Monday, March 4, 2013

A sneak peek, and *E*...

Monday has rolled by once more, and I marvel that we're already into March of 2013!
I remember 2012 so well (and 2011, and 2010...)
It's true; the older you get the faster the years pass by. I'd very much like to shout "STOP!" with the authority of Superman halting a speeding train, but my muscles have nowhere near the impact of his, and therefore I am sure to be ignored.

This week I'm sharing *E* in Monogram Mondays...

 E is a very important letter in our family alphabet as it begins Blossom's real name, Elizabeth
E is also for excitement, because today, after working casual at the same place since October, she was offered a full time position! \o/
E is also for elegant, because that is how I would describe Blossom's dress style. Remember this design of mine from 2010? 
"Elizabeth's Dress"
It was a tribute to her love of glamour and style.
How are you going with your Monograms? Have you used any yet? Or perhaps you're stitching the sampler?

*E* can be downloaded HERE.

Carrie is using some Cottage Garden threads in her version of my Monogram Sampler, and it looks gorgeous!
What fabric or threads have you chosen?

Work on my new BOM ~Daisy Days~ slowed last month due to other commitments, but this weekend I finished the third block, Wednesdaisy...

I hope to have the pattern for ~Daisy Days~ finished by the end of April. All the stitchery block patterns will come as transfers so you won't have to spend hours tracing them.How good is that!?


Today I have begun stitching Thursdaisy. Soooo cute, but more about that another time.

Tomorrow I will begin sharing some simple ways to organise your home. I'm starting in the linen cupboard because it's the place most likely to be dis-organised in our house. 
Drop by, won't you?


  1. another lovely monogram you have shared today and the Daisy days is very nice too. You ask if we have dine any letters yet, I am sorry to say no I haven`t but one day

  2. yes time is flying by *shocking eh. Congrats Blossom on being offered full time position :).
    Monograms are looking gorgeous as is your Daisy Days stitchery..I am busy stitching some easter things (whihc takes me for ever) saving the monograms so i will have them ready to start when I am able...cheers Vickie

  3. Thank you Jenny for the E. Haven't started mine yet but Cottage Garden threads are on the agenda. The daisy quilt will be lovely. Hugs.....

  4. Unos trabajos maravillosos, todos.

  5. Tools, Tips and Tidbits was the theme for Demom Day in the shop last Saturday, and we used your Monograms in the Embroidery Demo - showed people how to trace off designs, explained different types of threads, gave them a chance to make an 'A' - hopefully you will gain some new followers from it!

  6. Congrats to Blossom!
    I just love your garden gate embroidery. Can't wait to see all the blocks together.

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  8. Wendy, if you email me I can send you the PDF direct. :-)

  9. This looks so great :-)
    Nice pattern

  10. Hello, congrats to your daughter. Thank you for the new letter, I haven't started mine yet I have to find a background I want to use. I love the new designs you showed today. You are one talented lady. Enjoy your day.

  11. Thanks Jenny! Tried again this evening and it worked, must have been a cyber glich. Love the letters,am hoping to do them for my grand daughters room.

  12. Hi Jenny

    I'm looking forward to purchasing Daisy Days, it's looking beautiful.

  13. Jenny, Thank you so much for this free pattern. I look forward to every Monday. I can't wait to get started on my sampler, it won't be long now and I will be using Cottage Garden Threads. They are my very favorite threads for stitching. Also, I can't WAIT until your Daisy Days patterns are finished. Daisy's were my moms favorite flower and I adore anything with them included in it. But it's not just that. The peeks you have shared of these stitcheries are so precious, I love everything I've seen of them. Thank you again and big hugs sweet friend...

  14. Hello,

    Daisy days is so beautiful !!! Where can I buy it ? (I'm from France).
    I love so much your beautiful works !

    Read you soon :o)


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