Monday, May 20, 2013

P...and who I used to be.

As the week for *P* was approaching in Monogram Monday, I couldn't help but think of who I was before my husband shared his surname with me at our wedding.
You see, I was born a Parkinson, and though it's not been my name in well over two decades, I'm still rather fond of it.
So, this Monday, as I was stitching *P* onto my Sampler...
...I thought how nice it would be to stitch another P, in celebration of who I was before Mr E whisked me away in matrimony. And I do mean 'whisked' as we had only known each other five months before we exchanged vows at the altar!
Anyhow, I thought about myself as a person, and what reflects me best in my role as 'Mrs Reynolds nee Parkinson'. 
The kitchen. 
That's the truest answer. 
It's what I loved before marriage, and what I still love. Being in my kitchen and cooking.
So I took a new, freshly laundered red checked tea towel, and added my *P*...

For a touch of the girl I once was, I also used red spotted ribbon, adding a bow and a white vintage button.
This tea towel will never see a dish, believe me.
Better displayed hanging over my red mixer... protect it from the dust that blows in through the kitchen window.
So quick, so simple, so wonderfully nostalgic.
I stitched the *P* with my last little length of red Perle #12 thread. 
I love Perle #12! It glides through fabrics like the linen of my tea towel.
These tiny strands were all I had left once I'd finished...
But I do have a few other colours...
...and I do have more new tea towels, freshly laundered. 
They'd be perfect gifts, don't you think?

I'll leave you today with a photo of the flowers Mr E gave me for Mother's Day on Sunday 12th.

My beloved is full up with Blossom's cold this week.
It seems I escaped it. 

Have a wonderful week,


  1. Such a pretty P! Great project!

  2. Very pretty projects. And lovely flowers.

    Hope everyone recovers from the colds and you don't get it next

  3. Love the Monograms, waiting for 'Z', as my Mr. swept me to the altar in just 6 weeks! 41 years later he is still sweeping me off my feet - Love is lovely isn't it!!

  4. Pretty! And a nice tribute to 'who you were!' :))

  5. Prettiness all over the place! Perfect with the posie petals too. I"m filled with the letter "P" today.

  6. I love your red and white! I kept the same initials when I got married. Have a great day. Are you going to sell more hanky fabric?

  7. I love this letter as my maiden name started with P. You Shabby Roses P is so lovely, thank you sweet friend for these beautiful designs. Big Hugs...

  8. I forgot to mention how much I love your Mixer cover. I am in real need of one too. I have the same mixer you do and I just have a hand towel thrown over it right now. Thank you for a wonderful idea. Hugs...

  9. I love this alphabet - thanks again.

    I also love the idea of the towel embroidery - I think I shall emulate you.

  10. O alfabeto está lindo mas a hist´ria romântica do P vermelho é mais linda ainda!
    Um abraço!



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