Saturday, June 1, 2013

Distracting sweetness...

The house is quiet.
Mr E and Blossom are both working this Saturday, and have left me alone to finish writing the next issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine.
But I have been sitting here since 6am browsing through some sweet blogs with not one, but two, cappuccinos, and a big bowl of hot porridge.
It's 8.30am now, so I should avert my eyes from Blogdom immediately and put my energies into the needful work at hand.
But...just thought it would be fun to show you what has caught my eye this morning before writing calls me aside.

From Nancy at 'Do Small Things With Love" blog, a tutorial for this sweetness...

A design from Amy at "Nana Company" last year, but oh how it makes me want to find a wee lass to make it for...

I drooled over this beautiful free stitchery from Stacey at "Bakercourt" blog...

Is this not the cutest Fairy Garden! It was made by Michelle at "Burgh Baby" blog...

I love reading Rhonda Hetzel's blog, "Down to Earth" - it feeds the inner farm girl inside me. THIS simply sweet stitchery of hers would be perfect for teaching young ones to backstitch...

Melody from "The House on the Side of the Hill" blog shared a great tutorial for making an iron cord wrap this week, and until I saw it I never realised how much I needed one!
It's on my to-do list today when I need a break from my writing...
Melody also has a giveaway at the moment in that same blog post. The winner receives a free subscription to my Daisy Days BOM sponsored by the very generous Melody!

And my final pretty to share today is this gorgeous child's ruffled Minky Blanket. The tutorial can be found on "The Little Fabric Shop" blog...

I hope these sweet treats haven't distracted you from anything else.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely things! I must make the Life Is Beautiful stitchery! It's wonderful! :0)

  2. Lots of wonderful ideas there Jenny!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. Thanks for all the lovely links and thanks for letting people know about my tutorial and giveaway, hugs

  4. lots of links to follow up here, you certainly found some lovely pieces. Like you I blog at the crack of dawn but without the porridge and cappuccino, just black coffee.

  5. Jenny you always find such lovely do-dads!!

  6. I love the Life is Beautiful stitchery, must go and check it out.
    Thanks for sharing. Hugs.....

  7. Thanks for the links, Jenny.

  8. You know very well you shared lots of distraction! LOL I've opened links, and now I'm going to sew, but later I'm reading! Thanks!

  9. OH now I'm distracted! I really want that, or a fairy garden. It reminds me of a terarium, but w/o the glass. It would be much more likly to survive my house!
    I also love the iron cord containment! mine is really out of control. As is my ironing AKA pressing board.

  10. thanks for these lovelies.... now to add them to my too long todo list!!! haha

  11. Oh Jenny, So many wonderful things, but I have to fess up, the Fairy Garden has stolen my heart. It reminded me of my uncle, who did many, many miniatures through his life and I remember watching him meticulously place each item. His projects included an entire American Indian Village on an 8' X 4' sheet of plywood, made entirely of a variety of nutshells, small grasses, twigs and small pieces of fabrics for Teepees, which he painted by hand and many other small items nature provided, pebbles, etc. It was incredible, taking him over four years to complete. You see, he had Rheumatoid Arthritis in is worst form. By the time I was six years old, him fifty, his hands were not recognizable as hands. They were bent all the way back, laying against the outside of his forearms. His feet would have been the same if not for special shoes to keep the bones from turning too badly. The shoes caused him a great deal of pain, but he refused, to the day he dies at seventy years old, to live in a wheelchair. It was in the last four years of his life that he created his Indian Village. He was study in strength and character. Though nothing can compare with his work for me, due to the struggles I watched him endure without a single complaint, and the patience he exercised in making his miniatures with his arthritic fingers, the Fairy Garden you shared with us today will stand out in my mind for a long, long time. Thanks so much for sharing all the beauty you found today. Big Hugs and as always, keeping you ever in my prayers...

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