Monday, May 6, 2013 Monogram Monday!

The most beautiful word in my life for N, is Nana.
My Nana raised me after my mother died in a car accident when I was 3.
She showed me what it was to sacrifice 'self' by becoming a mother all over again at the age of 52, and cherishing me with a love that knew no measure.
It was hard, and we were seriously dirt poor, but what a JOY it was to be with her and my Pop.

I stitched Nana's ~N~ in this morning's autumn sun...

My original N  (the one you'll be downloading) has an extra rose at the top...

...but my Nana was not a fancy woman, so I kept the N I stitched onto my Sampler a little bit simpler...


Do you have a special N person in your life?

~N~ can be downloaded HERE.

Have a blessed week ahead!


  1. Beautiful story, beautiful stitches!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  2. What a wonderful Nana. I'm 52 myself and can't imagine how she keep up with a 3-year-old. You probably kept her young. :) I have a special "N", my Aunt Nancy . . always a warm hug, a shoulder to lean on and an loving ear to hear. Thanks for the N!!!!

  3. Thanks jenny for the special letters each time. Thankyou for sharing about your Nana. Life is full of twists and turns, and love fills all. Mave

  4. Beautiful story....i just loved my grandmother to the moon and back
    thanks for sharing your story .....

  5. A very special Nana....

  6. I think we were all so fond of our Grannie`s Jenny, I lost mine when I was only 9 in 1956 but can still picture her as clearly as anything, such a lovely lady.
    Did not email to say thanks for the latest ezine, lots of lovely things in it.

  7. Maybe not rich in money, but rich in love is more important! Cherish your memories, they are so precious!

  8. Having had a wonderful Nana too and being a Nana myself...I agree very special. You know Jen I am sure I can see your Nana's gorgeous smile in yours. Beautiful post.
    Hugs x

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  10. So beautiful, both the wonderful memories of your Nana and your stitching!

  11. I love the things you've written about your Nana lately. We were poor, too, when I was little and my mother died when I was 9. I didn't have a Nana, but I had an aunt and uncle, and I'm grateful for them. I'm grateful for those young years, all the things I didn't have so I never became spoiled. Thank you for another lovely letter. My special N was my husband who's last name began with an N, and all his wonderful family, who treated me like I was theirs.


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