Monday, February 11, 2013

Monogram Mondays ~B~...

It's Monday again, and to cheer you up I am sharing B in Monogram Mondays this week!
Now how can a B cheer you? 
Because it's the first letter in...
 ...and all things beautiful make me smile.
Like today for example, I had a few hours sewing time with three 'B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l' friends.
Michelle, Angela, Wendy and I had our very first sewing day for the year, and it was so much fun.
We don't have a name for our group, but I was thinking the "Four Mad Maids" because it describes us pretty well. 
For Christmas Wendy gave me this set of gorgeous spotty Cath Kidston mugs, and I have waited for this sewing day to finally christen them.
Four mugs for four mad maids... ;-)
In between stitching we had cappuccinos, a variety of teas, sandwiches, choc brownies (thanks Angela!) plus fruit and cheese.
Simple and sweet.
 Thanks for a great day, girls! xx


Here is your letter for this week, B...

Each week I will add another letter to the Sampler template for you to trace. I know we had some problems last week, but I think this template will work for everyone.
Angela noticed that my original and the pdf I shared last week were slightly different in size, so please trace this week's template, and from now on they should all be the same proportion.

Download the B template HERE.
Please make sure you have ticked the box 'Actual Size' in your printer screen before you print.


Block 2 of my Daisy Days BOM is finished! I hope you are being patient as I won't have this quilt pattern finished until after Easter, but it sure is cute!

Today I started the re-stitching of my beautiful "Romeo Roses". The colours this time are perfect...
 What do you think?

Have a beautiful week, won't you? Oh, and if you're after a simple but beautiful Valentines Day gift to make, head on over to the blog of my beautiful friend, Vikki!
Visit her HERE.
Till next time...


  1. Morning Jenny (here it is 8.50 am) love the letters and wanted to download the B, but I think something went wrong, the A is there but no B, please have a look! And then my wishes for you:
    A wonderful, beautiful and filled with love week!

  2. All gorgeous work Jenny. Glad you had a great day stitching with your friends. Hugs.....

  3. What a lovely way to enjoy a day good friends good food and wonderful stitching. Thank you for the letter B

  4. Oh wie schön. Kannst du mir vielleicht verraten mit welchem Stift du die Vorlagen aufmalst ?
    Ganz liebe Grüße Annerose

  5. What an awesome post full of smiles and friend ship totally lovely..Oh yes Jen I can see the Jenny colours more in this thread-still love the other one..Daisy days is looking very exciting, cheers Vickie

  6. Friends, fabric, food, polka dots...I can't think of anything more representative for "B" than beautiful.

  7. Thank you again, Jenny, and I will thank you now for all future monograms ... these will be put to good use. :)

  8. Looks like you had a great day! And I think it is a great name for your group. All of your designs are BBBBeautiful!

  9. as always your work is beautiful. I think I am going to have to start this sampler.

  10. What goodies you have when you stitch!
    I love the new green floss you are using. That is a colour that is very trendy here in Ontario right now.
    I got the letters & I am going to look for something special to stitch them on.

  11. What beautiful!! I loved their alphabet.

  12. how lovely to have a group of friends you can get together with and stitch, I am very envious!Looks like you all had a great time.
    More beautiful stitching you have shared with us, another thank you from me.

  13. Hola amiga Jenny te escribo desde Lima Perú tienes un maravilloso blog..... las letras están preciosas....por favor dime el tamaño es de 2cms. ó 3/4 de pulgadas porque de ese tamaño me sale cuando lo he fotocopiado.

    saludoooos amiga.

    PD. me suscribí en tu blog pero lamentablemente mi otro correo ya no funciona no sé que paso el actual es:

  14. Thanks so much for another letter and the love birds.!!Love the Daisy block!! Such pretty colors

  15. Trying to download B but getting an error unable to open in frames. Tried another window but did not work. Will try later tonight.

  16. Thanks so much for the B. I love your Tuesdaisy! Looking forward to seeing that pattern when it's finished.


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