Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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~Latte 808 ~

...beautiful variegated coffee colours...

...and you know how much I love my coffee. ;-)


It's only a couple of hours away from my birthday. 
Today Blossom and I went out together for my un-birthday celebration.

You see, in our family we celebrate the day before a birthday, and the day after a birthday, as 'un-birthdays'.
The family sing "happy un-birthday to you..." numerous times during those two days! It's a fun tradition Mr E began about 12 years ago, and we've kept it going because it's such a happy thing for the family.

Look at the present that arrived in the mail today from my very dear friend, Barb. 
This sweet thimble, and the little cask it fits inside...
So cute! Thank you, Barb. xx

Not sure what tomorrow will bring me, but as long as the Lord is by my side, it's always a blessed day.
May yours be blessed too.


  1. Love the un-birthday tradition,might have try that with my family and as it's after midnight now Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Do whatever you want to do today. It is your day!!!

    Anita Kroll

  3. E´realmente uma delicia comemorar aniversários!!!!
    Parabéns para você! Muita saúde, paz, realizações e alegrias!
    Parabéns por hoje e parabéns por amanhã!
    Um abraço!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope all your days are happy!

  5. Happy Un-Birthday, Happy Birthday and Happy Un-Birthday!!! May they all be filled with love and laughter!!

  6. We would do un-birthdays when my kids were younger. Enjoy all your days of celebrating. Hugs!

  7. Oh Jenny!. . . my prayers for the happiest of birthday celebrations for you! You have brought so many blessings to so many, & I pray that you find God's blessings around every corner! xo, Bren

  8. Happy Birthday. We almost share the same date (my birthday is the 20th--today here in Canada). I love that you celebrate un-birthday days!

  9. Happiest of Birthdays (and un-Birthdays) be yours!! Praying blessings and may the Lord bless you with joy in all things. :)
    Lily Garden is wishing you happy birthday also! :)

  10. A most Happy Birthday to you, Jenny!

    Thank you for all your wonderful-ness.


  11. Happy Un-Birthday Jenny! What a great idea!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a sweet, kind, gentle lady. You are a blessing!

  13. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!
    Those Un-birthday treats look yummy!! Sounds like a fun tradition. Enjoy it all!

  14. have a very happy day Jenny and pray for a wonderful year for both you and your family.

    Such a sweet thimble and container.
    Also enjoy your after un birthday tomorrow.

  15. Happy Birthday my darling friend and sister in Christ - you must be in the very midst of celebrations now, as you're 10 hours ahead of me. I hope the festivities are as awesome as you are, sweetie-pie!!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Jenny and Happy un-birthday for Saturday. Hugs.....

  17. by now it's Happy Un-Birthday time again! Happy Day! February is a great month for birthdays!

  18. Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag vor allem Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit. Laß dich feiern.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  19. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    Hope your birthday and un-birthdays are wonderful.
    What a beautiful thimble and whatever that is that is one your plate looks heavenly.

  20. Happy Birthday Jenny!! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of fun!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus xxx

  21. Happy Birthday... Jenny, May you have a blessed year ahead.


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