabby Roses Monograms~

Every Monday for the next 26 weeks I am going to share one letter from my Shabby Roses Alphabet for you to stitch!
You can use these in many projects that require the personalisation of an initial, OR, you could stitch them all into a framed sampler.  I think I'll do a sampler with mine this time...
So, tomorrow, drop by for the first letter, A... my "Monogram Mondays"

 Feel free to share the button above on your webpage or FB page, and link it back to my blog!
The more stitching on Monogram Mondays, the merrier. \o/


  1. Very pretty Jenny. Love it. Hugs,xx.

  2. Hey, Jenny - little tears have filled my eyes - God bless you all!

  3. wonderful cake recipe, quilt is looking great. Thank you

  4. The new angel quilt looks fabulous - I can't wait to see your finished design!!! It will be just GORGEOUS!!! ... Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Praying for a wonderful week ahead for you honey - you certainly deserve it! Hugs! xx

  5. Oh Jenny, the food looks so gorgeous and delicious and it sounds like you had some wonderful company. So glad your day was filled with friendship. I love your scripture verse for the day, it is perfect. Your Angel Design is so elegant and lovely...God has blessed you with such a gift for beauty and inspiration. Thank you for sharing that gift with us. Keeping you in prayer always. Tender Hugs...

  6. The avocado salad looks delicious!!! Love the stitchery. Praying for you all to find strength and peace in God no matter what life brings.

  7. The fabrics for your quilt are so pretty Jenny. I'm looking forward to the alphabet.

  8. Oh yum. your food looks delicious. Bet it tasted delicious too. I'm sorry life has been so tough and I hope you continue to draw strength from your faith.
    PS Love the fabrics in your new project and thank you so much for the stitchery.

  9. The food sounds lovely - especially on an empty stomach!, quilt looks lovely and I cant wait for all these letters - its a long until S though!.
    Take Care jenny.

  10. Girl, you sure do know how to cook. I love avocado. YUMMY!
    I look forward to see your little letters.

  11. (((((Jenny)))))

    You are loved! You and your family are being prayed for.

    That is an excellent Psalm!

    Your stitching is lovely as always!

    Keep the faith!


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