Monday, June 3, 2013

Rrrrrr....and other things!

I had the loveliest Sunday this week. 
A bike ride up the mountain with Mr E and our friends Michelle and Dave. 
Followed by a lazy afternoon of stitching, and then a fabulous night at church. 
Of course even on the best of days silly things can happen to spoil things. 
When our church service began, the lights dimmed for the praise and worship. We stood up and I bent down to move my Bible and purse under the chair, but in the dark I didn't notice the back of the chair in front, so my nose took a rather hard bump, continuing to bleed for the next 90 minutes of the service.
 Now I have this very tender brand across the bridge of my nose.

Still, church was great, and I'm sure my nose will recover, but I'll be sure to look before I bend over next week!

Monogram Monday and it's R this week...
R is for Reynolds, relaxation, riding, and "rrrrrreally silly things to do in the dark".
You can download "R" HERE.

Well, what a huge response to my free "All Wrapped Up" design last week!
If you missed it, just click on the Freebies button up there under my blog banner.
I've just finished writing and formatting the next issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine, and I think it might be my best yet!
The projects are really sweet...
 I've also added a new section, Hints For You, and this month I'm focusing on a question I get asked every week - "how do you sew such a neat backstitch?"...
...I even have a simple step by step tutorial we'll practice on!
Just for fun, and adding to the cute umbrella theme of the Dolly Quilt & Bag set, I've also put one of my older patterns in this issue... another new section, "On My Bookshelf". This month I'm reviewing two of my favourite craft books!
 To top this month off we'll enjoy a nice long chat with designer Michelle Ridgeway who has the sweetest little bear stitchery to share with you...
The cover is looking good, and the magazine is right now in the hands of my trusty proof readers.
Not long to go until publishing day!
Need to subscribe?
All the info can be found HERE on the Elefantz HOME webpage.

Have a lovely week ahead!
I'll be resting up for a day or two, and maybe stitching. 
Maybe? Ha. You know me better than that.


Melody said...

Oh, your poor nose. Your next issue looks fabulous.

Anneke Potgieter said...

Sorry to read about youre nose. Can't wait for the issue to be in my inbox!!

Shawkl said...

Ouch! Glad you didn't do any worse...and get a lump on your forehead! Hugs,
p.s. the mag looks wonderful! I just finished the center block for the BOM and now can hardly wait to start the second one!

Jo in TAS said...

Oopsie Nosie!

Houses for Rent in Italy said...

Wow! All of your images are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing and just keep it up.

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Ouch! Hopefully it will heal nicely and no scars!

Can't wait for the next issue of the magazine to come out :)

margaret said...

oh dear sorry to read about your little accident whilst in Church, hope it heals soon.
Looking forward to the next ezine, I have the books you are going to review, Mandy is so popular here in the UK and now is on our create and craft channel with all her goodies.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh Jenny, OUCH!!! I have a picture of my youngest daughter at 3 years old that is identical to your nose, LOL. However her wound, was a rug burn, from pushing her face along the floor with both hands behind her back...she was racing the new kitten, go figure, LOL. Her nose wasn't sore though and I'm certain yours is very tender and will be for a few days. Bless your heart :o(
Thanks so, sew much for your lovely Freebies, I love the "all wrapped up" design. Looking forward to the next issue of E-Home! Now I'm off to finish chores so I can sit down with my MONDAISY stitching. Big Hugs Sweet Friend, keeping you ever in my prayers...

Lida said...

Hallo Jenny,

Oh your poor nose! LOL! Sorry but it just looks like something I would do! Lovely new patterns and a beautiful letter! Hugs

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Oh Ouch! I think I would say "you should see the other guy! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your poor nose! It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who klutzes out like that. A few weeks ago, I knocked my head really hard into the garage door, forgetting I had just put it down halfway. Thanks for making me feel better about that lapse! I am really looking forward to the new issue.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny recently found your blog and love it. I am new to sewing, crochet and blogging but am inspired by people like you Jenny. Would it be ok to out you as a favourite blog of mine? I hope you don't mind. My blog is
Dorothy's Room

Lots of love

Karen said...

ouch! that looks sore! Those 'little' cuts on the head or nose seem to be the ones that bleed forever. Looking forward to the Ezine - finally sorted the material out for the BOM, and just ordered Bake sale material for the Daisy Days - Hannah and I will be ready to start when it gets here and we can choose our threads. love to all
Karen and Hannah

Paulina Baeza Creadora Textil @taller_muy_freak

Adorable projects, since always, an embrace, ahhh beautiful umbrellas.
It takes care of your nose.

e said...

Hi Jenny,

So sorry your weekend ended on such a sore spot. Hope it heals quickly.

So excited for my very first issue of your magazine. Can't wait to start some new projects. Staying busy in the meantime with "May the Lord...."

Still have a question, when shopping for fabrics for your stash, what yardage do you purchase?

Thank you.


sandi s said...

Feel better soon, I know that had to hurt!

Lesley said...

Poor you...but glad you are on the mend! Love the "R" and your wonderful post full of so many fun things!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Good question, Edith!
I actually don't buy a lot of stash fabric. In the earlier years of my sewing (2005 - 2011) I think I was of the mindset that I needed LOTS of fabrics, but over the last couple of years I've really only bought what I need for a design, with the occasional fat quarter bundle if it really grabbed my heart and I was sure I would use it.
So, I can't say exactly the amounts I'd buy of a certain fabric...but if I really like it I might get 1/2 metre.

Military Custom Coins said...

All the photos are looking perfect thanks for the sharing.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Desejo melhoras!
Um abraço!


Allie said...

OUCHIE - oh Jenny your poor nose!!!