Thursday, April 18, 2013

There and back again!

My beloved drove away early Sunday morning with his mate, Dave, for a 4 day road trip down to Maryborough. This is where the annual Ulysses AGM is being held this year, and it was an opportunity for the guys to test ride the new Honda.
This is the bike my man wanted to check out in person...
 Turned out it wasn't as comfortable as he'd hoped, so then he tried out a new Honda Goldwing...
...which he liked much better.
Over the course of 4 days he drove for 38 hours, so I am just glad he got home safe and awake last night. At least we got to cross one bike off our list for the future. ;-)
While my man was off with his buddy I stayed home with Blossom and did some stitching, and re-arranging. 
I started with my desk, which was so loaded down with 'stuff' piled across it that I struggled to keep on track with my many to-do lists because I could not find them!
But now, bliss. All in it's place. 
On my sewing table I tweaked the centre block of my new BOM,  
"Shabby Roses Beauty"... adding little applique corners.
They have brought my new design to life!
This BOM will run over 6 months and be available through my e-zine, Elefantz HOME. 
Block 1 will be released in the May 3rd issue. 
Subscription details HERE.

I've also drawn up a new Scripture-themed design, and will be stitching that over the weekend. 
This is something I want to do regularly...share God's precious Word with needle and thread. 

Something else I did whilst Mr E was road-tripping with Dave, was try a few simple grain-free meals.
For lunch on Tuesday I only needed two ingredients...
 Haloumi cheese is eaten 'dry-fried'. 
Heat the frypan as hot as it will go, thinly slice the Haloumi cheese, and lay the slices into the pan. Within a minute you can flip them to the other side and they have turned golden and the flavour is amazing!
Slice your apple, and when you have finished dry-frying the cheese, repeat the process by dry-frying the apple slices. They almost caramelise! Just a couple of minutes each side, and the flavour of the Haloumi mixes with the apple and you get a taste explosion when eaten together!
I used about 1/3rd of the block of Haloumi, and one apple - all up around 280 calories. I was so full afterwards that I didn't eat till dinner. This is definitely going to be enjoyed on a regular basis.
The recipe came from Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar" book.
My beloved is having a rest day today, so I am going to enjoy having him all to myself!
I hope your day is restful too.



Chyfey said...

Hi Jenny ,was wondering where the bikes were heading as they came through town.It must have been a BIG meet.
Love Haloumi cheese never thought to have Haloumi and apple,often have other cheeses and apple for lunch.Or cheese ,apple and onion (red).

Sara said...

Stitching the Word sounds lovely:)

Lida said...

My day will be busy, but my Beloved is working and so I have to do the house and swimming in the afternoon, walking the dog and shopping, but I will make time to sit in the Spring sun that finally arrived and make some stitches and enjoy them! Yours look fantastic as always! Hugs

margaret said...

sounds like DH had a great trip and you were very organised, how is the desk now I wonder, still as tidy. Looking forward to the next magazine, I finally worked out that I could print individual pages struggled at first. May I say such a lot of very interesting reading in the magazine, thanks so much love how you have shared your faith with us,

Lesley said...

Your stitching is exquisite! How talented you are! Will look forward to your BOM!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Que bom ter seu marido inteiro e feliz após uma viagem tão grande! Aproveite bastante!
Preciso fazer uma arrumação nas minhas coisas também...
Lindos os materiais para o novo projeto!
Um abraço!


Alice said...

Glad your man is home safe and sound and that you get to spend a peaceful day together. I really need my own desk--mine is a zippered notebook and needs to be organized. Yours looks lovely and your stitchery is gorgeous too.

Anonymous said...

I love your new project peeks. That cheese and apple looks very good. I'm going to look for the cheese, having never heard of it, but if I can't find it, I'm just going to sub my favorite cheese and see what I think. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds delicious - I shall have to give that a go :)
Love the peep at the scripture stitchery.

Aussie Nanna said...

I am loving your Shabby Roses Beauty. The fabrics are gorgeous!
I think I will give that little recipe a go too...looks and sounds delicious :)