Friday, June 28, 2013

Kits and Linen, and a Wonky House of course!

It's Friday again and time to share Block 3 of Wonky Houses.
I'm lovin' the joy this has given so many of you! Pop would be tickled pink if he read all those sweet emails telling how much you're enjoying these blocks again.
You can download the block free from HERE.
Fridays are my busiest day of the week because it's newsletter day. 
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The Newsletter is the surest way to keep up to date with the many arms of Elefantz.

My shop has linen once more! \o/
This sells out faster than I get get it cut, so if you keep missing out on it please head over HERE now.
I've decided to offer larger one yard cuts and well as the smaller 27" square cuts that I normally have.
Also HERE in the shop today are a limited number of kits to make two of the projects in July 5th's Elefantz HOME e-zine...
Once they are gone, I have no more.

Are you following along with my other blog, 'lose it:naturally'?
Today I've shared a simple smoothie recipe to stave off hunger pangs in the mid-afternoon, or to start your day when you're not up to a meal. I'm also sharing about the value we put on our health.
 Drop by and say 'hi' HERE.

My weekend will be a marathon of writing patterns, my e-zine, and housework.
Mr E is away, and that usually means I'm naughty and go to bed far too late (but I get so much more done!).
I think quite a few smoothies will be enjoyed to keep me going!

What have you got planned this weekend? Work or play?



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
When making almond milk, we never discard the left over almonds and add them to any cakes we bake or add them to rissoles or vegie patties.

Toca do trico e croche said...

Hi... Jenny !!!
Your blog is beautiful...the best !!!

Sonia Faria

Ondrea said...

I love the new look blog!!! The only problem is that I can't seem to print up the freebie patterns. The smoothie ingredients look yummy. I have to use almond milk and I really like it. I am restricted to quinoa, amaranth, buckweat and millet, no dairy no sugar. Basically fruit ( eaten on its own) and vegies. So, it was good to see such healthy choices on your blog. Keep up the good work girl!