Friday, March 22, 2013

A fresh start!

Thanks so much for all your warm, cuddly, loving comments and emails whilst I have been reviewing and planning the future of my beloved Elefantz Designs.
I truly felt the love, and that blessed my socks off more than you know.
((thank you))

...NEWS on the future of Elefantz...

Firstly, my sweet and talented Blossom has been working for me whilst convalescing from her sprained ankle. I gave her a sketch of how I'd like my new logo to look and with her laptop, her Bamboo pad, and her incredibly creative mind,she has brought it to life!
She started with my original stitched Ellie design from 2010...

 ...and then with a swipe of her pens, she immortalised my little Ellie... 

 How cute is Ellie today!?

Next, again with her magic pen, Blossom worked on my rough sketch of the new Elefantz logo and banner, until we both agreed it was perfect...
What do you think?

(Sneak news: next week I'll tell you how you too can get a fresh banner or logo because Blossom is setting up an online shop!)

 My new pattern and shop!

I was overwhelmed with your response to my new "Partridge & Pears" design!

I love it, but to discover YOU love it too - thank you! \o/


A decision was made by Mr E and I this week to take back full control of Elefantz Designs.
I cannot tell you how much I have missed writing for, and designing for, my e-zine. 
The lack of enthusiasm by bricks and mortar stores in Australia for my patterns knocked the wind out of me too. 
With a house move, family illness, and our livelihood vanishing, we knew it was time to step up once more and run the business I love to the best of my God-given abilities.
(and those of the talented Blossom and the wise and wonderful Mr E)

So, a new logo, a new banner, and in the coming week, a new blog dress.

And a NEW way for you to purchase my patterns!!
It's back to pdf's, but no more waiting for me to email them to you.

You can purchase "Partridge & Pears" TODAY as an immediate pattern download HERE in my Craftsy Pattern Store. \o/

The pattern also includes the bonus mini redwork instructions too.

Thanks for hanging in with me while I walked a wonky path.
The road is straight again. I see the Light ahead.

And my magazine?
It's coming back. 

Have a blessed and joy-filled weekend, and be sure to drop by next week. Changes will begin to appear on the blog, and more news of Blossom's new enterprise will come to light.


  1. Your new Ellie is very cute. Blossom has done a lovely job. I hope her ankle is healing quickly.

  2. HI Jenny, so pleased to feel your smile coming out from your Blog again... it's been an 'interesting' time for you all, I'm sure.
    I hope the re-vamped operation of Elefantz is rewarding for you & your family. x

  3. Your new Ellie is so cute. Best of luck to you on new adventure.

  4. Blossom is very talented. Wishing success in her new venture. Love the new logo

  5. Since I love Elephants, I can't help but love Ellie. She was cute as a quilt now she is even cuter. Looking forward to more great designs from you.

  6. I love your new Ellie, and am very glad your path has been made clear.

  7. Hi Jenny
    Love your new logo and the pattern :)
    Blossom is very talented like her Mum!
    I have been reading your blog for a long time and really enjoy it.
    Good luck with the new direction!

  8. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours Jenny, I can't wait to see your new Blog.

  9. The new logo is adorable! I love that the magazine is coming back, and that all designs are going to be immediately downloaded. What a wonderful new endeavor for you to embark on.

  10. Yeah Jenny!!
    Yeah Blossom!! Love Elle
    and Yeah Mr E - We don't see much of you front of house but you do so much for Jenny.

    Thank you all for sharing your story and your talent with us.

  11. Jenny, your new version of Ellie is so gorgeous. Well done to Blossom and yourself. I am so glad you are coming through the tunnel into the light again and doing what's right for you. Your gorgeous designs will always be loved and embraced.
    Hugs & blessings xx

  12. Wishing you all the very best in this new venture. I love the PDF patterns because you get them straight away. I'm really looking forward to the Daisy quilt too.
    I agree with Christine, Blossom did a fabulous job.

