Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daisy Days - the piecing begins!

It seems that I have been stitching these eight blocks forever, but in reality it's only been about 4 months.
Still, fitting them in between all my other design work wasn't as easy as I hoped but this week the final block was stitched!
Block 8 ~ Every Day is a Daisy Day ~...

Today I began piecing the blocks together...

This is the top row...

Block 1 ~ Mondaisy ~ is in the second row...
I wanted to keep going, but I've caught Blossom and Mr E's head cold, and as the day wore on I started feeling worse and worse, so I have closed the door on my sewing room until I can stand upright without the room spinning and think straight once again. It's rather dangerous leaving me in charge of a rotary cutter at the moment.
I'm filling up on this watermelon as it is so soothing on my throat and helping to keep me hydrated...and it has lovely vitamins too.
Hopefully by Friday I will be improving because I want to share with you the various ways you can become a part of the Daisy Days BOM.
Until then, I shall duck under the covers and attempt to be quiet and read lots. 
not-too-close hugs, 


  1. looking gorgeous jen that snail is so dang cute....aww drats to the's wishing you a speedy recovery,cheers Vickie

  2. OOOO! I really like your progress so far on your Daisy quilt.
    Get well soon!

  3. Daisy Days looks wonderful and I can hardly wait for Friday and your information! However, it is more important that you take care of yourself. Don't overdo or you will just catch every single "bug" that flies through the air! Rest, drink plenty of liquids, and think happy thoughts!

  4. Sorry you are sick. :(

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Feel Better! I love Mondaisy. You stitching is always perfection.

  6. Love the blocks! I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hi Jenny
    I am sorry to hear about a cold especially so soon into the cold weather - I wish you a speady recovery. Also where can I find out about this Daisy Day BOM that you have been doing - I am kind of interested in doing it.

    Take Care Jo

  8. I hope you are feeling better right away! It's awful to want to create and feel too lousy to do it. Your first row looks wonderful! I'm going to love this one complete.

  9. I love the pattern as well, you do beautiful work.

    I was also wondering where it is available at?

  10. Jenny, I'm so sorry your not feeling well and I'm keeping you in my prayers for a speedy bounce back. In the meantime, you take care to get lots of rest and recuperation. I'll be getting an email out to you hopefully tomorrow. Sending you big hugs...

  11. OH shoot, meant to tell you how completely wonderful your Daisy Days are. I'm totally in love with them. More hugs....

  12. It looks fabulous and I hope to see the complete quilt soon as you recover! I feel and cough with you, over here everyone seems to become ill because of the rain and the cold. Still waiting for Spring to arrive!
    Today I send you an envelop with my contribution to your collection, hope you like it!

  13. Oh Jenny - feel better! As excited as we all are, your health (and fingers stay away from the cutters LOL)are important to us too! I love these stitcheries and can't wait to hear how I can get the patterns!

  14. Hope you feel better soon Jenny. I love that little bee. Love Colleen

  15. Oh my goodness, the daisies are beautiful! Love all the happy colors! I hope you are feeling better.

  16. Hooray,this is the one I've been waiting for. Sorry you are unwell, I'm actually feeling well enough to start sewing again so how fabulous your wonderful BOM is ready. I'll be getting your parcel off to you on Monday too.


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