Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I think Tuesday might be my favourite day of the working week. It just seems to be the most relaxed of my Monday to Friday routine.
This Tuesday it's raining, and cooler than it's been all year. Perfect working at home weather.
Mr E has been catching up on paperwork in his home office, and I've been sketching some new stitchery designs in my sewing room. 
Days like today are also perfect for warm soup and toast lunches, so we took time out to enjoy that together before heading back to our work spaces.
Wanting to get ahead with some future magazine issues, I decided to settle down in my easy chair for a couple of hours of hand stitching. 
Block 2 of Shabby Roses "Beauty" captured my time today...

 There is something about the 'cleanness' of using just three fabrics in this quilt that makes the red and green stitches pop.

I've also spent some time today auditioning fabrics for an autumn design. Last week I bought the current issues of RUTH magazine just for the cover. I loved the melding of orange, peach and mustard green, so I came home to look for similar colours in my stash.
I think these ones will be perfect for what I have in mind...

Inspiration can be found all around if we have eyes to see. Bringing a set of colours together to create something unique really excites me.
In "Beauty" it's the starkness of those particular shades of red and green on white; while the magazine cover's palette grabbed the country girl heart in me, but with a kind of 60's spin.

What colours are inspiring you this season?



  1. Oh my lovely friend, I'm so glad it's cooler for you...how gorgeous is block 2...love the fabrics you chose for your new project. I'm inspired by pinks lately, my crabapple tree outside my window is about to burst into full bloom and there are gorgeous flowering trees all over the place. Every shade of pink and lavender that you can imagine. What a yummy time of year it is here!

  2. I love the colours chosen for these new blocks and the stitching is beautiful.

  3. Love the new designs and wish I could see the whole picture! My colours are soft bleu, sand and white and I am looking for a pattern to use the fabric I have got for my Birthday!

  4. I think you are right with the red, green and white, looks so clean and fresh. I love to use blue too. Hugs....

  5. Love that little red birdie!

  6. Do love the new design.Can't wait to see it all.
    I love orange and turquoise together. Just something about that color combo that I love and tend to go for a lot!

  7. Adorable magazine cover and your fabric choices are sweet. I wonder if when life gets busy we like simpler designs and fabric choices and when we get bored we use lots of fabric, print and pattern in our design. Perhaps there is study on the Psychology of Quilting and Design?

  8. We are just coming into spring/summer over here so I'm quite into aquas,reds,pinks and white at the moment. Love the simplicity and crispness of the Shabby Roses Beauty colors!!

  9. I just adore your latest blocks Jen-girl...and I am a bit of a 'red' freak however, if I'm brutally honest with myself, I'm inspired by every colour of the rainbow, all of God's palette give me yummy thoughts of what might become something new!
    xox big big sugary hugs darl
    Wendy :O)

  10. I'm always inspired by greens! I absolutely love what you did with the bird. I had no idea that little curvy piece would turn into a bird wing, and would never have imagined such a thing for myself. You are blessed with an abundance of creativity.


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