Monday, February 18, 2013

Monogram Mondays ~C~, and pattern stockist in the USA...

It's week three in Monogram Mondays, so today we celebrate C!
My word for C is 'calming'.
I believe each of us at some time in our life will find ourselves battling frightening anxieties and unwelcome troubles, and feeling that we have lost all control of our life circumstances.
When I am in the midst of this the thing I crave most is a 'calm' in my storm. 
The only true calm I know is Jesus, and even when I cannot feel Him working in  my life, I believe that He is still there, calming the storms so they do not consume me - after many storms in the past, and a huge one I am in right now, He has never let me drown.
So, I welcome C this week, grateful for the reminder of the Calm of Christ in my life, and praying that He calms the storms in yours as well.

C appears on the pattern sheet as shown below. Trace it to use alone, or follow along stitching the Sampler...


...Ordering the Shabby Roses Stitchery pattern...

After many emails from overseas inquiring about the purchase of my new Shabby Roses Stitchery outside of Australia, I can now excitedly share the news that Patty at Granma's Treasures in Colorado, USA now has some in stock! \o/

They are not yet listed on her webpage, but if you email her (contact info on her webpage HERE) you can order the pattern on pre-printed linen.
In Australia, "Under  the Mulberry Tree" is your stockist.


Have a lovely week. Breathe deeply and think peaceful thoughts, and know that I have prayed for you. 


  1. Well done, Jenny. I hope your delightful patterns are a sensation overseas.
    Best of luck with this venture, my dear friend and thank you for praying for us all.

  2. Jenny your words of calm and faith could not have come at a better time, like you I am going through a terrible time and find that prayer is the one thing keeping me together, thankyou and I will pray for you to.

  3. Thank you Jenny for your prayers and your thoughts I return the compliment and hope your troubles will soon be resolved. Hugs and prayers.

  4. How exciting to be stocked overseas!! Thank you for the delightful sampler, C for calming is a wonderful word :-)

  5. Thank you for the 'calming' c came at a perfect time for me..without Jesus where would we prayers are with you also...melody

  6. Thannk you for another letter. And thank you for prayers!!

  7. Hi! It's me, the problem child! I still can't see the document when I first go to the link but I tried downloading it and lo' & behold, there it is! Thanks for all your help and all you do for us!

  8. Congratulations on becoming international!!! Prayers for you that the peace that passes all understanding reigns in your life!

  9. I decided to join in your monogram mondays. you can see my post here.

  10. Jenny, Thanks for mentioning Granma's Treasures! I have had several emails already! I did find the time to load your patterns to the website - they are listed under 'This and That' until my web girl gets some changes made:)
    Thanks again,

  11. (((((Jenny))))) Praying for calm in the midst of your storm. May Jesus grant you peace that passeth all understanding.

    Much,much love


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