Thursday, June 27, 2013

A day of recovery...

I was so sick yesterday. 
Blossom recovered over the course of the morning, but I did not, so with groaning and moaning I slept, read, drank copious amounts of gingered water, and by evening felt able to sit upright and do some stitching.
Blossom is all better today, so to cheer me while she is at work she bought me tulips...
 When she was younger and we were homeschooling, we studied Holland for a month and this sparked her love of tulips. They really have brightened my day, but mostly because she drew on a happy childhood memory and wanted to share it with me. Love you, Blossom. xx

Over the course of the day I immersed myself in a favourite book - one that always feels like a comfort blanket wrapping itself around me and transporting me back to slower times....
(I'm doing a review of all Jane Brocket's books in my ezine next month, 'cause I have every one and treasure them)
 Some final stitches went into a country style design for Handmade magazine's Country Christmas issue later this year...
...and I finished all the swirly bits in a new design for August's Elefantz HOME e-zine.
Today Mr E returns from working away, so I have the fridge stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables to do some serious juicing as we're both feeling sluggish at the moment.
With the current state of my tummy this is probably the best remedy of all.

Have a lovely, healthy, happy and serene day, dear friends.
I will leave you with the remaining two words in my inspirational stitchery...

Dream your dreams, and create the paths to bring them to life.
Dreams don't appear real until you act upon them. Believe in yourself, and if the dream is life-giving and not harmful, walk forward into it. 
"And the Lord God looked over all He had created and saw that it was good."
Genesis 1:31




  1. Good to hear you are feeling a bit better. I love snuggling up with a good book when I am sick, Hannah too.
    We are going to watch the Hobbit again today and do lotsa hand stitching. Yipee!

  2. sounds like a pretty rough day you had, by now trust you are back to your old self, not too much fruit though as that can upset your tummy again

  3. Hope you are recovering well. Can't wait for my next e-magazine installment.

  4. Hope you feel better soon Jenny. Just got my 2nd instalment of Daisy Days. Love this block. Hugs.....

  5. Hope you are feeling better now and I love all the things you are showing! But here a tip from a Dutch girl: Tulips and all other bulb flowers always in just a little water and they stay much longer! Normally they only feed from the bulb and with water they become softer and longer and last shorter! Enjoy your lovely flowers and your wonderful girl! Hugs

  6. Hi Jenny do hope you are feeling better soon. Love the colour of your tulips, how heavenly, your embroidery is so so gorgeous Jenny. Take care today and keep warm and cosy.
    Lots of love

  7. Oh, the tulips are lovely! What a sweet girl you have - it's delightful knowing that they cherish these memories too, isn't it?

    Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your sweet stitcheries. We are going on vacation soon, and I plan to take along some of your stitcheries to keep my hands busy. Can't wait!

  8. So sorry you weren't feeling well!! Hope today is much better! Beautiful stitching!!

  9. Glad you are a little better and such beautiful blooms to cheer you. It is nice to have beloved books that cheer and comfort us. Hoping you have a bounce back in your step real soon.
    Love all your gorgeous projects.
    Hugs x

  10. Glad you are feeling better. As always your work is stellar. Of all of your creativeness in today's post, my fav is the little caterpillar. So sweet.

  11. The tulips were thoughtful on several levels, and so beautiful a red. All of your stitching is wonderful, and I'm so pleased to think of getting the August block you showed a bit. The others make me wish I lived in OZ so I could easily obtain every magazine with your designs. =) That Christmas issue sounds just wonderful! Any chance you will sell some on your etsy?


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