  13. The new banner and logo are great. Very fresh and current. Great job Blossom.

  14. Love the new logo Jenny, it's perfect and the new design is simply gorgeous! Things will improve now that it's back in your hands. Best wishes to Blossom too.


  15. Your new logo is so cute, Blossom did a wonderful job. She is very talented like her mother.
    I look forward to seeing your E-zine once again; I'm so glad that you have been able to come to what seems the right decision for you and the family with Gods help.
    I think you were very brave to put you situation out there for all to know and I admire you for that, Jenny.
    I wish you well in your new venture.
    Kind regards,
    Sue WA

  16. Good luck with the next steps in all your lives, so exciting, I am sure it will be a great success.

  17. hi there Jenny - cool decisions! Have already bought Partridge in a Pear tree for a present for a friend who will make it for Christmas for her bestie whose surname is Partridge. Neat eh! she hasn't done embrodiery before so it will be a great one for her to start on. Yipee! You and Bloss are AWESOME!

  18. Still the same talented Jenny but a fresh new look. I heart talented daughters. I have one. :o) Sometimes we just have to try something new to hopefully grow our business. Most importantly you have to be happy.

  19. P.S. I such a dinosaur I was aware of Craftsy but didn't really know what it's all about. Thanks for the link. I'm going to have a visit.

  20. Just love your new look lego the talented Blossom had degined for you.
    Hope the ankle is healing well.
    good luck with your ventures...

  21. The new Ellie is lovely - very fresh & up to date. I'm glad you have it "sorted: now and I think pdfs are a great way to go.

  22. Looking forward to seeing the Lord grow your success under His watchful eye xx

  23. I am so glad you went back to PDF form...I need instant gratification LOL...and I have already purchased the Partridge and Pears and can start on it tonight, no waiting. I can't wait for you to get your magazine up and running again...I will be in line for it too..with bells on!!!! love your work, Bonnie in Canada

  24. Blossom did an awesome it!! and congrats! on taking back your business: "do what you love; love what you do!" :))

  25. Well done, the three of you! I hope it will bring you all you want and all you need, have a wonderful weekend, hugs

  26. Wonderful news! I'm excited for you, Blossom and Mr E! Love the new logo too.

  27. Love the pattern AND the logo AND the new Ellie! Thanks to all 3 of you! (you, Blossom and Mr. E)

  28. Das ist ja so ein niedlicher Elefant, klasse. Das neue Blog-Kleid wird ganz sicher fantastisch.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  29. Congratulations and good luck for the future with you new venture. Love the new look Ellie :) (Love the old one too) Your new pattern is very cute, your stitchery is so neat!! Hugs Elly

  30. Hi Jenny. Congratulations on the new logo and banner as well as the fab news of your Craftsy store - I love Craftsy classes and will now look forward to accessing your patterns there. Well done on taking back control and having the courage to follow where you were being led. BIG hug C xxx

  31. Lindo o novo logotipo! Parabéns para a filha talentosa!
    Muito sucesso!
    Um abraço!


  32. Congratulations, Jenny! This is all good news! Hoping Blossom heals quickly. :)

  33. Congrats! I am so truly very happy for you, (and Blossom too!). Your loyal followers will benefit also from your decision. I really do mean it when I tell you, you really do inspire me daily! I always wish you the best and will ocntinue to be one of your many, many followers!! Hugs!!


  34. Hi Jenny

    Your plans sound very positive and sensible, I wish you every success for the future.

  35. Jenny I am so happy for you all! Your daughter has a wonderful talent just like you I am glad to see more of it. Most of all I am so happy you are bringing your magazine back! I loved it so much. Love your patterns. I wish you success and happiness on whatever you do.


  36. Love your new logo and I'm so happy to see you back doing what you love.
    Best of luck in the days ahead.

  37. Congratulations and best wishes on the new direction.


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