Monday, May 27, 2013

Q for quite a few birthdays!

It's the week for birthdays!
Sunday was our sweet Blossom's 19th, and we spent much of it enjoying food!
Our family brunch at "Betty Blue & the Lemon Tart" was amazing...

Blossom had time out with her friends on Saturday night, and came home happy and excited about opening her gift from Mr E and I...
It's a spinning locket, something she's wanted for years because it reminds her of Hermoine's 'time turner' from Harry Potter.
We ended her birthday weekend with dinner at a Thai restaurant, and home later for re-runs of our family favourite, "Monarch of the Glen". Our girl has grown into a beautiful young woman; someone we love spending time with. Love you, Bloss. xxxx

Today was sewing day for Wendy, Michelle, and I, and it was extra special because it's Wendy's birthday this week too!
Remember THIS recipe for 37 calorie chocolate brownies I shared last week?
Well, I made them for our morning tea, and served them with a simple cherry sauce, and some light cream...
They were yummy, which is good because I had printed up copies of the recipe and made up the dry mix as gifts for the girls to take home...
Love days like this. 
Good friends, good food, laughter, prayers, and love. 

It's Monogram Monday today, and this week we are stitching "Q"...

Quietly Q...
Queen Q...
Quickly Q...
Join the Q!

You can download it HERE

I hope YOU have an especially lovely week too,



  1. Hello sweetie! Your Bloss has grown in to a beautiful young woman, and I adore her reasoning for wanting a spinning locket!!!
    I'm going to make some brownies too, and what a lovely idea to gift the dry ingredients and recipe to friends... think I might do that too, adding kindness to each day makes you feel real good doesn't it? Loads'a love sweetie! Vik xxxxxxxx

  2. Happy birthday, Blossom! You are blossoming into a beautiful young lady!

  3. Happy birthday to sweet Blossom

  4. A lovely gift for your special daughter. Happy Birthday to Blossom. Our June is filled with lots of birthdays, anniversaries, father's day and graduations. I think "Q" for quiet will be in order!

  5. Blossom just gets lovelier every year - Happy Birthday to her!!! And oh boy Wendy has a birthday too, I'll have to pop Blossom's spinning locket, and your pretty pretty Q!

  6. Happy Birthday to Blossom.
    What a clever idea to make up the dry mix and pit it with the recipe...
    Jenny, how many threads are you using for your monograms??

  7. Another lovely post Jenny.
    I love how excited Blossom looks in that photo. She is a beautiful young woman.

    Thanks for the idea about the dry mix muffins - that is great.

    Enjoy your day.

  8. Yum, not 37 calories any more, but looks very yummy! Quaintly Q! Thanks!

  9. happy birthday from me too, and yes you are a beautiful young lady, sounds like you all had a great day celebrating

  10. what a nice blog! im following...blessings from holland


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