Tuesday, May 21, 2013

show and tell, knitting, and guilt free chocolate brownies...

How about we have a bit of Show & Tell today?

My gorgeous sister-in-Christ, Allie, has been stitching some of my designs, and like she always does, she added her Allie-magic to them.
She has stitched "Lord Bless You", and added the sweetest fabric and layout...

Free pattern available HERE in my Shop.

Allie also stitched "All Things Bright", and once again I love her fabric and colour choice!
The pattern can be found HERE in my Shop.
~ ~ ~
Last year I shared "Promises & Borders" as my free BOM, and Lyn emailed last week to show me her finished quilt!
Wow - isn't this beautiful!? She used her own friendship sayings within my border designs...
The free blocks and quilt pattern for "Promises & Borders" is still free to download HERE

I'm really hanging out to knit or crochet again. I'm a good knitter, but a lousy crotcheter.
A few weeks ago in 'Gathered' I read a bit about THIS blogger - "One Sheepish Girl".
I spent a good while browsing her blog and got so inspired that I have dusted off the knitting needles and intend to do something when the almost-here winter finally knocks on the door.
She also embroiders simple stitcheries onto paper. Hooked...I am so hooked.
(Photo from the blog 'One Sheepish Girl')

I will leave you today with a chocolate brownie recipe that has just 37 calories per piece.
That's correct - 37 gorgeous calories.
It's going to make an appearance at the morning tea table today!
You can get the recipe HERE on the Broma Bakery blog!
(the photo is also from the blog)

Have a lovely day, or evening if you're on top of the world!
I have about one hour's stitching ahead of me before something amazing happens.
I will have finally finished all eight feature blocks in my almost-ready-to-reveal "Daisy Days' BOM!

hugs, Jenny


Anonymous said...

lovely post Jenny and thankyou for sharing the brownie recipe.xx

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

What lovely inspiration that is today Jenny. And that brownie looks yummy. I am not much of a cook, but it looks worth a try.

Karen said...

yes, very excited that you have almost finished. Love Karen and Hannah

Allie said...

Well my pics look even better on your blog, lol - but I dearly love your designs on my sewing room wall. Love the sound of the brownies, thanks...and I cannot WAIT to see your Daisy Days!!!!!!

Susan said...

Lots of lovelies - fabric & food - thanks

Lida said...

Lovely design again and beautiful results! Hugs

prsd4tim2 said...

Thanks for the 2012 BOM. I am itching for an embroidery project and I think I've found it. Can't wait for the Daisy Days project too. Congrats on the almost finish!

I am the opposite - a great crocheter, but lousy at knitting, it just doesn't go fast enough for me and I lose patience for it. Have a ton of half-completed projects I can send you. LOL

Thanks for the brownies. Yummm

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of brownie I need! I love all the beautiful things you shared. I'm a good crocheter, but can't knit to save my life. =)