Monday, June 10, 2013

S is not for Cheesecake!

S is definitely not for cheesecake, but is IS for 'scrumptious!'
 This weekend Mr E asked me to make him a Lemon-Lime Cheesecake, so naturally I did.
But he also requested cherries on top.
It's not cherry season. It is winter. 
But, I am a wise wife with a constant store of frozen cherries in my freezer (to make my favourite mid-afternoon snack, a Choc-Cherry-Almond-Milk Smoothie), so he got his wish.
I call this 'The Simplest Lemon Lime Cheesecake Ever'.
Would you like to make it too?
Recipe is ready and waiting for you HERE.

Today, as you may have guessed from above, we're stitching S in our Monogram Mondays.
 My S words are scrumptious, simple, smile, sweet, and Saviour.
What are yours?
My Sampler is coming along beautifully; are you stitching one of your own? I'm not sure how I'll border it yet, but I'd best make up my mind soon, because....
...I'll be sharing all of the remaining monograms by the 1st of July! 
The last seven Monograms will be shared over the next three Mondays because I have something new to share with you later that month. No clues...just get excited.
You can download 'S' HERE.


I have finished the two little girl quilts for Pam's wee daughters, and only have the labels to attach to the back. I didn't want to put Pam's name and 1962-2012; the reminder for the little girls seemed so harsh on their memory quilts. So, I printed onto fabric the last family photo taken before she died, and added this...
I'm all out on my own with this one, so I'm asking you all, do you think that is okay?
My mummy died when I was just 3yo, and I think I would have preferred having 'mummy and me' to life dates...but that's me.

Over the last couple of Sundays I've been sharing photos on my Facebook page of words I'm stitching on to a small inspiration pillow in the making. So far I've shown these two...

Can I leave you this morning with a couple of thoughts?

Take time every day to 
...because life has challenges that can bring us to our knees. Let the things people remember about you not be sadness or disappointment,  but let it be your smile, your hugs, and your unique and 'moment-changing laugh'.

~believe~ who you are, that you make a difference, that loving you has made someone else a better person, and that God loves you more than you have ever imagined possible.



  1. I think the words you are using on the two little girls quilts are lovely. It is so hard to know what to write for others, we all have our own ideas. Bless you.
    Helen S.

  2. These two little ones are probably to young to find the dates of much importance. The picture of them with their "mum" will be much more important. What a beautiful sentiment. How thoughtful you are, not only to make the quilts for them, but to be considerate of their feelings.

    I believe you are making the right choices. God bless you and them.

  3. Such a beautiful post.. Thank you so much for all you share with us.

  4. I think you can follow your heart on this one...the picture and the caption are perfect.

    Thank you for this lovely post, the inspiration you give and for sharing your faith so gently and openly.

  5. Everything on your blog was "eye candy" today, Jenny...and then you add something for my sweet tooth, too! Thanks so much!

  6. Oh Jen-girl, you have brought the biggest SSSSSSSmile to my face today! I think nothing could be more wonderful for Pam's two little cherubs than what you've done! Love you to bits girls
    big sugary hugs (with smiling eyes)!!
    Wendy :O) xox

  7. beautiful all this work..thank you for sharing..very inspiring your blog..Blessings

  8. Oh Jenny...your Mummy and Me label brings to mind Life, whereas I'm with you on the birth/death date...which to me represents the death of their Mum. You did wonderfully, they are so beautiful and the labels are pure perfection, truly. what a beautiful labor of love you have created for the little ones. Huge Hugs sweet friend...

  9. I think the photo label is a fabulous idea. So much nicer to look at a photo of Mummy than even understand about a date. they will really treasure those quilts for ever. You are the best!!

  10. Yes, yes yes - the photo and words are perfect, bless you Jenny-girl for what you're doing for these little girls. The quilts are gorgeous and you know they'll treasure them forever. Love your words on your inspiration pillow, girl, and what you said about them...did you know you were speaking right to me with that? *G* Well, you were. Love you, girl.

  11. Hallo Jenny,
    As always you have made a decision with your heart and that can never be wrong! So no doubt it is a perfect way to honour their Mummy!
    The letter S is looking lovely and all the letters together will make a lovely centre for a little girls quilt! I want to loose some weight so please do not show more of these love foods you created!
    LOL! Hugs

  12. I think that is just perfect for the little girls, Jenny.

  13. Mummy and Us is perfect, Jenny. They are just little girls who will want cuddles with Mummy under their quilts, not ancestors who are interested in dates. :) You have chosen well. Bless you.

  14. I do not think you could have picked a better photo,saying etc to put on the back of the quilts, so much love and thought has gone into this project Jenny.The girls will cherish their quilts for ever

  15. I think it adds a beautiful touch to the quilts.

  16. I think that is a perfect solution Jenny.

  17. Your label is perfect! Great idea and so special.

  18. I think those little girls are going to know how special their quilts are. They'll have a constant hug from their Mom.

  19. What a very special thing you have done for those little ones. Your label will be a beautiful memory for them.

  20. Jenny, your instinct on the quilt labels is spot on. It's a very sweet reminder which I'm sure the girl's will appreciate even more as they get older. You are a wise woman.

  21. You are so right to avoid dates on the children's quilts, and it's a lovely idea to use a happy photo instead.

  22. Your thoughts on Laugh and Believe really made my day. Thank you....and S is for Sandy too! ;)

  23. Jenny, Thank you for those last two thoughts. I really needed that today.

  24. Great thoughts, Jenny, thanks for the reminder. S! My letter! Yay! Thanks for the link to the cheesecake recipe. I love cheesecake!

  25. I think your label is great. The picture is an awesome idea.
    Bless you for all you do.

  26. Your label is perfection itself. Bless your heart for thinking of it and doing it.

  27. Hi Jenny, I have been meaning to tell you the "S" is INDEED for cheesecake ... as in SHOOT, I can't have any and cheese cake is my very favorite dessert bar none. Yours looks absolutely delish!
    Well, maybe you could slice me just a tiny sliver of it...LOL. Big Hugs, watch out for the drool...

  28. Absolut mein Geschmack. Ich liebe es einfach.


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