Friday, March 1, 2013

Romeo Roses!

Do you get excited when you finish a project that seems to have taken forever?
I sure do!
After stitching Romeo Roses in January, and then not being happy with the final thread colour choices, I decided to re-stitch it in February, using the sweetest of Cottage Garden threads as my palette. 
I really wanted this design to compliment my style, and now that it is complete I couldn't be happier.

So, without further ado, may I present my newest pattern, Romeo Roses...
The fabric in the border is a print from Joanna Figueroa's "Gypsy Rose" line, the colours matching perfectly with the threads I used...
The photos were taken using my new 'birthday' camera, and as I was setting the scene a little friend thought he'd pop himself into the photo shoot too...
The stitchery pattern will be available very soon, already printed onto handkerchief linen - so much easier than tracing!

Have a happy and joy-filled weekend! 
We'll probably go for a ride when it's fine, then potter around home between the predicted rain storms.
I'll leave you with this photo I took last weekend when Mr E and I rode up the mountain just before sunset... was breathtaking. 


  1. Romeo Roses looks glorious in these colours Jenny.

  2. What a beautiful stitchery! Love it! Have a nice weekend too!

  3. Romeo roses is just beautiful and so is that view. Wow!

  4. Wow Jenny, your Romeo Roses is stunning!! Really exquisite! Love it! Also lovnig that passionate sky you witnessed - isn't Mother Nature inspirational?!! Much love sweetie! Vik xx


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